Dear Friends in Christ,

I bring you Seasons Greetings from your friends Reuben & Jean Teske and thousands of volunteers who are giving Earth’s Final Warning with Love to the four corners of the earth. Jean and I visited 4 churches in California during November, and gave the message below, which was followed up with the Cornerstone Story. We live near the top of a mountain where we are closer to God among the fir & pines, where we can serve Him with all our heart, mind, body and soul without the distraction of the sights, sounds and smells of the city. Our time is devoted to publishing the Three Angels Messages, the last warning message.

This letter is the dramatic story of Israel, from notes of Tim Doyle journal with Michael Williams, Roger Brown and a number of others who regularly attend special events. This event occurring Dec 31, 1999 (Y2K) had the attention of the world being on the eve of the new millennium, because of terrorist threats and especially the unknown factor how computers would perform after Dec 31, 1999. Old programs had provision for entering dates to Dec 31 1999 but no year 2000 dates. A entry for year 2001 could easily be interpreted by the computer as 1901. Remedial action was being taken but the problem was so widespread that it was feared that many programs or interacting programs from airlines, banks, transportation, etc would cause most systems to crash and even had the potential of bringing down airliners out of the sky.

We sent representatives of the Most High God, to the people of Israel in the name of the living God of Abraham, Isaac, Jacob, Moses to re-establish God’s Law and the 7th day Sabbath truth, which was handed down over the centuries by the Jewish people as a weekly reminder of God’s great creative power, and who through this same power is able to create a new heart within us to correct the problems of terrorism, crime, evil of every sort and our attraction to the world. We believe the answer for Israel and the world is to reaffirm what has been set aside by them and most religious bodies. Gen 2:2,3

Five plus million Christians were going to Israel to usher in the new millennium, all uniting together to walk where Jesus walked. Fifteen volunteers were able to attend and most went early to take advantage of the discounted airline rates. As it turned out the team had the religious sites pretty much to themselves.
The workers went to Israel to see the action of visiting religious groups and to present the 3 Angels messages via Earth’s Final Warning and is Mary Dead or Alive that were shipped in a 40’ container of about 1200 boxes. (850,000 tabloids) This trip would not have been possible without the sponsorship of a couple who paid most of the expenses including the cost of the tabloids which we gratefully acknowledge.

One week prior to arrival 16 extremists were deported – perhaps you heard it on the American news. As a result there was heavy interrogation at the airport as the team began to arrive and for a while it was feared that the first two, Michael William and Tim Doyle would be deported. The rest of the team as they arrived faced the same procedure. Unfortunately the team was located in the same area where the extremists were staying. This area was in Bethany the vicinity of Mt of Olives. 3,000 military and police officers covered the area and prior to the deportation of the 16 extremists. They interrogated all the people in that area. The doomsday cult was in Palestinian territory expecting Christ to return. Israel heard these extremists were going to commit suicide if Christ didn’t come back at the beginning of the year 2,000. Mistakenly they put our group in the same class with the extremists. Israel wanted to put on the best face and not mar the Christian celebration events.

The container of books was delayed at Amsterdam waiting to be reloaded in another ship going to Israel. Once they did arrive there was a delay at customs. It seemed that nothing would move the agents to release the container. I received several emails and many telephone calls explaining the situation as only about 10 days remained before the expected arrivals of Christians from around the world. God was testing the faith and resolve of the workers. Prayers were ascending all around the world for the release of the container. The plans were to confiscate the shipment but suddenly the customs agent said, “it is yours, come and get it tomorrow.” God’s angels were stronger than the evil forces who considered putting it on hold. There was much rejoicing. Customs could have confiscated or shipped the container back. They had this in mind but God overruled for the time being. For a certainty the evil forces would not want the truth of the Messiah and His Second Coming and the New World Order to be presented during this millennium celebration.

Michael & Tim were arrested one day and interrogated for 5 hours at the police station because a Muslim accused them of calling him an infidel. When they assured them that they were not part of the dooms day cult they were released after they took mug shots and fingerprints of them. You do not need witnesses as they found out later, since they were arrested and interrogated a number of times. All a black hat orthodox Jew needed to do was to point his finger at you and the police would arrest you.

This was quite and experience and would happen to most on the team before leaving Israel. They didn’t realize it to begin with that they were in an Arab community, a virtual police state, military run, with Israeli police. Military vehicles all over with doors open and machine guns in hand ready for action. They were looking for terrorist and extreme groups, similar to witch hunts conducted in Nazi Germany. Nothing like America, but we know that will change as terrorism and our society grows more corrupt. We see the rapid deterioration of morals and even acceptance of the life style that destroyed Sodom and Gomorrah, through the appointment of preachers and bishops that flaunt the scriptures. How strong our dependence on God must be now in order to withstand the terror of the days ahead. God is granting us a little time to permeate this earth with His love along with the final warning message. God’s glory is to fill this earth through the person of His saints, the 144,000 who will reflect His glory to those about them.

This is not brought up to frighten you but to raise your awareness of what will take place in America on a gradual basis. Over a period of 33 years a Senator made a yearly attempt before Congress to pass the Genocide Treaty, which finally passed before Reagan left office. Are we as persistent in carrying out God’s plan for us as the proponents were of this treaty? Now is the time to go forward while we can give our message with hardly any opposition. Inspiration states that we have no idea of the difficulties we will face in the future in giving this message. Israel is an introduction to what lies ahead.

Mohammed was a warrior and he believed in the sword. This was the kind of community and environment the group lived in. This was the Arab mindset. Palestinian raids were common and if you got in their way your life to them meant nothing. The difference between the Arab sector of Jerusalem where the group was located and the other side Jerusalem was like night and day. The Arabs are in a 3rd world setting. They have no driving laws there and regardless of an issue with an Arab you are always wrong, but God does have His faithful people among them. You can see why peace negotiations stall.

On Dec 5 they received a call from customs that the container was in port. On Dec 8 they received a call that the container was in question because of its content. A 40’container with 850,000 pieces of Christian literature aboard in Israel where the orthodox Jews hate the name of Christ would be understandable. It would be like an invasion. As a rule Jews, Arabs and Adventists work in the customs offices. I sought advice from various ministries whether it was advisable to send a container to Israel. All said it would be confiscated. Don’t do it! Up to this point we had shipped about 90 containers and the Lord had always worked out the difficulties. So after much prayer and a consensus on the topic we decided to ship, placing the consequences in God’s hand. We added an African address just in case it was refused – we could just forward it to Kenya, Africa

After a week or two it was obvious that they did not want to clear the container. The group was in much prayer and reasoned that God had brought them there for a reason. They just knew it had to get through. Just before Tim left for Israel a brother gave him the following texts. 2 Chron 14:11 “Lord, it is nothing with thee to help.” 15:7 “Be ye strong therefore, and let not your hands be weak: for your work shall be rewarded.” 20:15. “Thus saith the Lord unto you, be not afraid nor dismayed by reason of this great multitude; for the battle is not yours, but God’s.” They claimed those promises and other scriptures.

Before the containers were released 2 reporters came to the door to get information to incriminate them. Just before they deported the 16 extremists, reporters came to their door that resulted in their deportation. There were reporters of various nationalities including police and a reporter from France who did most of the questioning. Fortunately, the Lord gave our group the wisdom on how to answer them so they couldn’t class them with the doomsday cult. One question was, what do you think of the pope? John Paul II is considered a good pope but even he has admitted that the next pope could be the antichrist which supports the position of Nostradamas that the last pope of this century would be the Anti-Christ.

You can believe they knew what was down at the port and they were looking for a reason to deport our group. They expected to be deported so they always kept their bags packed ready to go. But it didn’t happen. Delay! Delay! Seemed to be the order of the day, but they knew that God wanted these messages out but why all of the delay. 2 Chron 14:11 “Lord it is nothing for thee to help.” What a God we serve.
After this encounter with the reporters they had a serious prayer meeting and asked God for discernment and peace came over them as they left all of their concerns with God. In the meantime I sent an email to many warriors, requesting prayer. Prayer began ascending from various parts of the world. United prayer works as within a few days a call was received from customs, “come and get it, it’s yours.” A deal had been struck with the Arabs to confiscate the material later but the Arabs had misjudged the quantity.

With all the difficulties and arrests by the police and the rejection of the booklets by the Orthodox Jews the team began to question their mission. They began on Dec 16 to scatter the tabloids but the Jews were so violent that they had some of them arrested, spending nearly 50 hours of jail time while being interrogated and harassed. Religious freedom seemed to be a misnomer as the Jews seemed to be law in Jerusalem city.

The Jews have a lot of political power with the Israeli Knesset. Although religious freedom is part of Israel laws - in reality the Orthodox Jews at the Knesset always strive to have it removed from the constitution. It was Dec 23 –25 when they were arrested while working in the biblical places where Christ traveled. After 9 hours and 15 interrogators later they were finally released when cleared of the doomsday cult charges.

The question was where were the 5 million tourists, only a few were at the holy sites. Although they had given out 15,000 tabloids up to that point they could have done this in a few hours at any of the Holy Site crowds. Reporters from international newspapers were sending newswires to their papers publicizing the group’s police interrogations and mentioning the EFW tabloid distribution in progress. The Israel group had a special police tax force assigned to them and they would knock on their doors reminding them what they were doing was legal but that in the area of Jerusalem they could be snatched away never to be seen again and your embassy won’t even know about it. Furthermore the pope is coming to this area to give Israel a lot of money and if you in any way affect his coming you will be in a lot of serious trouble. “So the pope is coming – we don’t want to stop his coming do we?” Since the Earth’s Final Warning Message spoke directly to the papal issue, some were getting cold feet, maybe we should send the material elsewhere, but they knew they were there for a reason and that God had a plan.

No sooner had they started distributing than they were arrested an given a citation, that if they were apprehended giving out literature within the next 30 days in the old part of Jerusalem where the wailing wall and the Mosque is located they would be arrested and fined 3,000 shekels the equivalent of $750. This is standard procedure in some countries when expecting the pope’s arrival. The Jews were pulling on their bags, shoving and pushing the team around and even becoming violent. The landlord called on them indicating that the community didn’t want them around.

A Muslim Dentist who had been tending to the groups dental work since his rates were only a 1/3 of what they are in USA became their friend. In the end he read a Sunday Law Book and became convicted that the work they were doing was proper. He intervened with the Landlord and Police and convinced them the group was OK. The Dentists father saved the greater portion of the books from being confiscated. After assurance the Landlord relented allowing them to remain in their flats. Tim shared the prophecies and Jesus with the Dentist. God has his true in all religions and the team expect to see the Dentist in heaven.

Do you think it was right to pray for a specific sign? They were sure that God had a plan and they waited on Him as He knows the end from the beginning. Two of the team had dreams earlier which revealed the fact that there would be confiscation of their material and that they were to begin now to work for the rest of Israel where the views were very liberal and not influenced by the Orthodox Jews and the police pressure would not be so great if they would leave Jerusalem. The group was becoming discouraged when they heard reports of airline cancellations due to terrorist threats and Y2K fears of airline equipment failures. Most major airlines shut down their flights. All events to take place in Israel were cancelled from around the world even the dead sea resort was deserted. There concern was what to do with 850,000 pieces of EFW tabloids planned to give to visitors from various parts of the world.

From here on out so many miracles occurred that it is hard to recount them all. It appeared from what was yet to take place that God gave the team total access to Israel and the world without interference from Christians in general and the pope who deferred his visit until March 2001.

The final warning message in Israel ended up to being the most comprehensive effort of all the nations we have entered. They entered at a time when millions of Christians viewed the millennium perhaps as the most important event since the birth of Christ, the judgement hour and Sanctuary message. Our group virtually had the floor to ourselves, enabling them to present the 3 angels in a number of effective ways. Although the Orthodox Jews would spit in their face if they used the name of Jesus - there is a softening among the Jews toward Christianity and Jews are being converted. The Lord used different ways to get the message out. On the eve of December 24 suddenly a full page add showed up in the Jerusalem Post sponsored by the Sweetwater church in Tennessee. The Jews are astute business men and are willing to give a little if the price is right. Prices range from $8,000 to $15,000 for a full page. That add was ran a second time in the International Tribune newspaper known as the Harritz newspaper in Israel and ran again in the Jerusalem Post. Not to be left out the Eternal Gospel Church ran a full page as well – all adds displayed in bold black letters – Earth’s Final Warning. Unbeknown to them these adds appeared seemingly out of nowhere, truly the Lord was working miracles. What a boost in their morale.

Working now outside of the Orthodox environment, people were reaching out of car windows and buses clamoring for the paper with the same title. Handfuls of Earth’s Final Warning were thrown into crowds and bus windows with people scrambling to get a copy. Some of the team would shout as we were scattering the paper, “don’t let the pope take over Jerusalem. “

An informant came to their door and stated that the Conference President of Israel was very upset with them for doing this work without his permission in giving the 3 angels messages. That all 6 churches in Israel could be jeopardized or shut down as a result of what they were doing. They were very upset at what they were doing - so the question was what should they do about it? Should they obtain permission to get the 3 angel messages out? What would you do? What did Paul, Peter and James do? Where do we go to get our permission? The Scriptures! Read Gal 1:12-24 Acts 4: 18-20 that was the counsel they followed. As they followed the Lord’s instruction miracle after miracle occurred. Two groups were formed. A group of 3 worked the North portion of Israel and the balance of the crew worked more to the South. It rained almost every single day going North but when the team arrived in the area, invariably the rain stopped every single time. They stayed at hostels and of course had their share of insults, threats, and rocks thrown at them and their vehicle.

With out realizing it they drove in an Orthodox area and tried to get out immediately. They were in a dead end area and tried to turn around when a crowd of 15 black hat orthodox Rabbi Jews surrounded them, putting up a barricade of garbage cans in front of their car. Did God deliver Daniel from the lions den and the 3 Hebrews from the fiery furnace- He delivered them from the angry mob that were getting more violent by the seconds grabbing their papers, wanting their passports and to do them physical damage. Suddenly one of our men got out and tried to remove the garbage cans when another man of the group opened the door and thrust his arm at the crowd, rebuking them in the name of Jesus Christ. Immediately the Jews took action and started removing the garbage cans twice as fast as they had set them in place, letting them pass in the name of Jesus. There is power in the name and blood of Jesus.

Since satan was not successful in stopping the group by discouragement, rocks, police or anyone else, ”then I will kill them all while they are sleeping.” The group had space heaters in each room for heat and while they were sleeping the power went off. Someone got up when he heard a strange clattering of kitchen cabinets and tried to turn the light on to investigate - but no light as power had gone out. So he looked for a candle but could not find a match to light it. He opened the kitchen door and was knocked over with gas that had been escaping from the kitchen range. Then he realized if the lights had of come on or he had struck a match to light the candle they would have been blown to bits. He awoke everyone and they opened the doors and windows to remove the gas. What would have happened if the power had not gone out earlier, the heaters would have ignited the gas and they would all have been blown to smithereens. God kept the power off until everything was cleaned up before turning it on again. Satan was defeated again.

God had a different work for us in Israel than had been anticipated. God wanted to do a work for the Jewish people. From an EGW extract in Ms 87, 1907 “The time has come when the Jewish are to be given the light of the last gospel message. The Lord wants us to sustain and encourage these people for a multitude will be convinced and take their stand for God.” Another one in AA 380,381 “When this gospel shall be presented in its fullness to the Jews many will accept Christ as the Messiah. From among Christian Ministers there are only a few that feel called on to labor for the Jewish people. But to those who have been often passed by, the message of mercy & hope in Christ is to come.” Folks, this message is to go forward.
They tried to get the church members in Israel to help but none would. They needed permission to do this work. So the Lord brought the Americans and others over to do the work and to receive the blessing. As it usually is those who are active receive the blessing.

The last week they were there the plan was to make a trip up North to the Golan Heights an area designated as part of the New World Order. It was thought this would be an important area. As they traveled from Jerusalem they kept checking with the military police to keep on the right road. After 3 ½ hours of travel they came to a sign that stated Jerusalem was only 35 miles away. They couldn’t understand what was happening, as Golan Heights would still be 3 ½ hours away. Due to the lack of time they went to Tel Aviv, which was only 40 miles away. They went to a mall to get some dinner and some teenagers came in protesting for Golan Heights. Then they spent another 2 ½ hours trying to find a designated area but were unable to find it. Finally they ended up in an area where the roads were blocked off. They saw a lot of buses and people so inquired what was going on, the reply was, “this is a Golan Heights protest from Golan Heights.”

So the Lord brought Golan Heights to them or vice versa. We were able to get distribute most everything in 15 to 20 minutes instead of the 2 hours it normally would have taken. Speaking of world coverage a news article in USAAudios | Contact Site | Hands | Health | Letters Library | Missions | News | Sermons Short Stories | Sunset Calendar | Toolbox | Vatican Watch | VideosToday stated, “that Christian Extremists have gone into hiding to avoid being jailed or to be deported by Israeli officials who have been illegally distributing EFW to Jews, Muslims and other sects. They also have been preaching in Hostels, Cafes and other places, preaching in a university about the showdown to Armageddon. Israeli police with the cooperation of the FBI searched homes in hope of finding any remaining extremists.” Of course, they were confusing two groups, perhaps on purpose to get a maximum story, just to make good copy. But they couldn’t find us for the Lord covered their eyes.

It was true the team were out on the road to carry out the Lord’s plan to cover the rest of Israel. The Lord had a message for Israel before their work was finished. It was amazing how the Lord shielded the eyes of the searchers in locating the teams and events started happening in chronological order. He prepared them in advance – to trust Him – to put their feet in the water.

They were on the road staying at hostels when they received a call on the cell telephone stating that some of the boxes had been confiscated, confirming our dream that it would happen. Arafat sent a truck to confiscate the shipment but it was too small to handle the 40’ container. Arafat in 1998 while visiting the pope relayed to reporters on his departure that he gave the pope and invitation to visit and suggested that he act as governor of Jerusalem as an international city being in charge of Palestinian and Israeli sectors without a wall. Arafat wanted nothing to distract the pope’s visit.

Now they were keeping a 24-hour surveillance around the place. This was kind of discouraging but God had showed them two weeks earlier that this would happen. The Israel experience was not a matter of hotel hopping and distributing to the expected crowds then board a plane and go home but had the whole range of the Arab, Orthodox Jew, confiscation and involvement on a national and world level that will face us all during the Sunday law in the near future.

It demonstrated regardless of the action they took God had a plan and would have the last word. Before they left Israel the Jews were literally confronted with the Messiah and the 3 angels message in a dramatic way. At this point after clearing with the sponsors in America it was decided to ship the remaining inventory to Africa since they would be leaving.

God had one more option that we followed up on and that was to place EFW in the two major Israeli Newspapers, The Jerusalem and Harritz, are recognized international newspapers. The Jerusalem Post was unaware of our dilemma and agreed to insert EFW in their newspaper and since the 4 full page EFW news paper adds had been run previously they assumed these booklets with the same title were the same and didn’t check them out. They concluded it was just more SDA material.

When I made arrangements to run them in the Harritz they asked if the Post had accepted them and I assured them that they had. This is the first time any newspaper anywhere accepted our booklets as they do not want to mix the religious and business inserts together. In an emergency God knows no defeat and now would send 180,000 tabloids right into the Orthodox Jewish homes that had previously been refused on the street. God was giving the Jews every opportunity to receive the 3 angel messages, the last message of mercy before they left. The very thing that was refused now happened.

This was an unparalleled victory now equaling in importance the 4 newspaper adds and the city to city distribution across Israel. Orthodox Jews became angry and that same day began calling in and threatening to cancel their subscriptions. To save their subs the Jerusalem Post wrote a public apology and said they would remove the paid inserts but could not guarantee that they might not receive one in their paper as the intervention was made late in the production cycle. Please accept our apology. What finally occurred was that they were able to stop delivery to the public newsstands but the residential and business subs received them. Praise the Lord! What a victory! Just as one angel was able to destroy 180,000 Assryians on the outskirts of Jerusalem, one angel was able to enter the homes of 180,000 Jews. I informed the Post that they had broken their contract and owed us $2,500. They offered a two page add valued at $5,500 in their worldwide tabloid for London, N.Y., etc. This partial defeat turned into a victory.

DA 826 Christ is authority for our course of action. Notice these words from inspiration. “Human teaching is shut out. There is no place for tradition, for man’s theories and conclusions, or for church legislation. No laws ordained by ecclesiastical authority are included in the commission. None of these are Christ’s servants to teach.” The actions of the various agencies in Israel permitted this message to go around the world. Prayer was requested around the world in behalf of the various problems and threats. It was God that brought victory out of seeming defeat. In MB it states that in every age through Gods chosen messengers though they have been reviled and persecuted, the truth shall be brought to the front, most always through this means.

Before the team left Israel the SDA pastor of the area came to them and stated, ”that he had approached the International Christian Embassy, a large organization in Israel and asked the President what he thought about full page EFW articles in the various newspaper and the Jerusalem Post?” This minister of the International Christian Embassy turned the question to the Adventist Pastor and asked him,” if he believed what the article had to say?” This man had authority that could have had serious consequences for the SDA church. What would you say, would you have been a little bit shaky? The Adventist Pastor said, “I surely do believe it.” You know what he then told the SDA Pastor, “you better believe it.” I cannot question the Pastor’s sincerity in this case but as a rule the SDA Church Pastor will make an apology for what has taken place and deny any connection with it. However, the tables were turned and the question was directed to the Pastor, he had to say yes, “I believe it” or deny his faith.

We are working on a printing of 58 containers to reach our goal of 200 for the world. We plan to print these 58 containers in increments of 7 to get the material out into the field more quickly. We are stepping out in faith praying that supporters who are aware of the urgency of our times will back us. Our large printing projects are geared to: Save! Save! Save! In spite of a recent paper increase the printer had to pass on to us we can send 16 page tabloids for 3.7 cents each and our 4 page for 1 cent each to any seaport in the world. But it takes money to save money to save souls. We, have now have raised $92,000 toward the next 7 containers but need another $33,000 to cover the total cost. Will you stand by us again and help us raise the 33,000 balance yet needed? $16,000 will cover the cost of one million booklets in a 20” container to any seaport. Large and small donations are needed. A donor is asking several to match his $7,000 donation, what a blessing that would be. A Challenge: If 1 person Gave $7,000; 2 gave $5,000; 2 gave $2,000; 4 gave $1,000 and $8,000 were given commensurate to how God has blessed you, we would reach our goal. Please stand by for this continued Major Worldwide Thrust! We are forever grateful to our supporters. We can’t personally thank you face to face, but in heaven we will share the fruits of your sacrifice, for we know that some of you have literally given all to God’s cause.

My challenge to you today is – do you think the earth is receiving Earth’s Final Warning? What should you do about it? There are 6 ½ billion people on this planet. There are 90 million people in the Philippines wandering from island to island steeped in tradition ready to accept the many false prophets and theories going around. We must keep the truth before the people like the leaves of autumn until the laws forbid us to give it, or time is no more. Inspiration indicates that what is not done now will have to be done under extreme difficulty. Sincerely pray and ask God what He would have you do about it. God Bless you all! In Christ! Reuben Write Checks To: Cornerstone Publishing, 3249 A Old Baldy Mt Rd, Rice, Wa. 99167