The TRUTH About the Godhead
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Many of the articles found on this page come from Restitution Ministries in Australia




Who Is The God of the Bible?  PDF

Jesus Christ, the Son of God  PDF

The Holy Spirit of God  PDF


Calvary Answers All Mysteries - Dr. Colin A. Gyles

The Deity of Christ  PDF — Charles S. Longacre (1871-1958)


The Doctrine Of God, Is It Important?  PDF

The Love of God - John 3:16   PDF

In The Beginning  PDF

Knowing the Father  PDF

Knowing the Son  PDF

The Order In Heaven  PDF

The Faith of Jesus  PDF

The Divinity of Christ  PDF

The Keys of the Kingdom  PDF

The Twofold Ministry of Jesus Christ  PDF

Who Is the Spirit of Truth?  PDF

The Comforter, The Holy Spirit of Christ  PDF

The Love of God, Leadeth Us to Victory  PDF

Faith and Presumption  PDF


And His Teaching - Part 1  PDF
Except As We Forget - Part 2  PDF
Nothing To Fear - Part 3  PDF

Building On Solid Rock  PDF — Bob & Peggy Boyd

Christ and His Righteousness  PDF — E.J. Waggoner

* The Altar of the Lord  PDF

The Godhead in Black & White  PDF

The Wonderous Love of God  PDF — Peggy Boyd

Truly This Man Is the Son of God  PDF

Who Is God's Spirit?  WPDF

* Files only available in PDF format

*Requires Adobe Acrobat Reader


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