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16 July 2021

Prophecy—How to Understand It


1. Read Psalms 78:1-8: What is the prophet going to tell the people and for what purpose?

A parable is a dark sayings h2420. The same Hebrew word is rendered as riddle in Jdg 14:12, 13, hard questions in 1Ki 10:1 and proverb in Hab 2:6. Parables of the Bible were for the generations to come, and given to reveal the praises, strength and wonderful works of God; that we might hope in God, not being like previous rebellious generations whose spirit was not steadfast with God. Jesus told the disciples that parables were the hidden things of the kingdom of heaven and not everyone would receive them, Mt 13:10-15.

2. What is meant by he established a testimony in Jacob, and appointed a law in Israel? Lv 24:5-9; Dt 8:1-3.

Jacob had 12 sons, from which all Israel descended. Prophets of Israel wrote the Bible. Types of the Bible are the 12 loaves of bread furnished by the tribes every sabbath–the 7th day, Lv 24:5-9. Manna, the bread from which we are to gather daily, Ex 16:4-5, and through which comes the words spoken by the Lord to the prophets and brings us into the rest of God, of which the 7th day is a symbol; both the manna and show bread are symbols for the written word we call the Bible, which was inspired by Jesus Christ, 1Pt 1:9-11. Spiritual Israel, since the cross, consists of Jews and Gentiles, Rom 2:28-29, who accept the hidden things of God. Law = instructions.

3. Read Proverbs 25:2: What is God’s glory and what does king mean to you? Ps 78:1-5; Job 19:9; Pr 14:18.

Glory (doxa g1391), Thayer defines as views, judgments, opinions, which the Hebrew also indicates. God’s glory is His character based on His ideas and opinions, which He concealed in parables. Literally, a king sits on a throne from which he rules his kingdom. Read Mt 19:28: A kingdom is an understanding, Lk 17:20:21, the throne is your conscience. Understanding of the writings of the apostles and prophets, the views and judgments inspired by Jesus, should be the guide of our conscience. If your decisions are based on a man’s understanding, you will err. Everyone must work out their own salvation, with fear and trembling, Php 2:12, with the word.

4. Read 1Corinthians 2:1-10: In Paul’s day how much of God’s wisdom has man seen? Verse 8-9

Paul and the disciples understood and taught that the hidden things of God are understood from parables and things made, Rom 1:20. Verse 9 is a quote of Isa 64:4 and says the hidden things were revealed to them by God’s spirit, v10. If all you do is listen to a man’s interpretation of the written word, and do not study for yourselves, you are not making truth your own; you are letting another work out your salvation. Which are you trusting?

5. Read Mark 4:1-9: What does the seed and earth represent? Mark 4:10-14.

Seed is sown in the earth: The seed is the word of God, Lk 8:11, sown in the mind/heart of the hearer, a symbol of which is the earth–ideas concocted by ourselves.

Read Zechariah 12:1: If the earth represents the ideas man, what are the heavens? Isa 55:7-9.

God’s thoughts are described as the heavens, being far different than man’s thoughts. Man’s heavens represent the way we are taught to perceive God at first. When God creates a new heaven and a new earth, he is speaking of a new way of understanding the divine and human natures. We are being given a new heart and a new spirit, Eze 36:24-27—i.e. being born of water and the holy spirit, Jn 3:5. The spirit is the truth, 1Jn 5:6, Jn 6:63.

6. Read Matthew 24:21-35: What is Jesus describing? v30-31; Heb 12:1; Mal 4:2; Rv 22:16.

Did you know that our sun is classified as a star? Jesus is the bright and morning star, Rv 22:16, the sun of righteousness, Mal 4:2, who will heal us of all our sins—if we have ears to hear, Rv 2:7. Matthew refers to the heavens that is man’s way of seeing God; the moon is man’s interpretation of the Bible, which is the abomination of desolation, Mt 24:15; and the stars are man’s impure light that rules his darkness. Clouds are a symbol of people moved by the spirit (wind) of God to drop their water, Heb 12:1; Dt 32:1-2, that is, give the word of God to people. Understanding the parables, stories as allegories (Gal 4:21-31) and comparing scripture with scripture is how you start with understanding of prophecy. We must see things the way God sees them. The ‘angels,’ a Greek word, are God’s messengers who sound the last seven trumpets. Matthew is not describing the literal return of Jesus, but the an event of giving of the gospel and its effect on people, Mt 24:14. The tribulation, Mt 24:21, is beginning. Church and state are merging right before our eyes. Are you ready to stand with God? Or, will you will you stand with those who take the mark, name and number of the beast?

7. Read Hebrews 5:10-14; 6:1-2: What is the milk of the word? Heb 5:12; 6:1-2.

Milk is for babies, 1Pt 2:2, which Paul calls the beginning principles of the doctrine of Christ— repent from dead works (that are based on man’s understanding), faith toward God (in order to receive God’s faith–his understanding), teaching of baptism, judgement and resurrection of the dead. These are the truths we were taught by whatever group we joined. Paul calls it all “milk.” But even the foundation is mingled with error in religious organizations. God’s understanding is infinite, Isa 55-7-9, and everyday we should seek Him to know it.

8. Read 1Corinthians 3:1-7: In the first three verses, what is shown to be the difference between a one who drinks milk verses one who eats solid food?

One drinking milk: fleshly/carnal (thinking like a man’s); not able to eat solid food (unable to get beyond introductory doctrines); not overcoming the carnal mind-set, cf Rom 8:5-8,–and each organization claiming to know Jesus Christ, yet the disagree among themselves.
One eating solid food: they learn to think like God thinks; correct the errors mingled with the foundational teachings; learning to love others; becoming one with Father and Son and each other, Jn 17:20-22.


What is a person to do? Study to show yourself approved and the Lord give you understanding in all things, 2Tim2:15, 7. Amen.

Note: This study is only an introduction to the approach of understanding the Bible and prophecy.

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