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Just for Smiles - Laughter is Allowed




A Baby's Hug

A Bible Puzzle

A Bible Puzzle: Answers

A Brother Like That

A Brother's Song

A Chosen Vessel

A Cry to God

A Deer Caught in the Headlights

A Dozen Christmas Roses

A Father's Love..

A Friend

A Guide To Life - Requires PowerPoint - download PPS viewer here

A Hat Full of Spare Thoughts

A Kansas Prayer Heard Around the Country

A Lesson of True Forgiveness

A Lesson Well Learned

A Little Boy Named Michael..

A New Bill of Rights

A Parable? Missionary's Rejection Letter

A Penny

A Red Marble

A Slave to His Destiny

A Sign of the Times

A Small Change in Plans

A Tribute To Remember

A Unique Way To Look At God

A Wise Person Once Said..

A Wish For You

A Wounded Eagle

Abe Lincoln Denies A Loan


After a While, Comes the Dawn

Alabama Judge

Allah or Jesus?

Allergic to Gravity!

Almighty God


Amazing Answer to a Mother's Prayer

America The Beautiful - Judge Roy Moore

An Awesome VIEW of Psalm 23

An Invitation to Disaster

An Obituary Notice

An Ode to America

"..and it was so.. "

And We Think We Have Things Tough!

Angel in the Back Seat

Angels at the BIG WHEEL Truck Stop

Angels in the Classroom

Another Goody From Times Past


Are You A Handicap or A Blessing?

Are You Laughing?

Are You Part of the Problem?

Arlington National Cemetery

Arrest & Rescue - an Allegory


Asked was Given

Atheist's Holiday

Attitude Is A Choice




Baptist Day!

Be a Pumpkin

Be Happy

Being Thankful for What We Have

Believing In Others..

Bethany's Advice

Better not Worse

Bible Translations

Breakfast at McDonald's

Brown Bag Christmas

Bruised Apples .. or .. "Are You Jesus? "

Bubble Gum

Bumper Stickers CAN Be Dangerous

Butch O'Hare




Carl's Garden

Caught Between a Fire & the Deep Blue Sea

Children in Church

Choice Proverbs

Choose to Live!

Choose Your Words Well

Church Bake Sale

Clay Balls

Coca Cola Angel


"Come As You Are. No Jacket Required"

Compassion vs Sympathy

Cookie Monster

Count Your Blessings


Crutches on the Alter

Curious Questions



Darrell Scott's Testimony

Darts Anyone?

Dealing With STRESS

Did My Mother Come Back?

Did You Know?

Did You Know This About IRAC?

Dirt Roads

Do It Anyway!

Does Evil Exist? Did God Create Evil?

Does God Answer Prayer?

Does God Exist?

Don't Hope, Friend..Decide!

Don't Sweat the Small Stuff

Drummed Out!



Eight Gifts That Cost Nothing

Emergency Numbers!

Enjoy It While You Have It!

'Eternal Gospel' Warriors

Every Day

Evolution Explained



Faithful Unto Death

FAITH, the Two-Legged Dog

Father Sacrifices Son

57 cents & Temple University

Fireman Billy

Five More Minutes



Forgiveness Bears Repeating

40 Tips for a Better Life

Four Magic Words

Four Seasons of a Tree

Friend or Foe?

From a Cracked Pot

From A Strictly Mathematical Viewpoint

Funny How..



Gang Leaders Seeks Revenge

Geese & Friends

Gentle Thoughts for Today

Getting Even

Getting Out of God's Way

Give Until You Feel the Joy

God - A Husband, A Father And A Mother

God and Miss Clancy's Tithe

God and the Geese

God and the Spider

God Answers Prayer..We Must Trust & Believe

God Bless You!!

God Lives Under the Bed

God Loves Jewels

God Said, NO

God Speaking

God Stayed My Hands

God Takes Care of Us

God, Thinking Out Loud

God Turns On the Water

God Was Ready the Day the Banks Closed

God Waits

God Works in Mysterious Ways

God's Yellow Pages

Golden Kisses

Grandpa's Musings

Grandpa's Warning

"Growing Up Isn't What It Used To Be"



Hand of Hope

Hand-Me-Down Love

Hands That Speak

Hang A White Sheet

Happy Harvest!

Harry Orchard

He's At It Again!

Heaven's Grocery Store


History Lesson

Homeland Security

Honest Beggar

How To Be A Good Wife

How Do I Love Thee? Let Me Count the Ways..

HYMNS: The Way We Might Sing Them, If We Were Honest



I Am A Christian

I Can See Clearly Now

"..I Don't Care At All! "

I Love You, Mother

"I Shall Pass This Way But Once "

"I Too, Sent My Son To Israel "

I Want That One!

I Wish For You

I Wish You Enough

If I Knew - 9/11/2001 Tribute

If YOU Hate Your Job..read this!

Important Beauty Tips

In Defense of Faith

In God's Eyes

In Perspective

Intriguing History

Iraqi SDA Nurse Impresses Premier

Is God Still in America?

It's Strange, Isn't It?

It Is Strange

It Takes Guts!

It Is When We Give, That We Receive

It's All About Perception

It's All That It Takes To Go On



Jesus — My Lord, My Saviour

John 3:16

John Deer

Jose, the Prodigal Husband

Judge Gently

Just An Old Boot

Just Checking In



Kaiser Wilhelm II vs Daniel 2

Keep Me Small


Kindness Bares the Soul

Knowing the Secret




Laced With Love

Laus Deo!


Learning Her Value

Lessons to Live By

Letter From Jesus

Life in the 1500s

Life's Lesson

Little Timmy

Logan, The Sky Angel Cowboy

Look Up!





Marked for Death

May God Grant Me ..

Meeting the Devil



Memories From A Friend

Moments In Life

More Light and Less Noise

Most Important

Must Go Shopping

My Dream



Naikana, the Heathen Prophet

Nails in the Fence

Nearest His Heart

New Pledge of Allegiance!

No Time..

Noah Parable

Not Just Another Mother



Of Cameras & Motorcycles

Of Roses and Thorns

One Sentence Sermons

Our Friend and Advocate

Our God Is An Awesome God!!

Our National Anthem..as it SHOULD be Sung - by the Cactus Cuites

Our Parachute

Out With the Old



Paper Route

Paradox of Time


Paul Harvey's On-Air Prayer

Pennies are Plentiful & God Is Patient

Perfect Timing

Plain Linda

Poems..by Karen Lemonds

Prayer Poem

Prayer Warriors

Proverbial Wisdom

Psalm 23 -- Explained

Psalm 23 for the Workin' Folk..



Quotable Quotes



Racial Slur

Read Only If You Have Time for God

Redeemed Twice

Refusing To Accept Failure

Remember When..?

Remembering to Forget



Romanism, Romanism

Rules From God

Rules of Punctuation for the "Real World"

Run Shay, Run!

Run Through the Rain!



Sarah Taylor's Dream

Satan's Meeting

Scoffers, Beware!

Send A Bouquet

Seeing Jesus

Senior Citizen

Serious Business

Seven Wonders of the World

Shipwreck Prayers

Side by Side

Silencing the Messengers

Simple Ways to Bless Your Days in the New Year

Sky Lady

Soapy Religion

Sobering Thought - Anne Graham

Someone's Raising Their Kid Right!

Something for Stevie

Something To Think About

Some Things We Keep..

Some Thoughts

Sometimes You Gotta Play Hurt

Some Wonderful Down Home Advice

South African Bush Pilot

Special Occasions

Starfish Story

Strength vs Courage

Stress Management

Stumped? Never!

Swift Arrow



Tales of a Tennessee Chain Gang

Tangled Hair

Tax Revolt?

Teach Me To Go Slow, Lord


Teacher Applicant

Ten Things God Won't Ask On That DAY

Thank You

The 7 Ups

The ABC's of Christianity

The Ant and the Heavy Load

The Atheist

The Beast and the Bible

The Bible Salesman

The Bio-Dome Lesson

The Birth of the Song 'Precious Lord'

The Blessing of Thorns

The Builder

The Bum Was a Preacher

The Center of the Bible

The Christian's Alphabet

The Christmas Cloth

The Church, Walking With the World

The Clothesline Said So Much

The Cold Within

The Cookie Lady

The Cross Room

The Cry of a Father's Heart from Genesis to Revelation

The Daffodil Principle

The Drummer Boy's Prayer

The Fence or the Ambulance?

The Four Wives Within Us

The Gazelle & The Lion

The Great Faith of George Mueller

The Hand

The Harvest

The Head Nurse's Story

The Holocaust

The Holy Spirit's Gift to a Dying Man

The Hymnbook

The King's Insurance Company

The Little Black Book

The Littlest Firefighter

The 'little' THINGS

The Lord's Voice

The Man That Was Executed Twice!

The Man Who Died for Cursing

The Man Who Missed Christmas

The Matchless Pearl

The Mayonnaise Jar & Two Cups of Coffee

The Monk's Well-Guarded Secret

The Mouse Trap

The Old Man & the Dog

The Only Bible

The Pickle Jar

The Pledge or the Oath?

The Power of A Hug

The Positive Side of Life

The Power of Prayer

The Preacher that Did Not Believe the Bible

The Present Counter

The Price We Pay - Adam Mayblum (WTC survivor)

The Puzzle

The Quest of a Jew

The Red Purse

The Red Wagon

The Reading of Psalm 23

The Room

The Rose

The Secret

The Secret (2)

The Senility Prayer

The Sequoia

The Silver Smith

The Sin of Steve Audaine

The Sneeze!

The Soldier

The Sons of Methuselah

The Sparrow at Starbucks - John Thomas Oakes

The Special Duties of Husbands to Their Wives

The Sports Car

The Story of the Other Wise Man

The Student

The Swimming Hole

The Time to Trust

The Tomato Merchant

The Traveler

The Trouble Tree

The Two Wolves Within Us

The U in JesUs

The Way of Love - (1 Corinthians 13)

The Waldorf-Astoria Hotel

The Waters of the Eel

The Whale Says Thank You!

The Will of God

The Window From Which We Look

The Wooden Bowl

The Worth of a Picture

The Worth of a Soul

The Year Is 1902

The Year of Jubilee

The Yellow Shirt

These Doctors Know Best

"Things aren't always what they seem "

Things God Won't Ask on that Day

"This Is Good! "

Thoughts on Fatherhood ..

Thoughts on Life

Three Little Birds

Three Things

Throwing Bricks at a Jaguar

Thy Life for Mine

Tiny Frogs & Life's Lesson

Tips On Pumping GAS

To A Keeper

To Be 6 Again ..

To Be Caught Was to Die


To Kill An American

Tongues in the Jungle

Top Ten

Touch of the Master's Hand

Tragedy or Blessing?

Triple Filter Test

True Love

True Wealth

'Twas the Night Before Jesus Came


Two Babes In A Manger

Two Brothers

Two Tough Questions!








Waiting For A Change

Wake Up!!

Walk the Talk

"We Are Never Alone"

Wedding Prayer

Were the Patriots Christians?

Were You Colder than This?

Wet Pants

What A Century Will Do

What A Grandmother Is

What Comfort Can Be Rendered

"What Goes Around Comes Around "

What Goes Around..Comes Around!

What If God Decided to..?

What It Means to Be an American

What Satan Fears Most

what words do..

When the Angels Steered a Ship

When World War III Started!

Who Am I?

Who'll Take the Son?

Why Go to Church?

Why Not? - (story surrounding the WTC tragedy)

Will the REAL Felons Please Stand Up?

With God, Facts Can Be Stranger than Fiction!

Wonderful Home Advice

Words to Live By

Words of Wisdom

Words of Wisdom #2

Words to the Wise

Would You Run or Stay?





You Are So Blessed!

You Reap What You Sow

You Say, GOD says

Your Cluttered Space

Your House As Seen By:



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