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Numbers in Scripture
by Scott Stanley


Numbers in Scripture are used as a type of shorthand to express spiritual concepts. Larger numbers, when broken down into its integers are formulas of spiritual concepts. 1) In all languages one is the symbol of unity. As a cardinal number (amount) it denotes unity; as an ordinal (degree, quality or position) it denotes primacy. It denotes the beginning, it is indivisible, and excludes all difference. ...yet for us there is one God, the Father, from whom are all things…, 1Cor 8:6; There is.. One body, one Spirit, one Lord, one faith, one baptism, One God and Father of all, who is above all, and through all, and in you all (Eph 4:4-6). Negatively it is self. 2) Unity or division - Father & Son: At first, humanity separated from God; eventually become one with the Father & Son, for which Jesus prayed in Jn 17:20-21.

Examples of Division: At first Abraham & Lot journeyed together, but later split, Gen 13:10-11; Hagar & Sarah each gave birth to sons: one born of the flesh, the other by promise & an allegory of the bride of Christ, Gal 4:22-26; Rv 21:9-10.

As Ishmael was sent away, so must the flesh be subdued in order for the Spirit to dominate. The spiritual relationship is even more clear with parents birthing twins - Jacob & Esau. The firstborn, Esau, was a fornicator & a profane person, despising his birthright, Heb 12:16-17.

It was Jacob who separated to seek a wife & was eventually blessed with 12 sons, from which came Israel the nation & a type of Spiritual Israel, Rom 2:28-29. 3) Just as it requires three lines to form a plane, a solid is measured by length, width and height. Three then, indicates something that is entire or complete. There are three major divisions of time - past, present and future; three ideas concerning the kingdoms of matter - mineral, vegetable and animal. Christ was resurrected the third day, a symbol of his completeness and becoming the author of eternal salvation for man (Heb 5:8-9).

Divinity is perfected through humanity (Lk 13:32); Jesus said that the kingdom of heaven was like a woman who hid leaven in three measures of meal, until the whole lump was leavened (Mt 13:33); three things sum up all that is in the world, 1Jn 2:16. 4) Earthly completeness. Earth completed by day 4; 4 seasons; 4 regions (N, S, E, W); 4 winds; 4 directions, etc. - Gn.1:1-19. 5) Graciousness of God's love.

Our earthly weakness (4) + God's strength (1) = grace - 2 Cor 12:9; Five parts to holy anointing oil - Ex 30:23-25, see Oil; David picked up 5 stones from a stream, & used one to kill Goliath (the giant in your earth), see Stone; Water; Earth. 6) Number of a man, as he was created on day six (4+2=earthly man + division; 5+1=the grace of God made of none effect by man's addition to it; 7-1=man's shortcoming of spiritual fullness. (666: Man portraying God) 7) Enough, full, satisfied: A fullness of an experience or understanding: 7-lamps of light in the temple - Ex 37:17-18, 23; Num 8:2-4; Ps 119:105, 130; 7-nations that have to be defeated - Dt 7:1; Rv 2:26-27; 7-days of creation, a parable of man's spiritual creation-day 6, when he ceases from his own works, & coming to fully rest in God – day 7. 9) Number of "Finality" or "Judgment," last single digit, marks the "end." Hag 1:11 lists 9 particulars on which judgment comes; Gal 5:22-23 – fruits of the Spirit; 1Cor 12:8-10 - 9 gifts of the spirit. 10) Hearing God or hearing man: The Lord spoke. 10 commandments to man & wrote them in stone (see STONE), Dt 5:22.

The choice is to hear God’s understanding of them, Mt chapters 5-7; (5x2=a double portion of grace, Dt 21:17); Or, hear man’s opinions of the 10Cs, which creates division among mankind & separation from God (6+4=earthly thinking of man-cp Isa 55:7-9). 10 plagues, a result of man listening to other men. 11) If number 10 is hearing God, then 10+1 is the mingling of self’s thoughts with God’s, which brings spiritual disorder & confusion.

Whether mingling self’s thoughts with God’s (10) or man’s (10), the result is spiritual confusion. 12) Government of Divine order. From 12 tribes came the complete government of Israel. The written word came via the 12 tribes. The converted are ‘under the law’ i.e. governed by the ‘letter’, Gal 3:23; Those ‘born from above’ are governed by the spirit of the law, Gal 5:18; Rom 6:18; 7:6. 13) Rebellion - Gen 17:21-25; 21:8-10: Jealousy, rebellion set up because Isaac was favored over Ishmael. 14) 2x7 or double fullness or blessing. Firstborn was to receive a double inheritance, seen spiritually 2Ki 2:9 (Holy Spirit); ministers of God receive double for their shame, Isa 61:6-7; spiritual bread, Lv 24:6; blessed by a double understanding of Christ, Rv 11:3-4. 15) Acts wrought by the energy of divine grace - the power of God by His grace working in one’s life. (10+5=hearing God+His grace strengthens one, 2Cor 12:9-10).

Examples of 15) Hezekiah received 15 years when he asked God to sustain his life, 2Ki 20:17; the flood carried the ark 15 cu. above the mountains of the earth, Gen 7:19-20; the feast of unleavened bread (getting sin out of one’s life) started on the 15th day, Lv 23:6; there are 15 guidelines for abiding in Christ in 1Cor 13:4-6 (thereby keeping the 2nd commandment-love thy neighbor as thyself) 40: 4 (earthly) x 10 (listening to man vs. God) = governed by the law, i.e. man’s interpretation of it. It rained on the earth 40 days & nights, Gn 7:4, 11.

The waters from the heavens (God's) were mixed with the waters from the earth (man's). Moses was on the mountain of God 40 days & nights receiving the law, Ex 34:28; Dt 9:9. He ate no bread nor drank any water (his own thoughts). Israel searched the land 40 days, Num 13:25. 10 tribes refused to enter, 2 wanted to enter. All were made to wander in the wilderness 40 years until the 10 died, Num 32:13. 70: 7 X 10 = a fullness of hearing God. Dn 9:24: [7 X 10]. Inwardly this prophecy is to: a) finish transgression, b) make an end of sins, c) make reconciliation for iniquity, d) bring in everlasting righteousness, e) seal up the vision & prophecy, f) anoint the most holy - 6 (# of man) things to bring man into the fullness of Christ.

1000: Many, much - may indicate an undefined period of time, Ps 84:10; 90:4; Rv 20:4, 6; many things, Ps 50:10; 119:72; or a multitude of people, Ex 20:6; 34:7; Ps 68:17; Isa 30:17. 02300: Dealing with complex numbers, spiritually: (30 x 70) + (40 x 5) = 2300.

A way of describing what Christ puts you through
to bring you to the cleansing of your sanctuary (mind), Dan 8:14. (X is current understanding multiplied; + is additional understanding not possessed before. (30) = 10 x 3: [10] - abiding x [3] - the 3 things God gives you: Understanding the cross of Christ, He has always loved you and His plan is to perfect you.

So, 30 (3x10) is complete speaking, complete hearing what God is telling you; 70 (7x10) the time taken for God to teach to you. It takes 70 (spiritual) years to get you out of Babylon; 40 (4x10) is trials, when God is revealing your earthliness (i.e. see yourself) and it’s multiplied by His grace (5).


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