Who Do YOU Listen To?

A voice came out of the cloud, saying,
This is My beloved Son: hear Him.
Mark 9:7

Jesus Christ is the final message and revelation of God. There is nothing more after Him. Anything new after Him is unwarranted and would only result to insulting God for sending His only Son and final messenger. We ought not to look for more answers for He is the answer; God's answer to our needs.

The words of Christ are literally measured and calculated to be heard and followed by the disciples of Truth. No words of His are wasted or meaningless, everything should be taken seriously. We shall be judged by the words He uttered, then and now, the everlasting words of life. Jesus warns His disciples about many voices from and out of this world. There are thousands of voices, claiming to be the end time prophets, add-on or last minute instructions of God that seemed to have forgotten by the last messenger Jesus Christ.

Did Jesus fail to say what His Father wanted Him to say? If so, He is not worthy to be trusted being unreliable person. Somebody must take His place if He then failed to tell the whole truth. Jesus is not truthful if He failed to covey the message of His Father to us. What a big sin of omission on His part if His message is not complete to the fullest? However, the Father spoke from heaven endorsing His Son as a reliable messenger of His plan and will, saying, “He is my beloved Son, Hear HIM”.

Jesus gave all the things His Father wanted Him to impart. I really doubt any person now who would claim to be another mouthpiece of God after the Lord Jesus Christ. I am dumbfounded on some of non Christian belief that singularly listens to one prophet or messenger, whether it is Mohammed, Confucius or Buddha. They listen to ONE VOICE.

Christianity listens to many and is a breeding ground for false prophets, taking their authority from church tradition or scriptural concoction. Lots of christians listen with admiration to many immoral voices in and out of the media.