Distilled vs Water Ionizer vs Reverse Osmosis Filters

"Discover Why Many of Our Customers Are Abandoning Their Distillers And Reverse Osmosis Systems"

Several years ago, I researched what type of water would be best for my recovery from Cancer. The "experts" thinking at that time, was to remove everything from the water and drink "pure water." This left me basically with two choices of water purification systems:

distilled water filters
reverse osmosis water filters

I chose distilled water since between the two choices it was the most pure H20 . . . no chlorine, no harmful chemicals, no minerals. I was told that the minerals in water were inorganic and not useable by humans. Plus, distilled water was a choice backed by many leading old time alternative health advocates like Paul Bragg, Dr. Norman Walker, etc.

"When I Was Informed That My Cancer Was Now 'Terminal', I Rethought My Whole Dietary Plan, Especially My Choice Of Water"

My research into finding the latest information led me to a new understanding of water through reading Sang Whang's book "Reverse Aging." He called distilled water and reverse osmosis water filters "defensive overkill":

"In an attempt to get 'pure' water, some people promote distillers and reverse osmosis (R.O.) filters. While these devices work well, they take everything out of the water. Unfortunately, this “pure” water is not healthy. It’s dead water. Fish cannot live in it. If ingested for long periods of time, it can leach out valuable body minerals, such as potassium, magnesium, sodium and calcium. One can take mineral supplements to replace them; however, it’s not easy to replace the minerals in our body in the same form that we lost them in.

"Those who market distillers or R.O. filters insist that the less substance remaining in the water, the better the water is."

". . . Unfortunately, both the sellers and the buyers of these distillers and R.O. filters believe that water without anything in it is the best. "

". . . this water contains no extra oxygen. If the distilled water or the R.O. filtered water is used with a water ionizer, nothing happens. No alkaline water or acid water will be produced."

"I Found My Distilled Water Tested With An Acidic pH And Was Devoid Of Oxygen"

I learned that health experts in Japan and Korea choose Ionized Alkaline Water Filters as medically approved devices for alkalizing and oxygenating the body. Unfortunately, alkaline water is fairly unknown to all but the best informed health professionals in the United States.

The documented results in Sang Whang's book convinced me to make a change. I realized that water produced from distilled and reverse osmosis water filters were not the best choices for my recovery.

Ionized alkaline water was the clear choice to best support my recovery from cancer through its oxygenating, alkalizing, re-hydrating, detoxifying and immune system enhancing properties.

"I Am Confident That Drinking Ionized Alkaline Water Has Been A Major Factor In My Recovery From 'Terminal' Cancer"

I believe that enlightened health professionals will begin recommending ionized alkaline water over reverse osmosis and distilled water as they begin learning of this revolutionary product.

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Within a few days, you and your family (pets, too!) will be experiencing the wonderful health benefits and the peace of mind that comes with owning your own AlkaBlue Ionized Alkaline Water Filter!!!

Dave Perkins
Terminal Cancer Survivor
Owner of Better Way Health

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