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24 February 2021 (updated)

Spirit of Elijah - Part 3

The Gentile widow is referred to as mistress h1172 of the house, 1Ki 17:17, indicating spiritually, a woman who is master h1172 of her own thoughts, 2Cor 5:1-2 (baal h1172, feminine improper noun ). Her son dying and being raise from the dead by Elijah is indicative of a person’s old way of thinking being put away, and entering into a new way of thinking–i.e., mind of Christ, Eph 4:20-24, Php 2:5. Continuing to consider Elijah’s story allegorically: In the third year of the drought, Elijah is told by the Lord to show himself to Ahab: and I will send rain on the earth–an overall type of the Gentile church taking the gospel of Jesus Christ back to the Jews.

Read 1Kings 18:1-6:
1. Obadiah h5662, servant of Yah; Ahab, whose wife is Jezebel h348, unchaste or impure. Name = Character: Allegorically, what can we learn from verses 3-6? Ps 73:22; 32:9; 1Pt 1:24-25; Jam 5:17.

Read 1King 18:7-16:
2. What spiritual lesson is obtained from verse 8-10 ? Pr 23:1-8; Why do you suppose Ahab searched in all kingdoms for Elijah? 1Ki 19:2.

Read 1Kings 18:17-29:
3. What commandments of God have been forsaken (verse 18)? Gal 3:8-12; 5:14; 1Jn 1:5-6; 2:7-11; 3:11.

4. Representatives from all Israel, plus 450 prophets of Baal are gathered to Mt. Carmel. How can Elijah’s question to Israel be applied spiritually? Verse 21, 22.

Read 1Kings 18:30-35:
5. Considering the symbols, what is the significance of the number of stones to repair the altar, the altar and number of barrels of water? (Refer to symbols list)

1a. Obadiah hid 100 prophets by 50s in a cave: 10 x 5: there are in Israel, those, spiritually dwelling in the earth, who will hear (10) God’s grace (5) –i.e., they will consider the spirit of Elijah message. Others remain married to impure doctrines (Jezebel); the beast within, & feed on flesh, having no spiritual understanding. (From past studies of Revelation 13:1-2: pride (lion); unchanging attitude, in bondage to the law (bear); trust others instead of the one true God, Jer 13:23; Jude 1:12-13. Jewish luna year=360 days x 3.5 years = 1260 days, Rv 11:1-3. So the drought has a double application, starting with the Jew when they rejected the apostle’s gospel, Act 13:45-46. The gospel went to the Gentiles. However, by the 4th century until now, the Gentile church came to be in full apostasy, cf Amos 8:11. Ahab is a type for Israel today, eating from the table of Jezebel, Rv 2:20-23.

2a. Spiritually, a kingdom is one’s mind over which they rule. Ahab, married to Jezebel, depicts a person who is master (Hebrew = baal) of evil things & attempts to feed you with their bread of lies. Some in Thyatira permit Jezebel, those claiming to prophesy in the name of the Lord, to seduce themselves into spiritual fornication & to eat things sacrificed to idols, Rv 2:20, just opposite to what they should do, 1Pt 2:5. They not only have the number of the beast, Rv 13:17-18, but lead others to take the number, Lk 22:21. Those who have the spirit of Jezebel hate the spirit of Elijah. This will be manifest by persecution in the last days, Rv 9:1-21.

3a. Elijah–type of a person carrying the spirit of Christ in the heart, one translated into the kingdom of the Son of God, 2Ki 2:1; Col 1:12-14. The truth of the cross is understood–i.e., God gave His Son as an act of love & mercy, in order to show humanity that God loved us first; so He birthed a Son & sent him to be a Savior of the world, Jn 3:16-17. The nations (Gentiles) are rendered innocent g1344 by Christ’s faith, Gal 2:16. Paul jumps from Abraham to the Gentiles, skipping the law being used for righteousness, Gal 3:18-21.
Rom 3:21-26: 21 And now apart from law the righteousness of God has been revealed, testified to by the Law and the Prophets (O.T.), 22 and the righteousness of God [through] the faith of Jesus Christ to all, and on all those believing—for there is no difference, 23 for all have sinned and fall short of the glory of God, 24 being [rendered innocent] freely by His grace [through the liberty] that is in Christ Jesus (Lk 4:18), 25 whom God set forth [as an act of mercy g2435 (mercy seat g2435, Heb 9:5)], through the faith in His blood, for the showing forth of His righteousness, because of the passing over of the former sins in the forbearance of God, 26 for the showing forth of His righteousness in the present time, for His being righteous, and declaring him righteous whose [source of faith is] Jesus. [Greek] (Best overall rendering of these verses based on the Greek & other scriptures). Note: the solid gold covering of the ark is a symbol of the faith of Christ, 1Pt 1:7; Rv 3:18, & the covering of God’s love through Christ, Pr 10:12; Jude 1:21.

4a. How long would you keep hopping between two opinions? Ancient Baal worship consisted of sacrificing children & many evil things, 2Ki 21:3-6; Jer 23:13; 32:35, Worshiped by many nations by other names (Anu, An, Horus, Ptah, Ra, Atum). Children a symbol of thoughts from God, Ps 127:3-5. The number of prophets is interesting: 450 = 10x5x9 = hearing (10) God’s grace (5) brings one to judgment, or a decision (9), which is what Elijah was about to do. A spiritual drought is indicative of a people not receiving the water of the word.

5a. Altar: Dt 27:5-8; Iron: Jer 17:1; Heb 8:10
Stones: 1Sam 17:40, 49; Isa 60:18; 26:1; Mt 16:16, 18
Water: Job 14:19; Dt 32:1-2
Elijah gathered 12 stones for an altar; poured 12 barrels of water on the altar: The altar is the heart, the stones are spiritual concepts hewn by the water of God’s word through the 12 tribes of Israel–not 10 tribes who are eating from Jezebel’s table, who are in a spiritual drought.

Can you
relate these things to what is happening with modern religions?