Recommended Studies


These studies, taken from the previous page are denominationally neutral and will certainly bless and edify YOU Spiritually and doctrinally! Some studies are Deeper in thought than you may have considered possible. Always keep in mind that things of God MUST be Spiritually rather than literally considered, otherwise they will NOT be comprehended.

These studies have dramatically changed my own life from the wreck that it was previously. Being a literally blind man, God has provided me with the strength and desire to make these studies available for others to be healed as I was. Let me confess here and now, that changing one's life is difficult and you will never see yourself as having arrived personally, but, I now do what I do for the Honor and Glory that it may bring to His Holy Name. The rest is in your hands, to live your live in His Love by manifesting it to others as He has done continuously throughout your life. Feel free to share if you are being blessed by these audio studies. Share

After careful reconsideration of how to best showcase these Studies, i have determined that the studies should be presented in a logical fashion ... meaning that scriptural knowledge does not come upon anyone without a 'hearing ear' and research to establish these Truths, so, the order of the Audio Studies has been reversed starting from the earliest to the latest in Understanding of these vital Truths. Remember this is for the Recommended Studies alone.

My personal suggestion for an individual desiring a 'hearing ear' is to start in late 2013 around mid-August and look for the studies presented to the FBC. Scott Stanley was somehow, asked to speak at a local Baptist Church near his home in SW Michigan. He spoke there for some time until he decided it was time for him to leave. A small group of individuals persuaded him to hold meetings at his home, which he is still doing to this day. Today, a group meets regularly at a Home Church every Sunday. I invite you to pull up a chair and listen in. I pray that you will be blessed as I was blessed.

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Revelation Studies

In the Moment of
Present Truth series


1. Introduction  Video  Notes 00:48:49 !!!!!!!

2. The Godhead  Video Notes 00:53:55 !!!!!!!

3. The Holy Spirit  Video   Notes 00:55:33 !!!!!!!

4. Hearing God  Video  Notes 00:54:43 !!!!!!!

YouTube Series


1. God Loves You! 00:12:58 !!!!!!!!

2. Forgiveness 00:12:34 !!!!!!!!

3. Why the Cross? 00:13:57 !!!!!!!!

Audio Studies


2006 Studies


Revelation 17-1   10-28-200601:08:22 ***!****

Revelation 17- Part 2 11-11-200601:19:45 *******



2007 Studies


2007-02-03 - Old-Fashioned Bible Study 01:02:55 !!!!!!!
(Excellent study on our ability to manifest God's character - LOVE & hate are Principles...not Feelings! )
2007-03-22 - The Sin Nature 00:52:40 !!!!!!!
(How to tell the difference between Sin and the Sin Nature and especially how to rid ourselves of the Sin NAture )

2007-03-24 - Proverbs 21
(Powerful study - Armageddon, 7 Last plagues defined )



2008 Studies


2008-02-09 - The Everlasting Covenant  00:37:19 !!!!!!!
(Hebrews 8:10. Jeremiah 31:33 & Isaiah 55:3 - One cannot submit to Christ and to the Law at the same time )

2008-02-16 - The Everlasting Covenant - 200:46:28 !!!!!!!
(The Old & the New Covenants were both given by Christ. He who gives a covenant must die before it is effective. Covenants are PROMISES to take effect AFTER the Covenant Giver's death

2008-03-31 - Abraham00:39:28 !!!!!!!
(The Faith of Abraham should be our Faith - How Abraham was able to See Christ in the future )

2008-04-21 - The New Covenant 00:56:12 !!!!!!!
(Fascinating Study - Before the Father, We are joint heirs with Christ - Both Covenants were for the Jews alone, The Gentiles [us] receive the Everlasting Covenant )

2008-05-04 - Why the Law?00:36:43 !!!!!!!
(God gave us the Law for the same reason that He gave us His Son - see Romans 8:3 )

2008-05-18 - God Does Not Impute Sin to Us00:35:56 ***!!***
(Understanding 2 Corinthians 5 - Those who believe do NOT come unto judgment )

2008-12-08 - Godly Sorrow01:02:09 !!!!!!!
(Previously recorded 12-08-2008 - Based on Luke 6 - Godly sorrow is desiring the aspects of this world's characteristics, choosing to NOT walk humbly )

2008-12-15 - Without Blemish00:50:35 !!!!!!!
Blemishes are the sins committed against us that we do NOT dismiss or forgive - thus, they become OUR Sins )



2009 Studies


2009-01-05 - The Marriage Supper of the Lamb00:55:14 !!!!!!!
(A very powerful and intuitive study that will refocus you as to where we are in Time )
2009-02-16 - In Him is Life 01:02:18 !!!!!!!
(Very Powerful study, that Will Bless You -Life Eternal is knowing the Father & the Son )
2009-02-23- Following the Light of Life 01:09:40 !!!!!!!
(John 8 - Woman caught in adultery )
2009-04-27- Angry Without Cause00:53:53 !!!!!!!
(See 1 John 4:20 - The anger is inside ourselves )
2009-05-18 - The Temple of God01:11:13 !!!!!!!
Excellent Study! - Working out your own Salvation - see 1 Corinthians 1:10-17 )
2009-05-25 - I, Myself01:04:28 ***!!***
(Based on Ephesians 3:10 - Our Sin Nature, within each of us overcomes our desires to NOT sin )

2009-08-10- As a Thief in the Night00:58:40 !!!!!!!
(Description of 'As a Thief in the Night' is given in 3 Scriptural locations each defining it further - What it means is vastly different than what I first thought )

2009-08-24- Having These Promises01:15:47 !!!!!!!
(This study is a very accurate description of the roller coaster ride that I went on when I first learned of this Truth - As it was true for the speaker - it was true for me as well )
2009-10-05- Living Creatures01:24:52 !!!!!!!
(Excellent study - We are all going though steps in our Growth towards Perfection - This is only done by God, not us - Explains  Creation spiritually, Explains how the 4 Heavenly Beasts [Rev. 5] are seen in the first 4 Seals}

2009-11-30- Children of the Promise00:58:18 !!!!!!!
(An Utterly magnificent study, based on Romans 9, deals with the 144,000 and an understanding of why and how hearts are hardened )

2009-12-07 - The Measuring Line01:00:44 !!!!!!!
(How do we KNow that we Know that we Know - that we have the TRUTH? )



2010 Studies


2010-02-15 - Isaiah 5300:55:08 ***!!***
(Regarding our Sin Nature as defined in Romans 7:10 & 1 Corinthians 13:5 - compared with the Jewish sacrificial system vs. Christ's death )

2010-03-13 - Lesson One01:00:02 !!!!!!!
(Basic principles #1 - A wonderful, heartfelt study, Scott tells of his early Christian walk, defines the steps needed for an understanding of God from the perspective of the Cross )

2010-03-28 - Honoring God 01:07:52 !!!!!!!
(John 17:3 LIFE is know the Father and the Son and understanding Their way of thinking which equates to having Long-suffering, Kindness & Patience )

2010-04-03 - Lesson Two00:58:42 !!!!!!!
(Basic principles #2 - Regarding Jesus Christ's  ability to interact between the Father and us - Explains the parable in Matthew 13 of the Sower& the Seed )

2010-09-13 - Freewill Gifts01:16:54 !!!!!!!
(A very DEEP yet important study regarding who Michael was and how He was brought to obedience by means of Suffering - An understanding of how Free Gifts are received and Given - Who were those resurrected with Christ?

2010-09-20 - Rendered Innocent01:04:17 !!!!!!!
(Justification = Righteousness - We naturally justify our actions among ourselves )

2010-10-04 - Gospel of Grace 00:51:07 ***!!***
(Acts 20:24 - The Good News is concerning the Grace of God...Not done by our Works )

2010-10-11 - Creeds 01:03:50 !!!!!!!
(How creeds are formed - Thoughts = Feelings = Actions )

2010-10-18 - Church and the Law01:10:00 !!!!!!!
(Very powerful study - What is the PURPOSE of the Law? )

2010-10-25 - The Eternal Spirit01:03:14 !!!!!!!
(A beautiful study that will bless all that hear it - based on Hebrews 9:14, depicts the suffering that Christ endured and how it applies to each of us as we strive to follow in His walk )

2010-11-15 - Presumption01:02:18 !!!!!!!
(Excellent Study - Taking problems or questions to the Body of Christ [fellow believers]

2010-12-20 - Angels01:08:22 !!!!!!!
(I was personally very blessed by this specific study - a proper understanding of Malachi 3:10 is given )



2011 Studies


2011-03-14 - Without Sin the Second TimeNotes01:01:33 !!!!!!!
(Excellent study -- Opening up Revelation 17 - Symbols used in this chapter are explained, Chapter is explained verse by verse - there should be NO confusion regarding the Beast nor the Whore after this - at the Second Coming Christ comes in the same manner as He did during His First Coming ... Without Sin, which means He does not come to enact vengeance or punishment - Their hearts will FAIL them from FEAR )

2011-03-21 - The Doctrine of LoveNotes01:28:42 !!!!!!!
(A deeply Spiritual study - Understanding God's character is receiving His Spirit  - by overcoming our evil traits - Conversion is NOT being Born Again )

2011-03-28 - Respect Your Darkness Notes 01:00:44 !!!!!!!
(Understanding the Wrath or rage (rebellion ) that is burning within each one of us - The cleansing is done by using Words.So we have the power or authority to rid ourselves of the iniquity of our thinking - washing of the word )

2011-04-04 - From Servant to Son - The Sabbath RestNotes 01:08:05 !!!!!!!
(An EXCELLENT study from every perspective - Explains how the Sabbath Rest is something that is done in our minds, rather than in our presence in a building - The Sabbath is something that we do every single day by being in tune with God and His ways of thinking - The eventual Rest is yet to come when God meets the 144,000 in Heaven, essentially then Genesis 2:1,2 is a Prophecy - Psalms 95:11 are tied in with Hebrews 4 in explaining this text )

2011-04-11 - Do YOU Love ME?Notes00:59:22 !!!!!!!
(One of the BEST studies ever heard, very powerful - Deals with The Sabbath Rest - Are we really committed to Christ? )

2011-05-09 - The God of IsraelNotes 01:08:50 !!!!!!!
(This study will change your life )

2011-07-11 - Hearken Unto Me-1 (Isaiah 51:1-3 )Notes01:19:42!!!!!!!
(Spiritual Adultery explained )

2011-07-16 - Synopsis: on Hearken Unto Me-100:28:57 !!!!!!!!
(TeleConference: Scott Stanley responds to Question from Bob D. concerning spiritual adultery & the Sabbath - Listen to TeleConference A B



2012 Studies


2012-01-02 - Ground Zero - The Meeting Place  01:04:31 !!!!!!!!
(The God Is Love doctrine from it's basic Foundational Truth, beginning at the Cross )
2012-02-06 - Out of the Mouth 01:02:08 !!!!!!!
(Another fantastic and very intuitive study dealing with Revelation 13 - Describes who/ what the Dragon, Beasts and False Prophet REALLY are - One must be humble and have willing ears to hear )
2012-07-09 - Innocent  Notes 01:07:03!!!!!!! TeleConference
(Justification = Declared Innocent - Considering Laodicea as being Blind & Crippled by God, He declares them to be INNOCENT )
2012-07-16 - Redeemed from ALL Iniquity Notes 01:04:30  !!!!!!! TeleConference
(By the means of the Cross we are led from Condemnation to Justification )

2012-07-30 - Nine Words - Hebrews-2 Notes 01:16:14 !!!!!!! TeleConference
((Repeat study from 2012-07-30 - Based on Hebrews 2 - The Nine words are taken from Galatians 5:22,23 -- Love, Joy, Peace, Longsuffering, Gentleness, Goodness, Faith, Meekness, & Temperance )

2012-08-25 - Only Valid Point: God Loves Us & Does Not Keep a List of Sins 00:14:53 !!!!!!! TeleConference
(Portion of Group Session for this date - God Is Love is the trump card above every single or combined doctrine - The Angry God symptom resides in all who see one of their Doctrines being removed )
2012-11-05 - We Speak Wisdom Notes 01:09:47 !!!!!!! TeleConference
(1Corinthians 2 - Christ crucified must be foremost in ALL preaching of Christ - You cannot know TRUTH and Kill the Son of God! )
2012-11-12 - Out of Apostasy 00:36:06 !!!!!!! TeleConference
(Scott's 'Sermon on the Mount' (Ground Zero ) to a local Church, but which applies to all )
2012-12-10 - The Seed PDF HTML 01:03:06 !!!!!!! TeleConference
(A MUST LISTEN - The Gospel of Christ as it should be given )



2013 Studies


2013-01-28 - The Spirit is Truth  Notes  01:09:14 !!!!!!!
(1John 5 - Very Deep study - How Water & Blood is spiritually combined in our Spirit to manifest our Salvation - Explains 1John 5:7,8 - Verse 16 is carefully explained - verse deals about a Sin that IS UNTO DEATH from which there is NO Chance of Salvation - This is simply the Sin of hearing the TRUTH and NOT doing anything about it, You cannot be saved from this sin )

2013-02-25 - Song of Moses-Part B Notes 01:06:19 !!!!!!!
(Deut. 32:15-22 - Excellent Study - Concepts of the demons within each of us and removing them from our lives )

2013-08-05 - Declaring Grace 01:01:42 ***!!***
(Recorded: 2011-11-07 - How Loving Grace was declared by the Cross )

2013-08-12 - Baptism 01:12:18 !!!!!!!
(Presented to the FBC on 2013-08-04 - An AMEN study - The Gospel of Christ, in it ’s totality )

2013-08-19 - Empowered to Serve 00:47:44 !!!!!!!
(Presented to the FBC on 2013-08-11 - Follow up meeting )

2013-08-26 - Grace 00:42:59 !!!!!!!
(Presented to the FBC on 2013-08-18 - Explaining Grace to a new church group & how to edify the Body of Christ - defines what Fullness in Christ means )

2013-09-02 - Brushstrokes of the Godhead - 1 00:46:28 !!!!!!!
Presented to the FBC on 2013-08-25 - Awesome, Awesome, Awesome study - Without mentioning the word, Trinity, It is described from it's onset and why it is an evil concept )

2013-09-09 - To Hide a Word  00:51:54 !!!!!!!
(Presented to the FBC on 2013-09-01  Concentrates on Proverbs 25:2 - It is the honor [glory] of a king to search out God's mysteries - It IS God's glory to HIDE a thing, for a king to discover, we are the kings in this verse - Wonderful study that will open one's mind to God's Truths and how it is not normally open to our understanding )

2013-09-16 - Believe - Part 1 Notes 00:42:09 !!!!!!!
(Presented to the FBC on 2013-09-05 - another outstanding study - we are not waiting for the Apostasy to overcome us, IT has already been here since the death of Christ )

2013-09-23 - Believe-2 00:42:57 !!!!!!!
(Presented to the FBC on 2013-09-15 - Come Let us Reason Together - Relationship between Thoughts, Mind, Spirit and WORDS is shown )

2013-09-30 - Free  Notes 00:48:27 !!!!!!!
(Presented to the FBC on 2013-09-22 - Until our Faults are done away with, our Sins remain - Even if forgiven, these sins are still in us, we may be forgiven for the moment, but what happens when we repeat and repeat them? )

2013-10-07 John 10 Notes 00:44:24 !!!!!!!
(Presented to the FBC on 2013-09-29 - If we are God's children, as Christ is, God does consider us as Gods, in His eyes )

2013-10-14 - The Purchased Possession #1 Notes 00:57:04 !!!!!!! 
(Presented to the FBC on 2013-10-06 - Aspects of the First & Second Resurrection are discussed )

2013-10-21 - Wanting to Know Notes 00:56:47!!!!!!!
(Presented to the FBC on 2013-10-13 - Beautiful and heartfelt study concerning the Beatitudes )

2013-10-28 - The Purchased Possession #2 Notes 00:58:53 !!!!!!!
(Presented to the FBC on 2013-10-20 -

2013-11-04 - The Purchased Possession-3 Notes 01:00:24 !!!!!!!
(Presented to the FBC - 2013-10-27 - Defining what Hell actually is - keep in mind that a Parable is a Factitious story - the story of The Rich Man & Lazarus is explained )

2013-11-11 - The Kingdom of God Notes 00:54:09 !!!!!!!
(Presented to the FBC on 2013-11-03 - The Three Angel's Message explained in it's full )

2013-11-18 - The King of Glory Notes 00:59:00 !!!!!!! TeleConference
Presented to the FBC on 2013-11-10 - Another outstanding study where the heavens, earth & sea are explained spiritually or inwardly - other misunderstood Biblical terms are explained - an understanding of WHO the King of Glory really IS )

2013-11-25 -  Divine Nature Notes 00:46:25 !!!!!!!
(Presented to the FBC on 2013-11-17 - Based on 2 Peter 1:4 we are ALL capable of attaining a Divine Nature like God the Father's )

2013-12-09 - Salvation Notes 00:48:50 !!!!!!!
(Presented to the FBC on 2013-12-01 - the essence of Salvation - It is NOT what we are told or taught in church - It is simply attaining the Character of God in ourselves by NOT keeping a record of the evil deeds done to us which remains in our mind or heart + based on 2 Peter 1:1-12 - We ARE capable of attaining a Divine Nature )

2013-12-16 - Glory Notes 00:33:18 !!!!!!!
(Presented to the FBC on 2013-12-08 -

2013-12-30 - The Israel of God Notes 00:41:35 !!!!!!!
(Presented to the FBC on 2013-12-22 - This study details how we are being considered as being Perfect by God even as we continue our spiritual growth until we reach the Fullness of Perfection - each day is considered as Perfect from His exalted view of us - this concept is developed to show and prove the falsity of the trinity doctrine )



2014 Studies

2014-01-06 - The Israel of God-2 Notes 00:38:17 !!!!!!!
(Presented to the FBC on 2013-12-29 - further definition between what is Literal and what is Spiritual and how this is seen in the falsity of the trinity doctrine - explains why every Jew, just like Jacob did, has to 'wrestle with the angel (Jesus Christ ) before they can be saved )

2014-01-19 - Known Unto God Notes 00:50:34 ***!!***
(Based on Acts 18:12 - There is plenty of evidence that we were created because God had a need to LOVE people - We are the reason why God birthed an Only Begotten Son - We saw the end from the beginning and could see from then ho it would all turn out. God DID conceive His Son for the expressed purpose of demonstrating His Love for us by His willingness to allow His Son to die in such a horrific manner )

2014-01-26 - Zechariah 4 Notes 00:39:27  !!!!!!!
Presented to the FBC on 2014-01-19 - Continuation of previous Study - using the candlesticks of Zechariah 4 His love for humanity is shown by the way He brought His very own Son to His completed fullness )

2014-02-16 - Boldness in Judgment Notes 01:10:04 !!!!!!!
(Presented to the FBC - 2014-02-09 - Deals with the Last-day events and the Boldness that it will require to survive it - Last-day events and their timing )

2014-02-23 - Life From the Dead Notes 00:50:48 !!!!!!!!
(Presented to the FBC - 2014-02-16 - Understanding the prophecy in Romans 11:25 that no other church yet understands - shows a depth of understanding the Book of Revelation unlike or unequaled any other individual, by this observer )

2014-03-02 - Incorruptible, Undefiled, Unfading Notes 00:39:37 !!!!!!!!
(Presented to the FBC - 2014-02-23 - 1 Peter 1 - God's graciousness is available to ALL - ALL, are they that choose it with Their Free Will - This study deals with the Papacy )

2014-03-09 - Before and After Notes 00:31:31 !!!!!!!!
(Presented to the FBC - 2014-03-02 - Continuation of last week's study on 1 Peter 1 - The differences between having the Spirit of God vs. the Spirit of Christ are explained - Always keep in mind Hebrews 5:8 realizing that before the Cross - even though Christ did not sin while on Earth -He had not yet reached His Completed state of Character, which comes from His Father and IS available too ALL who desire it )

2014-03-16 - The Gospel unto You Notes  00:40:20 !!!!!!!!
(Presented to the FBC - 2014-03-09 - the Gospel presented to the prophets of old came by means of the Spirit of Christ, but the Gospel presented after the Cross came from the power or the Spirit of God, because it now had the POWER of the Holy Spirit in it that can ONLY come from God the Father )

2014-03-23 - To Rule Nations  Notes  00:35:46 !!!!!!!!
(Presented to the FBC - 2014-03-16 - A ground-floor study on the WHO the Holy Spirit is - 1. Comes ONLY from the Holy Father, NOT Christ; 2. Is received at our Completion or Perfection; 3. Was NOT sent to this Earth in place of Christ; 4. Is an Inward manifestation, not outward, which means it is a Spiritual being not a Literal being; 5. Best way to describe the Holy Spirit is that it is the Mind of God, seen in Christ then to be seen in us, His adopted children )

2014-03-30 - Perfect Through Suffering 00:58:27 !!!!!!!!
(Presented to the FBC - 2014-03-23 - Taken from Ephesians 4 - The same grace of God was given to Christ will be given to God's inherited children, US - We will suffer inwardly the same as did Christ by the rejections of the Truth of God's Love for them and that He applies NO GUILT to them - He NEVER KEPT A RECORD OF THEIR SINS )

2014-04-06 - Suffering Wrongfully Notes  00:47:40 !!!!!!!!
(Presented to the FBC - 2014-03-30 - A definition for being gracious is the willingness to Suffer wrongfully by not retaliating or speaking unkind or hurtful words )

2014-04-13 - The Bread of Life Notes  01:10:56!!!!!!!!
(Presented to the FBC - 2014-04-06 - John 6 is examined - a spiritual understanding of the Bread [His Body] and Blood [His Soul] is portrayed - arriving at a John 17:3 state of mind is emphasized )

2014-04-20 - One Mind Notes 00:34:02 !!!!!!!!
(Presented to the FBC - 2014-04-13 -A beautifully presented study on being Gracious - How Christ humbled Himself to the point of NOT desiring to be equal to His Father God )

2014-04-27 - Raised to Minister Life Notes 00:48:16 !!!!!!!
(Presented to the FBC - 2014-04-20 -A very POWERFUL study where the differences between the Two Covenants is clearly explained - Why Christ death and resurrection was necessary - the Complete plan of Salvation in one short study! )

2014-05-04 - Like unto Moses Notes 00:38:25  !!!!!!!
(Presented to the FBC - 2014-04-27 - Continues last week's study - Explains WHO the Holy Spirit is and where It comes from )

2014-05-11 - Three Measures Notes 00:42:48  !!!!!!!
(Presented to the FBC - 2014-05-04 - Using Spiritual symbols, the three divisions of Babylon are explained as shown in Zechariah 5:5,6 then the analogy is given to the symbols provided by Christ in Matthew 13:33, where a woman has three measures or parts to reaching Completeness, which points to the 144,000 who will NOT see death )

2014-06-01 - Faith and Works Notes  00:40:26  !!!!!!!
(Presented to the FBC - 2014-05-25 - Faith without works [action or the demonstration of one's faith] is futile - How [Michael] Christ inherited His name of YHWH - That YHWH is shown in the plural or as Gods )

2014-06-08 - Unto the Perfect Day Notes 00:54:44  !!!!!!!
(Presented to the FBC - 2014-06-04 - Defines who the Man of Sin is - this realization should alert mankind to the nearness of Christ's Second Coming )

2014-06-15 - Without Fear Notes 00:40:45  !!!!!!!
(Presented to the FBC - 2014-06-08 - Comprehending Spiritual Truth and it's importance - covers several spiritual symbols )

2014-06-22 - Ministers of the New Covenant Notes 00:42:52  !!!!!!!
(Presented to the FBC - 2014-06-15 - Three Angel's Message introduced - Explaining 'Life unto Life, Death unto Death' - the Three Angel's Message explained - the message of the Love of God will be accepted by some and rejected by others - Judgment has been brought to a person that hears this message. Rejecting this message is rejecting the Spirit of God...thus the Unpardonable Sin which you will never be able to forgive yourself of ...God has never kept a record, rejecting this Truth brings Death to that person - they have judged themselves )

2014-06-29 - Two Foundations  Notes 00:54:29  !!!!!!!
(Presented to the FBC - 2014-06-22 - An OUTSTANDING STUDY - Believing as God wants us to requires a NEW Foundation, just a a Home's foundation has to be rebuilt for a New structure, every board and panel must be changed from the old to the NEW )

2014-07-06 - The Spirit of Truth  Notes 00:56:52  !!!!!!!
(Presented to the FBC - 2014-06-22 - Another EXCELLENT study - dealing with the Adversary or Satan, how to overcome him/us )

2014-07-13 - Our Ministry Notes 00:46:40  !!!!!!!
(Presented to the FBC - 2014-07-06 - Another EXCELLENT study - The Bases of our Ministry - God dues NOT keep a record of our Sins - We Do! - Based on the original study from 2012-12-10 The Seed )

2014-07-20 - Blessed Is the Man - Notes 00:43:03  !!!!!!!
(Presented to the FBC - 2014-07-12 - Psalms 32 is referenced in continuing to THINK that Sin is lifted up from us because God does NOT Think like we do and He has forgiven us from the beginning, before we ever sinned

2014-07-27 - Righteousness   Notes 00:45:45  !!!!!!!
(Presented to the FBC - 2014-07-19 - A beautifully delivered study - Graciousness is explained along with the Sin Nature - other words are defined to the end that it is made perfectly clear(Romans 6:1-3 ) - (Romans 3:25 especially )that our Sin Nature can be overcome while still in the flesh - in other words BEFORE WE EVER REACH HEAVEN!!! )

2014-08-03 - A Fullness of Love   Notes 00:51:31  !!!!!!!
(Presented to the FBC - 2014-07-27 - Another beautiful rendition of the topic about God's Love for us - In this sermon, the Fullness of the Father is compared to the Fullness of His Son's, Jesus Christ )

2014-08-10 -The Final Cleansing  Notes 00:48:00  !!!!!!!
Presented to the FBC - 2014-08-03 - Another Beautiful Study - Describes the meaning of the Water and Blood as depicted in 1 John 5:6, compare with Leviticus 17 and then compare it to what actually happened at the Cross when He was pierced by a Roman soldier's spear in His side which is referred to in several Scriptural references in the Bible )

2014-08-17 - To Shine Out of Darkness  00:40:13 !!!!!!!
(Presented to the FBC - 2014-08-10 -
Another beautiful study explaining certain concepts that are hard to understand because they are read literally - 2 Corinthians 4 is shown by example of Christ in us - why we are perfected as Christ was perfected is also explained )

2014-08-24 - The Marriage Supper 00:52:58 !!!!!!!
(Presented to the FBC - 2014-08-17 -

2014-08-24 - The Marriage Supper 00:52:58 !!!!!!!
(Presented to the FBC - 2014-08-17 -
This study gets into the nitty-gritty facts of Revelation - A Revelation that has not been conceptualized before - It must be listened to several times to take it all in )

2014-08-31 - Set Free  00:43:36 !!!!!!!
(Presented to the FBC - 2014-08-24 - Another beautiful study - This study really brings out the difference between being Set Free from sin by believing the simple Truths of the Gospel as it is in Jesus rather than by a crutch as it is taught everywhere else that His death gives us the ability of being forgiven from our sins rather than having our sins removed or remitted by God Himself, because He never kept a record of our sins in the first place - Covers what the Unpardonable Sin really is and why it is impossible to avoid when we think what we do about the relationship between the Father and His Son is or isn't - This Sin is pardonable but our Sin Nature will NOT allow us to believe such a concept )

2014-09-07 - The Judgment of One Notes 00:42:37  !!!!!!!
(Presented to the FBC on 2014-08-31 -
Deals with the Judgment of the Wicked as depicted in Revelation 20 - the wicked have to grapple with their Sins as it is in their own minds, where it always resided, Not in God's mind - They will be forever overcome by the Brightness of God, begging the rocks & mountains to hide them from the Brightness of His Glory ... NOT the Son's glory, but the Eternal Father God who had ALWAYS LOVED and forgiven them from the very beginning )

2014-09-14 - Counted as Loss Notes 00:44:25  !!!!!!!
(Presented to the FBC on 2014-09-07 - When we come to the Lord, we are still thinking CARNALLY. It isn't until we understand the Cross that are thinking changes - Reproof is needed because EVERYTHING has to change within us - Covers the parable of the Wheat and the Tares - Key point is that the tares (the wicked ) are NOT separated from the wheat (the Righteous ) until the End of the World - compare Joseph's Dream with this parable )

2014-09-21 - Escape Notes 00:47:29  !!!!!!!
(Presented to the FBC on 2014-09-14 -Making the concept of the Love of God practical in our lives - Outstanding Study, All will relate to it )

2014-09-28 - Be Not Deceived  Notes  00:40:42  !!!!!!!
(Presented to the FBC on 2014-09-21 -

2014-10-05 - Remain in Me  Notes  00:35:38  !!!!!!!
(Presented to the FBC on 2014-09-28 - A beautiful study regarding Hebrews 10 -Part One of Two parts - This study is worth listening to several times )

2014-10-12 - Made in His Image Notes  00:47:06 !!!!!!!  TeleConference
(Presented to the FBC on 2014-10-05 -
God's plan has always been that we be made in the image of Jesus, His Son - Our minds are infinite which means that we are able to attain or have the same thoughts as God...one we are in our perfected state of mind - Thus, God rested on the Seventh Day because His created creatures (Us ) had reached a perfected character or the Fullness that Christ had reached - Hebrews 5:8 )

2014-10-19 - Two Women Notes  01:00:38  !!!!!!!
(Presented to the FBC on 2014-10-12 -
Excellent study! - Christ mentions a woman in travail, in John 16:21, when compared with Paul’s comment in Galatians 4:19 - we can see that he is talking about people that have not yet learned of or accepted the Truth that Christ IS the Literal Son of God - They prefer to believe in the Trinity doctrine for fear of what will happen if they leave their church or lose their friends )

2014-10-26 - Spirit Notes  00:50:28  !!!!!!!
(Presented to the FBC on 2014-10-19 - Another Excellent Study! Starts study with Deut. 13:1-4 - Do YOU believe in the REAL God? Study deals with WHO the Spirit really IS - Miracles are defined as
Signs - Not one thing in Revelation is Literal-it is ALL Spiritual speak - How do we recognize IT? It is only by the Spirit and Water that we can reach God through Jesus - NOT by or through literal Water!, Water represents Thoughts - so it is how YOU define God's Words in your own mind. It is recognized by the Feeling that is produced when combined with your own good works - Like the feel of the Wind around you, without one seeing where it comes from or where it goes - We are joint heirs with Christ! )

2014-11-02 - Two Witnesses Notes  00:45:49  !!!!!!!
(Presented to the FBC on 2014-10-26 - A very good study on Revelation 11 and what the Two Witnesses really are and how it the outcome or result of OUR coming to God through His Son, Jesus .accepting WHO He is and that it is only through Him that our Salvation is secure and then what happens to us as we change our attitudes towards those in our surroundings )

2014-11-09 - A Labor with God  Notes  00:58:30 !!!!!!!
(Presented to the FBC on 2014-11-029 - An excellent study using the life of Abraham to show us our mortality. In other words.When you reap what is sown, it is NOT God working against us in a detrimental way. If you choose to stand under a loose boulder, it is not God’s fault when that boulder breaks loose and falls on your head and injures you! God will NOT work against nature or the way things are designed by Him to function, just to prove that He Loves you! You reap what you sow, is what He is saying to you - People may BELIEVE but that does not mean that Christ is committed to helping them ... because He knows their hearts - Belief must come from their hearts and their thoughts accuse or excuses them - it will require ACTION on our part to fulfill His promises to us - Example being the test that Abraham went through in being asked to sacrifice Isaac - If you sow to the flesh you will reap to the flesh
- it took Abraham years to fulfill God's promise to him )

2014-11-16 - One Body Notes  00:46:58 !!!!!!!
(Presented to the FBC on 2014-11-09 -
Deals with 1 Corinthians 12 -- Spiritual (Gifts ) Things & The Workings of the Spirit - for the exclusive purpose of Edifying the Church, bringing Comfort to it's members & to receive or be given exhortations - we have not been called to worship a voiceless, imaginary Deity in comparison to ALL the god's that we have worshipped in our past )

2014-11-23 - One Body, One Spirit 00:41:05 !!!!!!!
(This study deals with 1 Corinthians 11 - The Spirit of God is the Understanding of the Father - Christ came to this Earth to give us Knowledge of God - The Bread of God is the Understanding that gives LIFE to the world, which comes only from Christ. So, Belief in Christ is absolutely essential to get the Bread of Life -
The Jews could only understand literally when Christ spoke of His Flesh and His Blood being taken in as food. Read the latter parts of John 6. Divine Love came from the Father’s experience in how He dealt with His Son’s killers - 1 Corinthians 11 deals with Dogmas or opinions of Paul which were causing divisions in the Church, which shouldn't exist - The essential thing to remember is that when we are sharing as we do in the TeleConferences, we are participating in the Lord's Sipper also called The Marriage Supper )

2014-11-30 - Heaven and Hell Notes  00:56:05 !!!!!!!
(Presented to the FBC on 2014-11-30  - Quite an interesting study - There are two parts to Salvation: 1. Understanding doctrinal Truth; 2. then allowing God to heal us emotionally using the Truth that we possess - Defining both Hades and Gehennah as Hell showing us what these words mean SPIRITUALLY. which was the intent in all the texts that have these words in them, some with a variance that makes it easy to confuse with a literal meaning of what these words mean today - It IS important to look at the NOTES to comprehend it all )

2014-12-07 - A Privileged People  Notes01:04:45 !!!!!!!
(Previously Recorded on 2011-05-16 -Christ's Priesthood began after His resurrection - Before His death Christ was not as merciful to mankind nor would mankind have been as compliant towards loving his brother as he loved himself - This paints a picture of the O. T. - On hearing this study again, this reviver has changed his opinion to a higher & deeper comprehension of what was originally meant than when the study first came out in 2011 - Christ's need to achieve Perfection as His Father was Perfect in His thinking, would be the best way of saying i, He was not yet there until He went through the Cross' experience - The perfection being stated in Hebrews 5:8 was a MENTAL perfection which Christ did NOT have during the O. T. days, while He was the God of Israel - Truly, a wonderful study to hear once again! -- Just a suggestion: You will be greatly blessed by listening to the study The God of Israe2011-05-09 that came a week before this study in 2011 )

2014-12-14 - Completion Notes  00:54:31  !!!!!!!
(Presented to the FBC on 2014-12-14 -
Another outstanding study where the words in Hebrews 5:7-9 are better explained - Now we can comprehend the Perfection that Christ was trying to attain and how it applies to us Spiritually in our own growth experience - The 144,000 are explained as well as how the number is derived - Completion is the Fullness that Christ was finally able to reach and that it is available to all who believe in Him )

2014-12-21 - The Fifth Seal  Notes  00:45:16  !!!!!!!
(Presented to the FBC on 2014-12-21 - Another excellent study depicting the seals as seen in the four colored horses
, which are the first four Seals - Which when we go through these seals we find ourselves in the same position we were in when we began with the First Seal - The Fifth Seal is when we realize that we must have His presence in our lives continually )

2014-12-28  - Christ's Rest - Hebrews 3  Notes  01:15:08  !!!!!!!
(Repeat study from 2012-08-06 - Hebrews chapters 3 & 4 - Explains the Sabbath Rest as seen Spiritually - Sabbath keepers will resist, because they are only able to base their knowledge on what they have learned - which is NOT the TRUTH!!! - a responsible individual will heed a warning and have ears to hear and check things out Spiritually, because the Bible is not to be taken LITERALLY!!!



2015 Studies


2015-01-04 - Not of This Creation  Notes 01:11:05 !!!!!!!
(Repeat study from 2012-08-27 - Hebrews chapters 8 & 9 - Explains the Sabbath Rest as seen Spiritually - Sabbath keepers will resist, because they are only able to base their knowledge on what they have learned - which is NOT the TRUTH!!! - a responsible individual will heed a warning and have ears to hear and check things out Spiritually, because the Bible is not to be taken LITERALLY!!! - Deals with events at Creation that are not understood by most if any denomination - Strongly recommend listening to the TeleConference for 2015-01-10 for that week to fully comprehend the symbolism involved )

2015-01-11 - God is Not Ashamed  Notes 01:11:49 !!!!!!!
(Repeat study from 2012-09-10 - Hebrews chapter 11 - The Faith chapter - When we look at all the men of faith highlighted in the Scriptures, we must realize that they had NOT received the Holy Spirit, which the 144,000 WILL receive before the Second Coming and who WILL achieve Perfection before giving the Last Message to the Jewish Nation, to those that have Ears to Hear )

2015-01-18 - Looking Unto Jesus  Notes 01:19:45 !!!!!!!!
(Repeat study from 2012-09-17 - Deals with Hebrews chapter 12 - Mostly dealt with How Christ dealt with adversity, avoiding controversy. Proverbs 3:10-12 was also used in comparison with Hebrews 12:9 )

2015-01-25 - Without the Camp - Hebrews: Part 10  Notes  01:14:20 !!!!!!!
(Repeat study from 2012-09-24 - Hebrews chapter 13 - The Book of Hebrews can be summed up by the statement in Hebrews 13:12,13, the Righteous will be made Perfect - Walking in Love fulfills the Law - Love no man anything but to Love them - The Law states: Love God and Love thy neighbor as thyself - Jesus Christ sets us free from all of our fears - The Wrath of God simply means His turning His back upon us and moving away because we would not accept the Truth - There are three levels of understanding or Thoughts: Heavenly, Earthly and Worldly (the Sea ) )

2015-02-01 - Let Not Your Heart be Troubled Notes 01:17:36 !!!!!!!
(John 14 - Another beautiful but quite DEEP study - Jesus is made into the image of His Father and we are made into the image of Jesus Christ - Psalms 110:1 is very vital to understand - All Things are given into Christ's hands, see John 13:3; John 3:33 - Testimony of John the Baptist; John 5:19-30 ), Luke 10:21-22; Acts 2:36. These verse ALL confirm Matthew 28:18 )

2015-02-15 - Unconditional  01:03:31 !!!!!!!
(Repeat study from 2011-11-28 - Better study than when first heard and understood - Speaking of myself, as a literal Blind & Crippled man, this study was quite helpful and moving - Comparison was made between a steel roller-bearing and God's Love - Nothing can virtually be done to destroy the steel ball - Basically, this is how God's LOVE is UNCONDITIONAL - that concept needs to be profoundly comprehended by EVERY human on this planet - Proof text that God's Love is unsurpassable is found in Romans 8:32-39 - A good explanation of this was given of how and why Hebrews 5:8,9 needs to be understood when examining Christ's life and what He had to go through to reach His Perfection - This is NOT comprehended by the vast majority of people in denominations today, who only know and understand the Angry God concept of the O. T. )
2015-02-22 - Sixth Trumpet - Second Woe  00:53:17 !!!!!!!
(Repeat study from 2011-11-21 - The listener is made to understand that the Book of Revelation is actually divided into two separate Books - Book One: Revelation chapters 1-16; followed by chapters 17-22 - Then we can see that it is Christ Himself, who is the Angel sent from God to those who have 'Ears in which to Hear' - followed by those that bring Last Message to this World, the Jews, who are the LAST to receive this Message of Truth - At this point, NO One else in the world will accept this Message
2015-03-01 - Buried  01:04:50 !!!!!!!
(Repeat study from 2011-12-12 - Another instance where my first listening experience was more Muddled and Confused - This is an Excellent study, where the speaker uses experiences that Christ endured at the actual Crucifixion to mirror actual experiences where we seem to commonly fall or fail at and then he takes these experiences that we go through to turn them into positive learning experiences that God can use to teach us with, just as He used them with Christ during His Cross experience - One real Life experience that we ALL have to deal with is DOUBT )
2015-03-22 - Are You Able? 01:04:48 !!!!!!!
(Repeat study from 2009-03-30 - An honest review of the reasons why many will be lost - Explains the various ways that people will unknowingly deceive themselves usually by their own denomination - To survive the calamity that WILL come one needs to only BELIEVE and not doubt )
2015-03-29 - Children of Light  01:02:28 !!!!!!!
(Originally Recorded: 2009-06-01; 2013-04-29 -These verses should be seen Spiritually - these are the 144,000 )
2015-04-04 - Children of Light  01:02:28 !!!!!!!
(Originally Recorded: 2009-06-01; 2013-04-29 -These verses should be seen Spiritually - these are the 144,000 )
2015-04-05- Hidden Wisdom01:02:08 !!!!!!!
(Possessing the Spirit of the Father means I have His understanding of myself, others and especially of HIM -Psalms 103 )

2015-04-12 - Power to Love00:53:20 !!!!!!!
(Repeat study from 2009-07-13 - Revelation 8:6 - The 7 Acclamations of Joy. A Good Tree always bears Good Fruit )

2015-04-19 - Time & Judgment Notes 01:02:53 !!!!!!!
(Another excellent study where the speaker shares some of his life experiences and how it totally changed his own life - The study is basically about discerning or the judgment of Time - If you cannot discern the time, you will never know whether we are indeed in the LAST DAYS or NOT - He starts by explaining some scriptural words and how they are defined - totally different than how man would define them, as shown by the text in the KJV [most popular Bible = man's way of thinking] - how Ecclesiastes 8:4 is looked at along with Ecclesiastes 7:10-14 - God has an opposing way of looking at everything, in their words, there are usually TWO ways 0f looking at something & how man looks at Matthew 24:14 as to when the END will come )
2015-04-26 - In Flaming Fire 00:55:58 !!!!!!!
(Quite a captivating subject no doubt - A look into the future, which is literally now in front of us - We can see that the Love of God is primary in ALL that He does and thinks - The End of Time scenario is carefully laid out for all to see, if they have eyes in which to see it - We can see that at no time does God exert or force man to do anything - It is by man's hand that the End of Time comes - Again, God is NOT an Angry God - It IS MAN that destroys Mankind )
2015-05-03 - Scarcely Saved  Notes  01:01:44 !!!!!!!
(Abrahamic Covenant  is discussed - Belief is counted for Righteousness  - Abraham while being childless was told that his heirs would be as many as the stars in the heaven - This promise was made to Abraham and his descendents - Jesus was born from the line of Abraham  - Then circumcision is explained as being a spiritual confirmation or a symbol of BELIEF - As it turned out, it was an Everlasting Covenant or Promise that Abraham would have as many heirs as the number of starts in the heavens - Circumcising is a literal confirmation that the individual (Abraham ) BELIEVED the promise - It is a Spiritual confirmation of an understanding between you and God. A spiritual understanding is a Symbolic manifestation , This circumcision is explained in Jeremiah 4:4 & Colossians 2:11 ... for those that wondered whether circumscribing is a Literal thing or a Spiritual thing. Always keep in mind that God IS Love, Does a God of Love cause one to suffer pain?

2015-05-10 - Yesterday, Today and Forever  Notes  00:51:02 !!!!!!!!!!
(To begin with, please note the number of ! that I gave this study! 10 is considered Spiritually to be a perfect number . It takes you through the beliefs that ALL denominations have in common, which are considered to be Catholic in origin, but which ALL denominations adhere to in some way, starting with the trinity doctrine. The definition for doctrine was explained. THEN, the speaker traced the origin of the Catholic church from it's origin to today, further defining it by listing a number of it's false doctrines or beliefs which makes it Universal or Catholic in nature. The study ended by telling us that We can ALL be made in God's Image, NOT the Son's image, by letting Him into our hearts and allowing our old beliefs to be replaced by His eternal Spirit which is freely given to ALL that believe in Him - The point is that we are able to receive the Sacredness of the Father through the Son - The Father has NOT made Himself visible to humanity until after the Second Coming delivers the Righteous to Him in heaven )

2015-05-17 - An Exalted Place  Notes   00:58:03 !!!!!!!
(A very GOOD STUDY, in spite of it's subject matter - The speaker uses the illustration of a Mother that loves a child of hers to show how much God Loves mankind - This study also shows many End-Time events as they will be portrayed )
2015-05-24 - As Little Children  Notes   00:51:54 !!!!!!!
To me personally, this was a bit Deeper - It dealt with CONCEPTS that God is reinforcing in us about His Son - Thus, it also covered WHO Christ was before He appears as Jesus Christ - This is a subject that is still hotly debated in almost ALL denominations, several key texts are provided as a reference to back up these assertions - BUT one MUST look at these Scriptures Spiritually to be able to comprehend them, otherwise it is all in vain, because one must be as HUMBLE as a Child to do it )
2015-05-31 - The Father Saves  Notes 01:08:32 !!!!!!!
(Repeat study from 2011-10-10 - Another Excellent study! - This study shows how inept I have been in understanding how much God loves me and what He was willing to do and go through for me (and I can only speak for myself here ) - Jesus Christ had to go through a complete character transformation before He was given the name: 'Jesus' or Ye-ho-shoo-ah [YHVH Saved] Jesus’ character had to change to reflect His new name - Remember, His name WAS MICHAEL[ the GOD of Israel ] in the O.T. [ sorry to remind you of this, but Truth IS Truth, it is NOT my understanding...it IS FACT ] - It has NEVER been the Father’s intention that anyone be lost, that is how WE see God, from our human perspective - We are currently waiting for the Spiritual Revealing of Jesus, just before the actual revelation occurs [The Literal Second Coming] By revealing Jesus, we SEE the Father - It is US that have to make a choice - John 3:16's promise is not conditional on us keeping any LAW - ALWAYS remember this..the Father Loves us unconditionally! )
2015-06-07 - Out of Zion  Notes 01:14:39 !!!!!!!
(A basic Bible Study - I say basic because it is the TRUTH that we ALL need to accept because we have ALL been deceived and yet believe that we HAVE the truth - This has to be changed in our thinking to understand HOW God thinks! - In other words, it is us that Need to be changed, the problem is that we ALL refuse to think it to be possible, that it is US that needs to be changed, NO ONE, NO DENOMINATION has the TRUTH! Take this in and accept it, it will never, ever change or be different EVER until our PRIDE and Unchanging Heart is HUMBLED by His Spirit - We are ALL loath to admit that we are vulnerable, after all we are STRONG and faithful members of our Church, in our opinion we can NOT be deceived - What No One will admit to you is that the God that they worship is (insert your Church's name HERE - This will continue to be so until YOU are HUMBLED and can admit that YOU are in ERROR )
2015-06-14 - Concept: A Symbol of External Reality  Notes 01:07:44 !!!!!!!
(First, it is shown why the Gospel of John comes AFTER the Book of Revelation in history and why John 1:1 is so significant - the definition of a Concept is given as a Mental or Cognitive Representation - the mental imagery of things that are not currently seen or sensed by the sense organs - Example: You cannot actually smell and see those things but you can imagine them. Then the concept of Logos is explained ... These are the concepts that are NOT comprehended by the religious world - It IS a SYMBOL - This is where the concept of Cyrus, as a type of Christ is brought in --- Just a suggestion, but for a real treat listen to this week's TeleConference: 2015-06-13 - You WILL be Blessed, I can assure you )
2015-06-21 - The Path of the Just Notes  00:47:50 !!!!!!!
(Another simply stated, Awesome Study, that I personally received a lot of Blessings from - For those that believe in the Trinity, I saw the story of Christ’s Transfiguration as another example that make Trinitarians pause and think - Peter later in his epistle, brings out some important points of this event an as High as the event was of seeing Christ
Transfigured before their very eyes, he still makes the
point that the value of what the Bible states is of more value for us to keep in mind than was His Transfiguration - Things that we may witness or are told about are NOT to be given a greater importance than the WORDS of Scripture,- You can Always take that to the Bank )

2015-06-28 - His Windows Are Open  Notes  01:00:56 !!!!!!!
(The subject matter is about the Shaking - The Beasts, the Dragon and the False Prophet are explained and discussed - The point was stressed that the Beasts are NOT the Dragon in the Book of Revelation - That was also explained from Scripture - The Beasts represent the three character traits that Every Single human possesses: The Lion = Pride; the Bear = an Unchanging Heart, and the Spotted Leopard = an Unwillingness to Forgive wrongs done to them - The Spots representing all of the things that we hold against another person - Of course these three literal Beasts were seen in Daniel, representing the countries of Babylon, Med o-Persia and Greece, which illustrated these characteristics in the manner in which they ruled - The Bible is using Literal events in order to show Spiritual symbols )

2015-07-04 - Armageddon Notes  01:16:00   !!!!!!!
(Such a Fantastic study - A look at the Reality of this subject matter vs. all the unknowns that no one really understands, why it is spewed from the mountain tops - The study begins in Ephesians 6 and is later tied into Revelation 16 - I must say again it is quite captivating to learn that Armageddon is not something BAD - No more than the word Lucifer is Bad - Lucifer does NOT exist in the Scriptures - The Listener is allowed to understand what 'on the sides of the North' signifies as well as what the Number 666 means and where it is derived from )
2015-07-12 - The Spirit is Truth  Notes  01:09:14 !!!!!!!
(Repeat Study from 2013-01-28 - 1John 5 - Very Deep study - How Water & Blood is spiritually combined in our Spirit to manifest our Salvation - Explains 1John 5:7,8 - Verse 16 is carefully explained - This verse deals with a Sin that IS UNTO DEATH from which there is NO Chance of Salvation - This is simply the Sin of hearing the TRUTH and NOT doing anything about it, You cannot be saved from this SIN because it an Eternal Truth - thus it is also an Eternal Death )
2015-07-19 - The Event  Notes  00:50:39  !!!!!!!
(This is another excellent study - If you have heard The Seed study, then consider this as a sequel, The Seed Part 2 - The speaker will explain how long it took him before he fully understood that Christ DID NOT Die in our stead or to APPEASE THE FATHER FOR OUR SINS - Also told a story about himself where he was taught a powerful lesson of humility )
2015-07-26 - Making Sure  Notes 01:05:40  !!!!!!!
(A sincere and heartfelt study - The preaching of the Cross is the manifestation of God’s ability to Save you. That IS His Righteousness...it is what HE considers to be Right ... it is NOT expressed by the Law - It is expressed by FAITH. It is shown by the foolishness of Preaching! The entire Bible needs to be read from the point of view of LOVE. If you doubt this go back and read what were the original two commandments that He gave, (see Mark 12:28-34 ) - A proper desire comes from believing that God HAS completely forgiven you and You in turn forgiving all those that have wronged You in your life )

2015-08-02 - One Mediator-Restoration Notes 01:09:43  !!!!!!!
(Quite a captivating study dealing with the prophet that the Jews were looking for to come - Peter mentions Him in 2 Peter 1:1-12 and it points back to the same prophet spoken of in Deut. 18:15-22 - This prophet IS also our Mediator so it can be none other than Jesus Christ - Our Faith and Belief is the major if not the only ingredient that makes salvation possible for ourselves - The End of the World scenes are shown to relate to what happened to the 3 Hebrews that would not bow before the image of the King of Babylon - As 2 Peter 3:10 shows, the way that the 3 Hebrews were saved from the Flames will be as it will be when the Earth is Destroyed by Fire, except it will be from a BLAST of a different sort when Man takes vengeance on Man ...Wickedness will have reached perfection )

2015-08-09 - That No Flesh Should Glory  Notes   00:54:02  !!!!!!!
(Another beautifully presented study giving the WHOLE message of Truth in a Capful - Capful, because it contains the basic Message that needs to be taken in and accepting in order to be Saved - He again provides his own humbling experience to show how easy it is to be deceived and yet how God can use this experience to show us TRUTH - It will require the 'Foolishness of preaching to accomplish this 1 Corinthians 1:21 )
2015-08-16 - The World In Their Heart  Notes   01:08:05  !!!!!!!
(A WOW!!! study if there ever was one!!! Shows how different God’s spirit is from His Son’s. How far God WAS and IS willing to go so that humanity would understand His Love for Us. This is what the world will never see until it is explained to them by the Foolishness of man’s preaching - Another way of asking this same Question is: If Christ died for OUR sins, why is it necessary to have a Record Book? )
2015-08-23 - The Stirring of the Water  Notes   00:57:59  !!!!!!!
(Another outstanding study that requites serious Thought - It may be easy to state that Christ never sinned, but that would also require a caveat - While He was tempted as we ALL are Tempted; He too Was  AND Overcame ALL of these Temptations ... the key to remember is that we have NOT been Tempted as He was tempted - While His Father, God, cannot be Tempted, what distinguished Christ from His Father, God, is that HE WAS TEMPTED in things that could only be described as 'Divine Temptations', which He did
NOT overcome while He WAS the God of Israel on this planet -- such as "Take off your sandals, the ground which you are standing on is Holy Ground" - Psalms 69:9 shows this very clearly as does John 5:39 - I have had people laugh at me when I use the text of Hebrews 5:8 to show that Christ did have to overcome many travails in His earthly life until He reached Perfection of Character as His Father, God, already had )
2015-08-30 - Two Psalms  Notes   00:46:39  !!!!!!!
(Another beautiful study - The beauty is seen in how the Truth is hidden in symbolic terms - This study deals mainly with Psalms 69 as well as Psalms 22 - The study shows how Jesus Christ was able to recognize who He was and yet was able to refrain from submitting to it’s temptation - A prominent example would be of Jesus, knowing that He was the Son of God and being able to do whatever it required to AVOID the suffering of the Cross, allowed Himself to go through it AND OVERCAME the temptation of relying on SELF - By Him saying ‘It IS Finished’ He showed that He was able to see that His Father’s ways were more noble than His ways - In His Son’s example, the Father was able to bring many son’s [us] to Glory [ability of reaching Perfection of Character] - It was also shown how a ‘dog returns to it’s own vomit’ or a Fool returns to his Folly )
2015-09-13 - The Jasper, the Sardine and the Rainbow  01:10:20 !!!!!!!
(Repeat study from 2011-11-14 - A beautiful description of God's Throne Room is portrayed in this study )
2015-09-20 - Preparing for the End Notes   01:01:51  !!!!!!!
((End Time events compared with events prior to the Flood - ‘Marrying and giving in marriage’ explained - The Covering of Noah’s Ark: pitch also compared with the Covering of the Ark that Held the Ten Commandments )
2015-09-27 - If You Love Me  Notes   01:04:04  !!!!!!!
(An excellent review of the basic foundational Truths needed in order for a person to be Saved - 1 Corinthians 13:4-8 was again used to demonstrate the Definition of Love, which ALL apply to the Father, because He is Love - John 14:21-24 was used as the basis for this study. Then the speaker branched off to reading the Verses of 1 Corinthians 13:4-10 in a different Bible version called BBE or the Bible in Basic English - What a simple and easy way of Understanding the Concept of Love! )
2015-10-04 - Failing of THE Grace  Notes   00:55:49  !!!!!!!
(Fascinating study! This study deals with being Gracious as shown in Luke 6 - The story of the twins, Esau & Jacob are portrayed along with the many lessons associated with it - Do NOT allow any bitterness to come up between you and anyone else - The root of bitterness is any issue that you acquire because of what someone has done to you and you then spread it by gossip and innuendo about the individual that causes the initial bitterness )
2015-10-11 - Very FIRST Home Church Meeting  01:09:10  !!!!!!!
(This Event took place on 2015-10-04 - A heartwarming gathering of a few dedicated members of the now defunct Freedom Baptist Church was held in a member's home - several expressed a deepening desire to be a part of God's True church on this planet - God's True church is defined as a gathering of one, two or more, who are gathered together in His name )
2015-10-18 - Bible Study 101 - What is Faith?   Notes  01:19:54  !!!!!!!
(The topic for this Home Church meeting was about Faith; what is it, how do we get it, where does it come from - A home Church is a concept that began in Apostolic times as explained in 1 Corinthians 12-14 and further identified in Ephesians 4 where the five-fold ministry in defined as Apostle, Prophet, Evangelist, Preacher and Teacher - You do NOT get the Power of His Words when you sit in a building and are preached to by one person, expounding his bit of knowledge, which always comes without any Wisdom from Above - It is by sharing that we learn best, we learn by experiences which need to be shared )
2015-10-25 - Bible Study 102 - What IS Salvation?   Notes  01:19:54  !!!!!!!
(Another WOW!!! Study - All of the basic conceit that are required for a person to be Saved! Nothing is left out, it IS that simple, bur NO ONE gets it !!!!!!! - ALL of the Bible texts necessary are provided, one only needs to Believe them and Trust in Him for the rest of the story to be fulfilled in Your own personal Life )
2015-11-01 - Bible Study 101-3 - God's Love For You   Notes  00:51:55  !!!!!!!
(This Home Church meeting was about the Character of God that enables Him to Love all of Mankind - It is shown by 1 John 4:8,16 and 1 Corinthians 13:4-8 - The concepts expressed were heartfelt and easy to comprehend as voiced by those attending )
2015-11-08- Bible Study 101-4 - What Is Grace?  Notes  00:57:47  !!!!!!!!
(Another good discussion on the merits of Grace and how to be able to display it by living it yourself. Luke 6 was brought out in showing how Jesus explained it while He was on this earth. Romans 8:1-4 was discussed and compared with the Law, which Law was also discussed and compared: The Law of the Spirit verses the Law of sin and death, which was pointed out to be the 10 Commandments as shown in 2 Corinthians 3:7 )
2015-11-15 - Bible Study 101-5 - What Is The Church?  Notes  01:02:23  !!!!!!!!
(Another fascinating study that I personally will have to listen to again to be able to describe it - Several aspects of Christ's True Church were brought out )

2015-11-22 - Bible Study 101-6 - What Is Patience?  Notes  01:11:28  !!!!!!!!
(Interesting Study - This text was explained and Romans 10:17 'So then faith cometh by hearing, and hearing by the word of God.' - How is Patience applied and used in our daily lives was seen by several examples from those in attendance - several different ways of how Patience is to be used in everyday living was discussed - the definition for Thousand was also explained )

2015-11-29 - Bible Study 101-7 - What Is Perfection?  Notes  00:51:52  !!!!!!!!
(Another very interesting subject matter which can be hotly debated among those that THINK they have the Truth, but do not have a clue about what Truth is. (These are my own personal opinions .. Some Biblical definitions are: Virtue, Having integrity, Finished .. The Truth is explained from Scriptures that Salvation is what is contained within our minds, whether it fits into God’s plan is how we have to ‘Work Out Our Own Salvation’ by – Then Eternal Redemption (Hebrews 9:12 ) was discussed - which is a release or pardon of sin; the key is letting them GO as if they had never existed in the first place – A study that needs to be heard multiple times to get the full gist of it - which I can tell that I need to do )

2015-12-06 - A Tender Plant  Notes  00:46:27  !!!!!!!!
(A further understanding on what Perfection really means - Isaiah 53:7 was applied and shown that this is how God thinks about His children - Perfection according to our conscience is quite possible for those that apply His principles to the process and how it can be sustained in each one that Have Jesus Christ’s FAITH )

2015-12-20 - Over The Nations   Notes   00:53:13  !!!!!!!!
(End-Time events are shown by using John 16, Ephesians 1 & 2, and Jeremiah 1 & 2 - We need to be well connected to Christ because it is through Him AND after His Resurrection that it all comes together )


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