Identifying Genetically Modified Produce

The following article is taken from the March 2004 Reader’s Digest, pg. 188

Produce, Decoded

Those little stickers on fruits and vegetables at the supermarket aren’t for the checkout clerk to find the price. You can use the numbers to figure out how the produce you’re buying has been grown.

A sticker with four digits means the food was conventionally grown. Five digits starting with an 8 indicate genetically engineered produce (the food’s genetic material has been altered), and five digits starting with a 9 means the food was organically grown (without the use of most conventional pesticides or synthetic fertilizers). Don’t worry if you can’t remove all the sticker adhesive–it’s required to be safe to eat. Neena Samuel”


Clarence Settle

Four get more
Eight you hate
Nine is fine!

Webmaster comment:

Many products made by Kraft Foods® may be genetically altered