Food Fallacies Exposed

I have been trying to get time to write a brief article to advise some of you who may think you are not using any animal products; that you may be being fooled. Here are a few facts: All soy cheese products (Yes, this includes those sold at SDA stores) contain Casein from cows! Unless it is marked "VEGAN' slices or says NO Dairy or animal ingredients; and these are very rare, it has this product in it. Read this quote on Casein:

"Eighty percent of milk protein consists of casein, a tenacious glue. Casein is the glue that is used to hold a label to a bottle of beer. Try to scrape off one of those labels, then consider the effects of casein in your body. Casein is the glue that holds together wood in furniture. Behold the power of glue and behold the power of horrible bowel movements.

Casein is a foreign protein and your body reacts to its presence by creating an antibody. That antibody-antigen reaction creates histamines. Anti-histamines (like Benadryl) are used to counter the effects of histamines. Mucus and phlegm are produced as a result of cheese consumption. Mucus congests internal body organs. Mucus creates phlegm. The average American lives his or her life with a gallon of mucus clogging the kidney, spleen, pancreas, tracheal-bronchial tree, lungs, thymus, etc.

Imagine not eating cheese or any other dairy product for just six days. An internal fog will lift from your body as the mucus leaves. Eat just one slice of pizza on day seven, and twelve to fifteen hours later, the mucus will return." Robert Cohen

Most people who are allergic to milk are allergic to the Casein in milk; so they switch to 'soy cheese' and they get the same reaction and rather than read and understand the ingredients in this deceptive product, they figure "Oh, I am also allergic to Soy products" and then avoid things that probably would be fine for them to use if they are not contaminated with Casein.

Vegetarians, who would not touch a speck of butter, often use margarine: BAD NEWS! Almost ALL margarine contains dairy products, whey and whey powder or
buttermilk. They add this to make it taste like butter. It tastes like a dairy product because guess what? It IS a dairy product. Why do you think the Dairy board is not persecuting margarine like they did when it was first marketed?? Also now nearly all margarine is all or mostly made from canola oil, which is NOT safe to use, in spite of the propaganda and hype that have been dumped on the consumer.


Yes- your humble loaf of whole-grain bread will be found in most cases to contain whey, whey powder, or other dairy products. There is a surplice of milk and the marketing powers are determined to stuff it into you somehow. You have to read labels and ask questions. There are a few health breads and some European breads that are safe to use. Then of course you have to watch for canola oil- it is in most health foods as well! The Canadian government subsidises it and so it can be sold cheaper than any other oil- so guess what the companies decide to use??


Read the labels- they often contain eggs, egg products, dairy and dairy products and other horrors. Canola oil is rampant in these as well. Canola oil used to be called 'Lear Oil' or 'Penetrating Oil' and was an industrial product. It sure is penetrating oil, as it is everywhere in food today!

What can you eat to be safe? - learn to cook from scratch!

- FAST FOOD Deceptions -

Did you know that McDonalds French fries are fried in 'all vegetable oil' (Canola) Sure thing! And THEN they are seasoned by adding beef fat!! And you are not told that little secret. Fast food places are hives of dishonesty in food quality.


You now have a much better chance to get this deadly disease than to win the National Lottery and your odds are improving every day! Here are some ways to better your chances:

Hamburger meat and hamburgers - each one can contain meat from up to a hundred or more animals (Notice I didn't just say cows). So if even one of these was sick with something- you can catch it!

Dairy products - Did you ever see those lovely big tanker trucks that tell you that 'Milk is Beautiful'? Well each of them contains milk from hundreds of cows- all in together! If even one of those cows is sick- all of the milk will have the germs. Oh yes- good news still- it is almost impossible to find a totally healthy dairy cow.

Well- aren't they all vaccinated? Yes they sure are- and all the germs from the sick animals that go into the vaccines can go into your milk as well- better chances all the time, eh?

Well- it's pasteurized, isn't it? Yup, and that makes the milk able to better support bacteria as it grows back, and many deadly germs don't even wink at pasteurization.
I will tell you a couple of true stories I know of from my own background- and I don't think things are better 40 years later!

I worked for a farm where they also killed and packed chickens. Every week he would send out the nice packages of fresh chickens to the grocery stores and receive back from them the ones that hadn't sold the previous week. They had gotten slimy and a bit green here and there and the customers wouldn't buy them. SO- the guy would un-package them and wash them up and off they went to - guess where? That's right; the Kentucky Fried Chicken places!

MMMM! Finger lickin' yummy!

We also raised dogs and we bought meat for them from a guy who picked up the dead animals from farms. He had other customers as well- the burger chains!

Now there is good news for poultry lovers. When they kill the poor tortured birds that you want to eat for your dinners, many of them are sick- so they have an inspector who has to sit and watch the birds go by at 60 or more per minute. He doesn't dare stop the line or he'll lose his job in many cases.

So your birds are inspected?

But take courage- even if most of those birds are not sick (Impossible in today's chicken farms) They throw them all in together into a huge vat of water contaminated with blood & feces (bird poop) and let them SOAK UP to 20% of their weight!! If this practice were stopped the meat packers would loose the millions of dollars they get from selling you filthy water! Now if even one bird is sick, all the birds in the vat can absorb the germs! Talk about TENDER and JUICY! Now you know where the "juicy" comes from!

By the way, those of you who still eat meat but think to avoid pigs, etc. If a package says 'Contains 100% beef', or 'Made WITH 100% beef'; it may only contain a morsel of beef. Why? Because as long as they drop in a little 100% beef they can say the product contains 100% beef! Yes it is legal! They do the same with other things; for example, juice may say in big letters 'Contains 100% pure fruit juice'. And it may only have a drop or less of it in there.

One person who was training to go into 'food engineering' saw a huge vat of colour, chemicals, artificial flavours, sugar and water; then the engineer got up and dropped in an ounce or less of 'pure fruit juice'. The whole vat was then sold under that label. PLEASE watch your labels!!

By the way, there are more lies going around about the Mad Cow epidemic than you can keep track of. Here are a few facts- There is no known way to destroy a prion without reducing it to ashes and then it sometimes is still infective! You CAN find the prions in milk! It Can be passed from mother to offspring! It Can be in an animal for years before it sickens and dies! It HAS been sent to every country on earth in animal feeds! It CAN be carried by all animals AND poultry and eggs and vaccines. do I need to go on?

Want to read more! See- And

Oh a bit more for you who are struggling with cheese addiction- (Yes it is addictive!) and trying to brush away SOP warnings that Cheese is unfit for food:


"Constipated by Camembert? Sickened by Swiss? Phlegmed by port wine cheddar? You do not have to consult Inspector Gadget or Lieutenant Columbo to solve the mystery of cheese. By the time you add up the clues in this column, you'll solve a major crime and be knighted and made an honorary member of Scotland Yard.

- GOT PUS? -

The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) allows 750 million pus cells in every liter of milk (about two pounds). In Europe, regulators allow 400 million pus cells per liter. France and Italy are known for their magnificent cheeses. Perhaps that's their secret: Less pus! Since it takes 10 pounds of milk to make one pound of cheese, a pound of
cheese can contain up to 7.5 billion pus cells. If your American cheese is sliced so that there are 16 slices to a pound, that single slice of American or Swiss can contain over 468 million pus cells. Got cheese? Got pus!


In the name of science, the dairy industry sponsors studies in which people drink milk. These laboratory subjects then answer surveys about what the insides of their mouths feel like. Biased dairy scientists then conclude that milk and dairy products cause no mucus.


Every sip of milk has 59 different powerful hormones. Which ones do you want your little girls to take? Estrogen, progesterone or prolactin? In her lifetime, as a little girl becomes a big girl, then a mature woman, she will produce the total equivalent of one tablespoon of estrogen. Hormones work on a nanomolecular level, which means that it takes a billionth of a gram to produce a powerful biological effect. The average American now consumes nearly thirty pounds of cheese each year. That product contains concentrated hormones. One pound of cheese can contain ten times the amount of hormones as one pound of milk. Nursing cows were never supposed to pass on cheese to their calves. They were, however, designed to pass on hormones, lactoferrins, and immunoglobulins in liquid milk to their infants.

Got Romano? Got raging hormones!

See on hormones.


Got American cheese? Got antibiotics. Consumers Union and the Wall Street Journal tested milk samples in the New York metropolitan area and found the presence of 52 different antibiotics. Eat ice cream, yogurt, and cheese toppings, and you're also consuming antibiotics. Cows are fed chicken feces as supplemental protein. The droppings are baked and sanitized but the heat process does not destroy the hormones in chicken feed.

Got Parmesan? Got penicillin!


In February of 1999, the Land of Lakes Company recalled nearly four hundred thousand cases of cheese products from supermarkets in every one of America's 50 states. Cheese makes a remarkable culture medium for bacteria, which stay alive for up to six months. This year's recall was due to listeria. Eat listeria and it can take up to 45 days for you to get sick. Would you make the connection? Cheeses can also contain mycobacterium paratuberculosis which causes diarrhea and irritable bowel syndrome. Forty million Americans are so affected." Ibid

In closing I urge you to do more research yourself and don't be fooled by marketing board sponsored studies. Money talks! - But it LIES! In the late 1800s and early 1900s a warning cry went out from the messenger of the Lord to warn His people to learn to do without all animal products. God knew what only a few humans knew back then; in those years man began research to CREATE and turn loose terrible plagues for warfare and genocide; and they started with animal experiments- introducing viruses etc. into farm animal herds.

"As disease in animals increases, the use of milk and eggs will become more and more unsafe. An effort should be made to supply their place with other things that are healthful and inexpensive. The people everywhere should be taught how to cook without milk and eggs, so far as possible, and yet have their food wholesome and palatable." Counsels on Diet and Foods, p. 365 (1905).

Now you understand the warning why it came so urgent at that time! Notice it says "AS the disease increases" not "IF"!

God bless you as you listen to Him!

"Truth is Truth"

"TemCat" =^..^=