Something to Ponder

by Bob De La Torre

This was excerpted from a letter that I wrote to an individual:

One or two things that I heard or thought I heard made me wonder if you were aware of the Truth on these subjects. My guess would be that you probably were not. You will see my line of thinking eventually. There is much discussion in Adventist circles about the validity of the Trinity. Are there Three Gods in One, or One God in Three? Is there a Third Person known as the Holy Spirit? The Corporate Church has for the past 25 plus years been doing things corporately in an attempt to unify all members into a thought process that would appeal to all members AND be better controlled. The concept of the Trinity has been a major force in bringing this about. One thing that we must always keep in mind; that our knowledge is based on a True foundation which is grounded on His WORD. While mentioning this, do not ever forget what His Word states in Daniel 9:27 -

And he shall confirm the covenant with many for one week: and in the midst of the week he shall cause the sacrifice and the oblation to cease, and for the overspreading of abominations he shall make it desolate, even until the consummation, and that determined shall be poured upon the desolate. Dan 9:27 (KJV)

Why was this text printed on the page and italicized? Because it is Proof Positive that Ellen G. White was NOT a prophet from God, and it comes from the writings of Daniel, a True Prophet... Need I go any further?

You see, the Trinity is a doctrine of Rome regardless of how it is packaged, it has always been. The SDA Church has packaged it in such a way that it appears palatable to the majority of it’s membership, but, it is still a false doctrine of Rome.

The main arguments that are used say that Christ, being God, has always existed, that He is Eternal. But, the Bible does not teach us that. There is only ONE God and that is the Father in Heaven. While on Earth, Christ was very clear on this point, that His Father was greater than He was, but that He was, as His Son, on an equal footing with Him. Since no one can give an account of anything before creation, it is all by speculation and supposition that our knowledge comes from; that and what Scriptures gives us through it’s Inspired writers. Proverbs 8:22-30 and the entire chapter of Hebrews 1 are quite clear that there was a time in ages past when Michael did not exist and that He was ‘brought forth’ as a ‘begotten’ Son. How dare we say that it is impossible for God to have a Son that was brought forth, when by His mere word through His begotten Son, He created all that exists today in the seen and unseen universe? Who are we to even sustain that thought? The problem partly stems from the fact that Adventist, in particular, have put the words of Ellen White to be equal or even above the words of Scripture (DA 530.3).

You will see before I am done that of all books written by Ellen White, that at least The Desire of Ages was not an inspired work. This may jar your thinking, but I do believe that what you will see will fascinate and perhaps alarm you as well.

The reason why I tend to fault the DA is because from chapter 63 onward, it does not follow the sequence of events as given in Scripture. She writes in DA 557.3 That Christ enters Bethany on a Friday afternoon to spend the Sabbath hours with Lazarus and his sisters. She has followed John 12:1 properly, In the following chapter on DA 569.3 she says that Christ enters Jerusalem on His Triumphal Entry on Sunday, where John 12:12 simply says that on the ‘next day’, (according to John, Christ came to Bethany on a Friday and entered Jerusalem on the ‘next day’, Sabbath.

This makes sense when you consider that the Lamb was to be selected on the 10th of Nisan and slain four days later, on the 14th) but from this point onwards her timing is completely skewed. In DA 769.1 she writes that Christ slept in peace through the Sabbath hours; again review Matthew 27:62,63; On 794.2 she writes that on the SIXTH day of the week, they (the disciples) had seen their Master die, actually they HAD seen their Master die and it was on a preparation day, but that was the preparation day for the ANNUAL, mot weekly Sabbath of Passover/Feast of Unleavened Bread;

In DA 785-86 she says that Christ arose on the very day when the wave sheaf ceremony was to be presented. Not so. Christ arose on Sabbath evening BEFORE the Sabbath was over and the wave sheaf was to be cut after sunset, not sunrise. This is not an attempt to discredit a messenger from heaven, but one of the ways that the Bible says that we are to use to determine if a person is sent by God is by their accuracy with Scriptures as well as their ability to predict future events. Which brings up another interesting point: In the Great Controversy much ado is given to Josiah Litch’s prediction for the fall of the Ottoman Empire in 1840.

It is interesting that this Empire did not fall until 1922. While not her prediction, she wholeheartedly endorsed it. (GC 534,535) sc/brown-ottoman_empire.html

Nor was she correct in her interpretation of the French Revolution and it’s application to Revelation 11.

This is not a treatise on the failures of our main Pioneer, but rather a significant point on how much Roman tradition has influenced the thinking of the Church today. We cannot rest on anyone’s laurels! The main point to be garnered here is that our dependence can only be on the Word of God! In fact, one of Ellen White’s best known quotes comes from GC 595.1

“But God will have a people upon the earth to maintain the Bible, and the Bible only, as the standard of all doctrines and the basis of all reforms. The opinions of learned men, the deductions of science, the creeds or decisions of ecclesiastical councils, as numerous and discordant as are the churches which they represent, the voice of the majority--not one nor all of these should be regarded as evidence for or against any point of religious faith. Before accepting any doctrine or precept, we should demand a plain "Thus saith the Lord" in its support.”

What is demonstrated is that Ellen White did not receive any inspiration during the writing of this book. This is especially evident in the sequence of events in the most important story ever told in history. This is further emphasized when we see some of the letters that she wrote during this time period in her life: 3SM 122; 3BIO 338.4; 4BIO 384.5. There may be others but these give us a pretty good picture of what was actually taking place during the writing of this book.

While I don’t want to be quoted as saying that Ellen White was not an inspired woman, by the same token it cannot be said that all the books and articles that she wrote were Inspired or under Inspiration. I do understand the implications of this especially for a ministry that is dependent on Adventist for it’s existence. But I wonder if these can also be tests of loyalty to our Lord and Savior?

I want to say that I am certain of this, but I am not qualified to do so; but I sincerely believe that the Mark of the Beast will be carefully or should I say craftily intertwined within the belief of the Trinity. Would that not qualify as the Omega of all apostasies?

I am not sure of the reason why I am even writing this to you. Last night was a restless night for me and I kept seeing parts of the Bonus Feature in my mind. Somehow, I was drawn to the understanding that you did not have a True understanding of some critically important issues in Adventism! After all, who am I to even consider this? I have to attribute it to the Truth as it is in Jesus and the truth as it is in the Adventist Church today. They are not synonymous! The Corporate body is under the illusion that if they go to Church and pay their tithe and stop beating their wife that they are a sure thing to go into heaven. The facts are that less than 1% of the SDAs living today would be eligible to go to heaven and that is not considering all the people that Christ has out in the wings that are not even Adventist. Somehow the general feeling is that you have to be an SDA to even go to heaven! I can only imagine the Church of God-7th day and the Seventh day Baptist smiling as they read this! Why they are better Bible students than most any Church group you care to name. Satan is smiling all the way to the blood bank because how well he has deceived the SDA Church from the top to the bottom. Since the Trinity has been incorporated as a Fundamental Belief, it has become incumbent on the membership of the SDA Church to accept and teach it’s heresies. I thought I detected this tendency during the video. For certain the Truth that I will bring up next was not an accepted fact and I feel that it’s proper understanding would have made the best testimony of what the Sabbath is all about, especially in God’s eyes.

I am certain that you are aware that by the mid 1950s the SDA Church was deep in trying to get out from under the notoriety of being a sect or even a cult. They became engaged with discussions with Barnhouse and Martin, two strongly convicted Protestant writers. The results of these meetings came to adoption of the Trinity doctrine at the 1980 Dallas General Conference. The accounts of what the SDA Pioneers believed and what the Church desired to believe is well documented in The Trinity Chronicles by an SDA writer named Fred Volz. It was a very well documented and interesting read for me, since it documented what I had long suspected.

I had also read a short book written by Charles Longacre, one of the last pioneers still alive who that wrote this book shortly before his death to document the state that the Church was in at the time before his death in the late 1950s. This book gives us a good exposition into Christ and whether He has always been a Deity or not:

One must always consider Christ’s personal warnings to His disciples in Matthew 24, where He admonishes them to be very careful not to be deceived. Christ’s uses the deception word four times in this chapter which is like saying “verily, verily” as was His custom in His discourses before the people of Jerusalem and surrounding areas. Christ’s warming in v.35 that heaven and earth would pass away before any of His words would become void is something that we should always keep in mind... More on this later.

The other area that the SDA Church has neglected to take seriously is the Truth about the last few days before Christ’s life was ransomed for us on this Earth. Again, Rome sticks her wicked head into the picture and we as Christians, lap it right up! The obvious question that one must ask is why does Satan try so hard to keep this deception? What is it all about that the entire world has the wrong concept of Christ’s crucifixion and resurrection days? Who has the most to gain from this deception?

While I may not believe that this is necessarily a doctrine and many will say that it is not a salvational issue, BUT, I will attempt to show that this thinking could be a mistaken one, especially in conjunction with the one previously discussed of the Trinity.

Simply stated, the Scriptures do not teach us that Christ died on a Friday or was resurrected on a Sunday. No matter from which angle this is looked at. There is adequate Biblical proof to dispel this notion. The culprit is again Rome AND as far as Adventist are concerned, the book, The Desire of Ages. I will try my best to properly demonstrate this from both the Bible and the Desire of Ages.

I believe that most of us can recall that at one time in our lives as Adventist, we have read the Gospel accounts and the story as given in the DA and wondered how it was possible for Christ to have said that He would be ‘in the heart of the earth for three days and nights’ and how this could amount to a simple weekend at best? Who or what do we believe would be a crucial question! Do we believe a man who alone can redeem the sinners of this world or do we believe the words of a woman who is considered to be the prophet of the Church? I have tried to demonstrate earlier that it would be more likely for the heavens and the earth, which are tangible objects that are seen and felt than it would be for even one dot or tittle to be changed from the words of Christ and His True prophets. I have heard about every possible scenario in trying to explain away the three days and three nights of Christ prediction in Matthew 12:39,40. Among those are: that His words were a verification of the time Jonah spent in the belly of the great fish; that this time period began with His arrest in Gethsemane; I have one dear man who rather than believe that the words of Ellen White are not inspired has gone the other direction as we are warned in Revelation 22:18 and insists that Christ was in hiding in Jerusalem when He, again, cleansed the temple and the Jews were surrounding Him threatening to stone Him... the Bible says He hid Himself from them! Of course the most common belief being that ‘Inclusive Reckoning’ had to be used from Friday to Sunday; I have even heard that the Gospel do not give a concise time-line for us to have an adequate idea of the day and hours for His death and resurrection. This is so easily refuted that it is almost laughable:

About every possible reason has been used to try and refute the possibilities of this being a fact.

I will briefly try to show what the Bible says about this: Notwithstanding Christ’s own words in Matt. 12:39,40, Luke repeats His word again in Luke 11:29-32. Here is where I find that it gets very interesting...Mark 16:1 and Luke 23:55,56 gives us an account of the same event from two different writer’s perspectives. They BOTH talk about a preparation day BUT from different reference points. In other words, there appears to be TWO preparation days not one. If this is true, can it be possible that there are TWO Sabbaths as well? Remember that all time-lines have to be considered in Jewish, not Roman times. You would be surprised at how much information on this subject can be found on the internet! I will list different URLs as necessary. I came upon this site recently that has about the best explanation of for the Two Sabbaths that have occurred every Passover week since the Israelites left Egypt This factor alone has not been considered by the many detractors of the Truth about Passion Week! Did you pick up the obvious conclusion that if there were TWO preparation days that week, this meant that there would, of course, have to have been TWO Sabbaths? Now here is a verse that really opened up this Truth to me. Matthew 27:62,63. Here we note that Christ is already dead in the tomb. The Jewish leaders are now coming to Pilate to ask him for armed guards because in spite of their incredulity, they fear the results if His prediction were to become a reality. In fact they recite Christ’s words to Pilate to show the need for the guards. Now here is what I saw as I read these verses. Christ is now dead, preparation day has past, the Jewish leaders are coming before Pilate, so what day must it be? It obviously cannot be the Seventh-day Sabbath as you know from your research...How can a few days have TWO preparation days and TWO Sabbaths and a day in which business or secular activities can be done? This is further demonstrated by the women that followed Christ’s body to His tomb and later tried to anoint Him with spices and ointment?

Here is how this happened: The women spoken of in the Gospels followed Christ to where He was buried and noted where it was and returned home quickly because it was getting dark and the annual Sabbath of Passover was almost upon them. This was the evening of Wednesday the 14th of Nisan They rested in their homes over Thursday, now Passover, the 15th of Nisan The next day being Friday, both the Jewish leaders and the women took care of business, for the Jewish leaders, it was the day that they went to see Pilate; for the women it was the day they went to purchase the ointment and spices. The women must have had other duties that day being the weekly Sabbath’s preparation day so that by the time they purchased the spices they saw that it was getting late and that they would not be able to perform this ritual before sunset, because Luke 23:56 makes it clear that this WAS the weekly Sabbath that was coming on, so again they had to hurry on home before it got dark. It is quite possible that these women spent all day preparing the spices and ointments, but I find it difficult to comprehend knowing that Christ’s body had been buried two days before and that they would want to wait for another full day before accomplishing this ritual.

Nowhere in Scripture does it say that Christ was resurrected on Sunday morning. What it does say is that Mary and the women came to the tomb AFTER the sun had set. In the Greek, Matthew says it was dusk or twilight. In whatever way one desires to look at it, as far as Jewish time is concerned it was Sunday, the Sabbath had passed. The key to remember here is that Christ was already risen, in fact the angel in the tomb asked Mary why she was looking for the living among the dead? Luke 24:7 gives us the angel’s words that on the third day He would rise.... The issue of the ‘third’ day has raised much controversy among supposed scholars and lay people.

There are two time intervals that need to be considered according to how Scripture reads; 1) The time that He was actually dead and 2) The time that He actually spend in the tomb. The three days and three nights prediction I believe only applies to the time that He was in the tomb or as He stated it, “in the heart of the earth.” From all that the Bible says it is apparent that Christ was in sleep during the annual Sabbath and part of the weekly Sabbath, NOT the full weekly Sabbath, as Ellen White says. Otherwise Christ’s prediction would have to be a false prediction. Christ died around 3pm on Wednesday afternoon. If He was resurrected shortly before sunset that Sabbath evening, three days later, this would mean that He was dead for three days and maybe three hours. While I can’t say for certain how long He lay dead, I would seriously doubt that His Father in Heaven would have allowed His Son to remain under the effect of sin for one second longer than was necessary. When one looks at all the Greek prepositions that deal with the phrase of the ‘third day’, the proper tendency is to read the phrase as meaning AFTER three days and nights, as opposed to exactly three days/nights or 72 hours.

This is further verified by the way that the wave sheaf ceremony occurs. Had Christ been raised on Sunday morning, the wave sheaf offering would not have been done as Moses was instructed on Mt. Sinai. Christ did everything according to the tern that He had given to Moses for the Tabernacle services in the wilderness and later in Jerusalem through the centuries. Christ was the Type while the instructions that Moses was given was the antitype. This and other factors are brought out in this short article by a classmate that I went to academy with years ago...

When one studies the festivals of the Jews, it becomes evident that they were all integrally associated with each other. Pentecost was dependent on the proper observance of the weekly Sabbath hat followed Passover. In fact, that was FIRST Sabbath of seven Sabbaths + 1 day which pointed directly to Pentecost and was the day that Christ rose from the dead. The wave sheaf offering was directly associated with the First fruit offerings that the Bible speaks of and which Christ was to complete when He stopped Mary from detaining Him shortly after His resurrection.

Many are confused here because they believe that the wave sheaf offering had to occur on the 18th of Nisan where there is no evidence for this. This date varied yearly just as anniversaries and birthdays do today. It simply was timed by an annual event which started the counting of days following this event, in this case it was Passover/Feast of Unleavened Bread. One thing to keep in mind is that Pentecost was always on the first day of the week, because seven Sabbaths or 49 days plus one day would always give you the first day of the week. This is seen in Catholicism and a reason why they say that Sunday is the true day of worship. Because all the important days in Christ’s life or afterlife made this day a special day.

Now here is the reason why I believe that this study is so important. It doesn’t matter which ethnic group of people or religion one cares to look at, Sunday is revered around the world because they believe that Christ arose on that day and so it has become the Lord’s Day by default.

I believe from personal experience of two cases that if you can show a Sunday keeper that Christ was not resurrected on a Sunday morning...that he or she will listen to what you have to say. Once you bring down the premise that establishes a known belief, the individual will listen to Truth. if you are interested in following this subject as far as I have been able to document it, I would encourage you look at all the articles that I have on this page:

I think that I have barely scratched the surface of this wonderful topic.

You know that it is most difficult for me to write, yet I believe that the Truth on some issues that the Church has allowed to leave it’s grasp of simple Truth of will be critical in the time that remains for those that are faithful.

My dear friend, I can only pray that I will not lose you as a dear friend because I am writing these words to you. For us to remain God’s true friends, we must endeavor to come out of apostasy and the SDA Church regardless of it’s good points, is deep in apostasy. Go here for just a short list that I have made of the apostasies evident in the Church today:

May our dear Lord be with you and your dear family during the troublesome times ahead that is facing this Church.

Bob De La Torre

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