Scott Stanley
DTG Ministries (Deep Things of God)


In the Moment of Present Truth       God's Character        Bible Symbols List


The below studies are from a ministry that I sincerely believe is on the closest path to God's kingdom of any other group on this earth. First of all, this may be because they are not a or part of any denomination. so they are not bound by any human interpretations. These studies should be read  in the listed order so that the studies will make sense to you.





In the Moment of Present Truth series

1. Introduction

2. Godhead

3. Holy Spirit

4. Hearing God

5. Comparing Spiritual Things

6. Bible Word Definitions

7. Rapture / Antichrist

Character of God series (based on the book of Revelation)



1. Foundation

2. The Bride

3. The Candlestick    The Candlestick

4. An Acclamation of Joy

5. The Gathering Place

6. So As By Fire

7. Judgement Is Come



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