Letter from an SDA College Professor



I just want you to know you have been a blessing to Lorene and me by your studies. We listen to them faithfully week-by-week and am truly amazed as to what the Lord is revealing to you! What people don’t realize is that they need to spend time alone studying the scriptures and listening to their conscience. If only I could reach those in ”Babylon.” Although, I realize you must first go through Babylon. I talk to people and pastors and they agree with me but yet . . . they refuse to commit. They understand “where I coming from” but don’t know the next step to take – it is frustrating! I have had two pastors in the area who have agreed with me on the Michael-Jesus connection but who will not preach this from the pulpit. They say it is too controversial!!! The church has resorted to “big business” and when this happens, no further truth can be received.

Programs Director/Certification Officer
Professor of Education
______ Adventist University

This man has handed out my written material to his students in the classroom. The Lord is moving on hearts we just don't see it all.

Abiding from the heart,


On Thu, Jan 20, 2011 at 4:04 PM, Bob De La Torre <bcdelatorre@gmail.com> wrote:

Hello Scott,

Just wanted to say that I received your DVDs & CDs. I haven't even opened any of the packages yet, as I felt their weight, I cringed!

In the future, but probably only to me, you can send ANY CD or DVD, regardless of the quantity for FREE.

Just do this, either on a label or write on the upper Rt. Corner this:


It should arrive by First Class mail.

By the way, if you sent these on Tuesday, how in the world did they arrive today?!



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