Testimony Taken from: JUICE-DIET FOR PERFECT HEALTH pp. 69-70

A number of cases have come to light and are still being brought to notice that fatal cancer has been cured with the help of carrot-juice. One exciting instance of the child of a newly married couple is worth quoting.

The first child of this couple was a girl. She was born in 1951. At birth she was apparently beautiful and healthy. But only after a few days her trouble started. When she was two months old, she turned very pale. Her parents consulted their physician. The result of her blood test gave a terrible shock to her parents. The baby girl was a victim of leukaemia. She was immediately shifter to a hospital. She was given twenty-five blood transfusions within five days, but all the efforts to save her life were fruitless and the little girl died at the age of three months.

Their second child, a boy was born in 1953. An examination report of his blood revealed the terrifying fact that the boy was also born with leukaemia. For the parents this was a bold from the blue. They feared that their dream of a happy and prosperous life would be shattered. During those moments of dissappointment and frustration they fortunately came in contact with angel-like Mrs. Catherine Ferraro, who had recovered from splenic leukaemia by taking large quantities of carrot-juice daily. Relying on the experience of this woman, they began to give the child 500 ml of carrot juice daily.

For three months the child had been given nothing but carrot juice. After three months, however, other fruits and vegetables were added to his diet. Now the boy was progressing normally and his health was prevented from being worsening. It was proved that the treatment was successful. At the end of one year it was found that his blood count was normal and there were no malignant cells found in blood. Thus, the carrot-juice had evidently performed a miracle in restoring the child's diseased blood stream to a normal healthy condition.

The third child, a baby girl, was born to them in 1954. Blood tests performed at the time of birth showed no evidence of any abnormality. Her blood was free from malignant cells. This was probably due to the fact that the mother had taken carrot-juice regularly throughout her pregnancy. This child was also given absolute carrot-juice for three months after birth.

She and her elder brother still continue to take two glasses of carrot-juice each day. Both of them have maintained their good health. The regular intake of carrot-juice has given them protection against minor and major ailments. There is no wonder that the substance which can cure cancer or prevent cancer can also prove beneficial in other diseases.


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