MSG & Braggs Aminos Soy Sause

For some years, the Bragg's Aminos label stated "No MSG." That statement can best be described as a lie. The Bragg's Aminos product is primarily, if not totally, hydrolyzed soy protein. Any protein that is hydrolyzed will result in some processed free glutamic acid (MSG).

Several years ago, after years of complaints from people, including ourselves, about the Bragg's product, the FDA was contacted by the Oregon State Attorneys Office regarding a complaint that they received from an Oregon consumer regarding the mislabeling of Bragg's Aminos. At that point, the FDA sent a regulatory letter to the producer's of Bragg's, advising them that the "No MSG" statement on their product's label represented "mislabeling." The FDA gave the maker of Bragg's a relatively short period of time, 30 days as I recall, to change their labels or be subject to regulatory action by the FDA.

Since the time of notice from the FDA time, you will not find mention of MSG on the Bragg's Aminos label, but I am told that if you telephone the producer of Bragg's Aminos and ask about their product, they will still deny that their product contains MSG. The FDA refuses to take action on this matter.

Stay away from Bragg's Aminos. For that matter, avoid all hydrolyzed protein products.

Jack Samuels

Truth In Labeling Campaign