Flu Shot: Be Very Afraid!


I have heard a lot of information that makes me pretty skeptical of the new vaccination program. We are getting mixed messages as to whether or not it will be compulsory or not. No clear credible official government statement so far. Makes me a bit apprehensive. Then its the squalene in the shot that is so very toxic that people are so very afraid of. No response from our benevolent government on that one either. Rumors of people getting sick and dying from a shot supposedly to prevent a flu pandemic that many experts are calling bogus. Fewer people are dying from this flu than normally die from our typical seasonal flu. An editorial I read today suggested that this in an attempt to cull our human population! We can either just be dumb sheep and get led to the slaughter by these "elitests" or we can fight back like real Americans ought to. We still have some semblance of a representative government and we need to be very much in their faces about this. YOU STILL HAVE A VOICE! USE IT BEFORE ITS TOO LATE!!

Check out these links: http://www.healthfreedomusa.org/?p=3582


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