An addendum is being put on this document because the conclusion that this author has reached about the Sabbath is simply inaccurate.

After much research on this specific subject, the Truth on the Sabbath is discussed throughout this web site. As this web site's designer, it is my contention that the author's personal BELIEF System that has been reached because the author being a Seventh-day Adventist, it is his basic understanding as an SDA that he is basing his assertion on. That IS their PRIMARY Belief, whether it is doctrinally correct or not; or should I say, BIBLICALLY correct, may be a better question? The reason why this article is on this web site is because it is accurate in it's fact finding about why Christ was crucified on Wednesday and resurrected on the seventh day Sabbath. The link to this article can be found below. It should be pointed out that the author in his evidentiary conclusion did not point to Daniel 9:27 as a very basic text from the Old Testament which leaves no better proof about WHO this text is speaking of.

If anyone wishes to investigate which Day God considers to be His Sabbath, please check the links below:


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