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ABOMINATION OF DESOLATION: H8441, G946, G2050. Mt 24:15.
ABYSS: The mind of man, because we are infinite. The Greek equivalent is 'bottomless'. Rv 20:1 ) –– traced to [H8415] Gn 1:2 - deep (person [face] of the deep [abyss] ). The inward depths of a person (see DEEP ). Isa 51:9-11. - The resurrection of Christ - He dried up the water of the sea (water = thoughts ). He accomplished this in Himself by the power of God. Dt 8:7 - God wants to bring us to the mind of Christ, His life experience, God gave Israel the depths of who He was - Ps 78:14-15. God has a depth to who He is - it is very deep - Ps 36:6 (God’s abyss ) – Ps 92:5; Isa 55:8; Rm 11:33; Ps 64:6 - the depths of the mind, the heart.
H4196: Built of natural stones, Dt 27:5-6, unshaped by man. The heart (mind ) - Jer 17:1 shaped by the concepts of God. cp Dt 27:4-8 and Heb 8:10. (See STONE ).
ANGEL: H4397: A messenger, ambassador. Messengers of God are priests, Mal 2:7; between men, Gn 32:3,6; moved by the Holy Spirit, 1Sm 19:20; Gal 4:14 G32; Emissaries, prophets of God, 2Ch 36:15-16; Rv 22:8-9; Heb 1:1, 4, 5, 6, 7, 13-14; Ps 104:4 as ministering spirits delivering God’s message H4400, Hag 1:13; (angel in NT is the Greek word angelos G32, used for malak H4397 and elohiym H430 - cp Heb 2:7 and Ps 8:5 ).
ANGELOS: G32 - Greek word for
angel. ((See ANGLE,
ANGER: H639 - Isa 66:15. Ps 37:8. (See PASSIONS ).
ANIMALS: Thoughts (clean and unclean, Levitical law, Dt 14:3-20 ): Man, manifests characteristics of, Eccl 3:18; Ps 73:22. (See BIRD, LION; How man understands God, Ps 124:7-8; Mk 4:4, 15 (cf. Eccl 9:12; 10:20; Pr 6:1-5 ); Sea animals: worldly way of thinking (see SEA ), Job 12:7-9; Hab 1:14; Land animals: Thoughts generated by self: 2Pt 2:12; Jude 10. Lacks understanding, Ps 49:20.
ARMAGEDDON: G717 - Rv 16:16.
ARM OF THE LORD (Yahweh ): H3068 / H2226 - Christ - Isa 51:9; 53:1; Jn 12:37-38 [G2962]. (See YAHWEH.
ARROW: H2671: Sharp words or a message, positive or negative: Ps 64:3,7; Jer 9:8. (See
ASHES: H665: Worthlessness (dust on the head acknowledges our sin nature; ashes illustrate our worthlessness as a sinner ): Gn 18:27; Job 13:12; 30:19; Causes a deceived heart - Isa 44:20. (See SACKCLOTH ).
AX: H4661: A spiritual implement to remove trees: Dt 20:19. (See NATIONS,
TREE, WOOD; Also, to war against and destroy nations, Jer 51:20.



BAAL: H1167, H1168 from H1166: Rule, possess, unsanctified husband: symbol of self - worship; self - exaltation, self - made god; Jer 9:14; 19:5 (see CHILDREN, HAND ); Outward manifestation of self-worship, Isa 2:8; 17:8; Act 7:41; 19:26 [G1497].
BABYLON: H894 / G897 - Literally Babel H894 in Hebrew meaning, gate of God. God defined it as confusion, Gn 11:9. The Hebrew root H1101 means to mix, mingle. Every person who decides to serve God begins with mixed ideas about God, ideas mingled with men’s opinions. Represented by a woman and a great city, Rv 17:5,18. (See 666, BRICK, CHAINS, CITY, DRAGON, IDOLS, LUCIFER, SATAN, SERPENT, SPIRIT, STONE, WOMAN ).
BAPTISM: G908: A Greek word, in English means immersion. A spiritual symbol of immersion in the water of the word, Jn 1:33; Lk 3:16. Paul said in 1Cor 1:17 For Christ sent me not to baptize, but to preach the gospel.
BEAM: Building blocks (concepts ), God lays His building blocks of His chambers (His mind) in the water (thoughts ) - Ps 104:3 H7136; Hab 2:11 H3714; Mt 7:5 G1385; Lk 6:42. (See CHAMBER ).
BEAR: H1678 - Dan 7:5 - Symbol of Medo-Persia, which, when a law was passed it could not be changed, Dan 6:15. Spiritual symbol of an unchanging heart, one of the attributes of the beast out of the sea, Rv 13:1-2 [G715].
BEAST: H2423; G2342 - BEHEMAH H929: Any beast of the earth, a person self-ruled - Pr 30:30. His strength is in his own understanding. A person without spiritual understanding - who will perish, Ps 49:20; Ps 73:22.
BEGOTTEN: G3439. Jn 3:16; means "having no peer, unique". The word appears nine times in the NT. Brought forth a Son.
BEHEMOTH: H930, Job 40:15 plural of Behemah. (See
BELLY: H990: The mind (thoughts ), Pr 26:22 (same word for womb, Job 38:29 ); Jn 7:37-38 G2836; Job 15:35; see
BELT: H232 - Faithfulness, righteousness, Isa 11:5. (See GIRDLE, LOINS ).
BIRD: H5693; G4071 - (See
ANIMALS ). Uses it's beek to build it's nest, defend itself, build it's home with.
BIT & BRIDLE: H6595; G5468 - Represents the Law. A bit fits inside a horse's mouth which then is attached to a bridle so that a horse head can be directed. Ps 32:9.
BLACK: H380: Spiritual darkness H653, happens because of iniquity, or twisted understanding. Pr 7:9-10; 4:19; Eccl 2:14.
BLEMISHES: Dt 32:5 [H3971] moral corruption from perverted thinking; see Job 11:13-15; 31:7; 2Pt 2:10, 13 [G4696], [G3470] those walking after the flesh; (the church is to be without spot, blemish – Eph 5:27; Lamb of God 1Pt 1:19; Dt 32:4 ). (See SPOTS ).
BLOOD: H1818: A spiritual symbol of the soul - a record of who we are - Lv 17:11, 14 H1818. We are physical and mental beings. Heart, soul, spirit describe various functions of the mind, or inward man. Anything eaten is carried by blood to all parts of the body. Thoughts retained and assimilated are the soul. Blood=life=soul. Christ poured out the record or who he was at Calvary (Isa 53:12 ). He is the bread of life by which we are nourished; we are to drink the record of who he was. Being cleansed by the blood is the direct result of understanding Calvary. This is why it is essential to know who died on that cross and why, Heb 9:14. Paul warns us that the cross can be made of none effect if not understood accurately 1Cor 1:17-19. The result of this truth is redemption, or the remission of faults, 1Cor 1:17-18; Eph 1:7.
BLOOD Of THE LAMB: This speaks of the death of Christ. Being cleansed by the blood is the direct result of understanding Calvary. This is why it is essential to know who died on that cross and why. Paul warns us in 1Cor 1:17 [G1497] that the cross can be made of none effect if not understood accurately. The result of this truth is redemption, or the remission of faults. Eph 1:7.
BLUE: H8504: Understanding of law (spoken instructions that are written down ) - Nu 15:38-40. The blue sky is a symbol of a mirror, Job 37:18 NKJ, or a looking glass through which we gaze at the sun, cf Jam 1:23-25 (Son-Mal 4:2 ). The righteousness of the law is God’s spiritual understanding of it (Rm 7:14 ). (See COLOR ).
BODY: Outwardly, a group of people: Rm 12:4-5; Physical body parts used figuratively in the Bible - Eph 1:18 G3788; Col 3:5, G3196. Inwardly, the mind (the temple of God ); Rm 6:6 G4983; 7:22-24; Col 3:9-10; 1Cor 6:19 G4983.
BOLD or BOLDNESS: H7144, G5111 - To have courage or to be Confident.
H6106: The whole house, Eze 37:11; self, a picture of your soul, life, innermost self; blood is the soul and produced by the bone: Ps 35:9-10; Job 20:11; Jer 20:9; Hab 3:16. cp Ps 31:9; 38:3; 6:2-3. (soul H5315 ). {See BELLY,
BOOK: H5612: Literally a writing; spiritual symbol of the heart (mind), Isa 29:9-13; The old covenant with Israel was written in stone and a book; the new is to be written in the book of the heart, Dt 31:24-26; Jer 31:33. The heart of Christ is the book of life, Rv 13:8 G976; Jn 5:24-27; 2Cor 3:3; all will be judged by what is written in their hearts, Rv 20:12.
PIT: G12; (See DEEP ).
BOW: H935; G5115; Mouth, tongue – Jer 9:3; Symbol of strength - Gn 49:24; Jer 49:35; from which words are like
arrows - Ps 64:3, 7 [H2671]. (See ARROW, SWORD, SPEAR ).
BOWELS: H4578: Heart - Ps 22:14; Jer 4:19; Lam 1:20; Eze 3:3 see
BOWL: H4219; G5602 - (See
TEACHER ), person - Zech 9:15 H4219.
BRANCH: [H5342]; G2798 - Symbol of a messenger; spiritual symbol of a message (bears fruit ): Jn 15:1-5; Christ - Isa 11:1; Jer 23:5-6; Zech 6:12; Rv 22:16.
BRASS: H5174, H5178: (or, Bronze ): All metals smelted from stones, Job 28:2, (See STONE ). Brass is alloyed with another metal to give it strength, but makes it an impure metal. Figuratively, it represents “strength of the thoughts, good or bad,” or “impure thinking.” Negative: Gates of Babylon are of Brass and Iron, Isa 45:1-2, see IRON; people of Judah, Jer 6:28; Bound with chains is to be in bondage to man’s understanding, not God’s. Positive: Strength of Jeremiah, Jer 1:18; 15:20 - see WALL; Christ, Dan 10:6; Rv 1:15 [G5474] - see FEET. When brass is polished, the tarnish (filthiness, Eze 16:36 ) is removed. This is what Christ does for us, Eze 1:7.
BREAD: H3899: A symbol for the written word: Lv 24:5-6-12 loaves arranged in two piles of 6 each: The writings we received from the 12 tribes of Israel arranged in the OT and the NT; Dt 8:3 not to live by the written word alone. A spiritual symbol of spiritual concepts from the bread of life, Jn 6:48, 51 [G740]; bread of God eaten through trying experiences, Ps 80:5; strengthens the heart, Ps 104:15; The path of the wicked based on man’s understanding (bread ), Pr 4:14, 17.
BRIARS: H231, H1303, H8068, H7898, H7896 - (See
BRICK: H3843 - Man made concepts (or hewn stone ); contrast with meaning of stone – cf. Gn 11:3; Ex 1:14. At the tower of Babel, they made their own bricks, i.e. own concepts of how they understood God, cp
ALTAR to IDOLS, Isa 9:10; 65:3 to altars to God Dt 27:5-6. (See BABYLON, STONE ).
BRIDLE: G5468, H4964 - Inserted over a horse's head to control the horse's direction. Ps 2:9. (See FIRE,
H1614] - The voice of God is like fire (Isa 30:33; Jer 23:29 ). It will consume sin out of the obedient sinner, or it will consume the spiritually dead. Burning sulfur (melts at 246 degrees ) produces a suffocating gas, which can damage the lungs if inhaled. (Cf. Dt 29:23; Job 18:15 ).
BROUGHT FORTH: G4393, G5453, G5088; H3318, H3205 - means Birthed as opposed to created.
BULRUSH: H100 - Humility - Isa 58:5.
BURDEN: Iniquities, sin, any concern - Ps 38:4 [H4853]; cf Mt 11:29-30.
BUTTER: H2529 - Basic principles of truth for a new Christian (babe ) - Heb 5:12-14[G]; Contrast milk of the word vs. meat: 1Cor 3:2. A child (babe in Christ ) is only able to consume milk-1Pt 2:2; Churning of milk produces butter - Pr 30:33, or smooth words - Ps 55:21; by eating butter and honey one will know to refuse evil and choose good - Isa 7:14-15, 22.



CANDLE: God’s word - Ps 119:105 H5216; Understanding - Lk 11:33-36 G3088 (see BODY, EYE ); 2Pt 1:19 (light the dark place of your mind ); cf Mt 5:15-16.
CAVE(S): H4247 - A cave is a hole in a rock that can be used as a dwelling place which has no light. Sanctified: A dwelling place in the Rock - Christ, 1Cor 10:4; Mt 7:24. Unsanctified: A cave in the earth, a symbol of self's own understanding (See EARTH ); In the day of judgment, people will either hide in Christ (the Rock ) or go into their cave of unsanctified understanding (has no light - in darkness ) - Isa 2:17-19.
CEDAR: H0730: Character trait - Ps 92:12; Eze. 31:3; (See TREE ).
CHAINS: Spiritual concepts chained together: Spiritual Error: Ps 68:6 H3574 (see WILDERNESS ), causing bondage of pride - Ps 73:6 H6059; Instruction of Truth: Becomes foundational to serving God - Pr 1:8-9 H6060 see NECK. Applications: Jer 52:11 - Zedekiah’s eyes put out by the King of Babylon (see BABYLON ), `and he was chained and put in prison: an outward picture of Zedekiah being in bondage to confused spiritual understanding because he was disobedient to God; Rv 20:1 - the great chain: truths chained together which give the messenger an understanding (see KEY ) of the human nature (see DEEP ).
CHAMBER: The mind - Pr 24:3-4 H231; Ps 104:3, 13, H5944 - (See CLOUD, HOUSE, WATER ).
CHARIOT: H4818, H7393: A vessel of war drawn by horses (see ANIMALS ), cf. Ps 32:9; 33:17. Ancient armies were considered powerful if they had many chariots, Josh 17:17-18; Isa 43:16; Pr 21:31. Used as Metaphor of powerful messages of God and strong corrupted thoughts. A spiritual symbol of a messenger or the message carried by strong thoughts: Sanctified - Ps 68:17 (ASV ); Ps 104:3; Isa 66:15. Unsanctified: to be destroyed - Ps 20:7; Ps 46:9; Mic 5:7, 10. (See ANGEL ).
CHILDREN: H1121: Fruit of the womb H990 (concepts of the mind - thoughts ) - Ps 127:3-5. (See ARROW, WOMB ). Spiritually a child is an immature person in Christ-1Pt 2:2. (Pr 18:8 H990 translated belly and words go into the belly. Idiom: like parent, like child Eze 16:44 ).
CHURCH: G1577 - 1Tm 3:15. The Last Generation Church. The TRUE definition of a Church ia defined as being The Bride of Christ, 1Cor 12:27,28.
CIRCUMCISION: H4135: Gn 17:10-11 - verse 10 is spiritual, verse 11 is the physical, as an outward sign; Spiritually: cutting away sin from the heart - Dt 10:16; Rm 2:28-29 G4061; Col 2:11; (by circumcision of the heart, one becomes a spiritual Jew - Rm 4:11-12 ).
CISTERN: H953 - Symbol of a religious organization from where people drink spiritual water - Jer 2:13 H877. Similar to a well, Pr 5:15 H953. (See WATER ).
CITY: A mind-set - a spirit (a mind ), Jer 1:17-18; Pr 25:28 - (see LOINS, WALL). When we have God's way of thinking, Isa 55:7-9, we are like a city sitting on a hill, which cannot be hid - Mt 5:14.
CLAY: Human nature and its frailties - Ps 40:2 H2916; Isa 57:20 (dirt H2916 ); to be washed away by the water of the Word - Jn 9:6-7; Eph 5:26; Jn 15:3.
CLOTHES: H899 - Character (covering=garment ) formed by thoughts of habit - Ps 93:1; 104:1-2; Zech 3:3-4 H899; Rv 19:8 G1039.
CLOUD: H6051, G3509 - Symbol for people - Eze 38:16; Hos 13:3 H6051; Heb 12:1; 2Pt 2:17 G3507; Christ - Ex 13:21; Spiritual symbol for a message with words - Job 26:8-9; 37:15 H5645 H6051, (See ARROW, WATER ); Ps 77:17 H5645, Pr 3:20 H7834.
COLOR: H5869: (KJ colour ) Proper meaning is the "eye" a spiritual symbol for understanding of the heart (Eph 1:18 ). Also rendered as a“well, spring, fountain” as the eye of the ground (like the eye weeps tears ). Color is generally understanding determined by context: Isa 1:18 sin; Rv 19:7-8 righteousness; (see BLUE ). A rainbow has seven colors - symbol for a fullness of understanding, cf Rv 10:1.
CORD: H2939, G4979 - I can hear God in my conscience + my spiritual experience + confirmed by God's understanding of the Bible - not easily broken - Eccl 4:12; Jesus, Jn 2:15, a spiritual picture of cleansing the mind. H2256: A spiritual concept that binds: Unsanctified: - bondage in sin, Pr 5:22; affliction and a snare, Job 36:8-9; 18:10; Sanctified: - Love, Hos 11:4; Three - fold.
CORD, THREE-FOLD: I can hear God in my conscience; my spiritual experience; confirmed by God's understanding of the Bible, Not easily broken - Eccl 4:12; G4979 - Jesus cleanses the temple of my mind - Jn 2:15 (a picture of the cleansing ).
CORN: G740, H5669: (Hebrew=Produce, or fruits and grains ) Produce eaten in the Promised Land - Josh 5:11-12. A spiritual symbol of eating from the bread of life, Jn 6:48-50. (See MANNA ).
COVENANT: H1285; G1242 - It is a promise of something that occurs AFTER the person is DEAD like an heir recieives.
CROSS, THE: G4716 - Lk 23:34 - 'Father forgive them for they know not what they do'. Prime example of what FORGIVENESS is and extollings others above oneself. The purpose of the Cross was Not to appease the Father's anger - That Someone Had To Die..Blood Had To Be Shed...
CROWN: H5850: Glory and spiritual riches of the mind. Correct thinking, wisdom (The promised land - the mind of Christ ) - Pr 4:7, 9; 9:10; 14:18, 24; 16:31; Isa 28:5; Job 19:9; Jm 1:12 G4735; Rv 3:11 - let no man control your thoughts or take away your spiritual understanding. (See SHIELD).
CUP: A person. What he drinks from a cup is a life experience - good and bad: Mt 23:26 G4221; Mt 26:42; Jn 18:11; application: Ps 116:13 H3563; Jer 16:7; Eze 23:33.



DAILY: Daily or continual bread (spiritual symbol of the understanding of the Son of God ), symbol of the written word furnished by Israel; eaten only by priests, a figure of becoming a minister - Lv 24:5-9; Ex 19:5-6; Rv 1:6. When the abomination that makes desolate is set up, the daily (bread) is removed. Dan 8:11-12; 11:31; 12:11. Other parts of the daily were the food offering, and a lamb morning and evening - Ex 29:38-42. True understanding is lost when truth cast down.
DARKNESS: Spiritual blindness. The way of the wicked, absence (or lack ) of the true light, which is the knowledge of God–Pr 4:19; Eph 5:8; 2Cor 4:6; Rm 1:21.
DAY: Period of spiritual understanding; - from the Son - Mal 4:2; Man's understanding to be shown as darkness - Joel 2:31; Act 2:20; wicked will not know - Mic 3:5-7 (cp Lk 23:45 ); Creation days are figures or levels of understanding and growth.
DEAD: H8546, G3499 - Eccl 9:5,6,10.
DEAF: Being dull of hearing spiritual understanding - Mt 13:12-15; Ps 38:13-14; 58:3-4; Isa 29:16-18.
DEATH: Cessation of life. Eccl 9:5,6,10.
DEEP, DEPTHS: H8415: waters of the sea, the great deep, Isa 51:10. An “immeasurable depth”, described in lexicons as a “pit” or 'abyss'. The Greek equivalent, abussos G12, rendered in the KJ as 'BOTTOMLESS PIT', Rv 9:1, and in other versions as 'pit of the abyss'. A symbol of the immeasurable depth of a mind: God’s judgments: Ps 36:6 and riches expressed in Rm 11:33, G899; His thoughts, Ps 92:5, H6009. Mankind’s spiritual darkness: Ps 64:6, H6013; Cp Job 28:12-14; Pr 3:19-20; Ps 68:22. (See WATE R ).
DEEP DITCH (PIT ): adulterous way of thinking - Pr 23:27; Off the narrow path, Lk 6:39. (See WOMAN ).
DEN: Place of lying in wait - Job 37:8; 38:40. Ps 10:9 - as in den of thieves - Lk 19:46. (See THIEF ).
DESERT: H4057, H6160: A barren land (mind ), without water - Job 39:6; Jer 2:6, Isa 35:6. (See LAND, WATER, WILDERNESS ).
DEVIL: H8163: (1 ) In O.T. = he-goat; used in reference to goat idols being worshiped, Lv 17:7; 2Ch 11:15 (parallel with calf gods ); Dt 32:17 H7700 = Application of the word to false gods points to the trait deeply graven in all pagan worship, that of regarding the deities as malignant, and needing to be propitiated by human offerings, Ps 106:37-38. 2 ) Diabolos G1228: The dragon, the serpent called devil G1228 and satin G4567, Rv 12:9. Each is a symbol of a different aspect of the fallen nature. Diabolos accuses others rather than take responsibility for one's own sins, Rv 12:10. Accuser, slander 1Tm 3:11; 2Tm 3:3. Note: Diabolos is not the same as daimonion, also rendered “devil” in the KJ. (3) Diaimonion G1140, G1142: This word is transliterated in other versions as “demon.” A demon is an unclean spirit (Lk 9:42; 4:33 ), which can be cleansed by the words of Christ, Mt 8:16; Jn 15:3. Spirits of men whose ideas possess you. (See 666, BABYLON, DRAGON, LUCIFER, SATAN, SERPENT, SPIRIT ).
DEW: God’s spoken word – Dt 32:1-2; Isa 55:10-11 - rain; Ps 133:3.
DOGS: Apostate leaders, without spiritual understanding, wicked - Isa 56:10-11; Ps 59:2-6 H3611; cp Zech 12:10 with Ps 22:16; Php 3:2.
DOOR: Entrance to the heart - Pr 5:8; Rv 3:20. (See GATES ).
DOVE: G4058 H3123: A symbol of a understanding - Mt 3:16; Jn 1:32; SS 1:15; 5:12 (see EYE, SPIRIT, WATER).
DOUBLE: The secrets of wisdom - Job 11:5-6 (Jesus, 1Cor 1:24 ). Literally - that which the firstborn receives - Dt 21:17; 2Ki 2:9; Isa 61:7; 1Tm 5:17. Unsanctified double: Jam 1:8; Ps 12:2 - A person trying to serve self and God at the same time (spiritual adultery ).
DRAGON: A symbol of the serpent, called satan (Hebrew for 'adversity' cf Nu 22:22 H7854 ), devil (Greek for 'false accuser, liar' cf Jn 8:44; Tit 2:3 G1228 ) - Rv 12:9. False foundation - SS 5:15; Breaking the legs used to speed the death of a victim on the cross. Christ’s foundation not broken (Jn 19:31-33 ). God delights not in man’s, Ps 147:10-11; Pr 26:7. (See BONE ), Nu 9:11-12 (Passover lamb ).
DROUGHT: Lack of spiritual water: Jer 50:38; Ps 32:4; The Wilderness is a land of drought - Dt 8:15; Hos 13:5.
DRINK OFFERING: Sacrifice of self’s own understanding and teaching. (See WINE ).
DRY TREE: Wicked person, lacks the moisture of God’s word - Isa 56:3; Eze 17:24; 20:47.
DUST: Offspring (thoughts ) of the earth. Liken to the seed of Abraham, Gn 13:16; A symbol for children, which are a spiritual symbol for thoughts of man, Ps 127:3-5. (See CHILDREN, CITY, Earth, FEET, )., All begin life with corrupted thoughts, whose foundation is in the Dust of the earth, Job 4:17-19; as the Earth, so is the flesh covered with Dust, Job 7:5; When the light of truth is rejected by others and you leave, shake the dust (their teachings ) from your feet, Lk 9:5.



EAGLE: H5404: Thought / understanding (see ANIMALS ) Ex 19:4; Isa 40:31; Pr 23:4-5; Rv 12:14.
EARS: Spiritually - perceive, consider - Job 34:2-3 (Ps 119:130 ); with hearing comes understanding - Job 42:5 (See EYE ).
EARTH: Self - See parable of the Sower, Mt 13:3-9, 18-23, good or bad seed each retains; (See SEED ).
EARTH AND SEA: Man's heavens = how I perceive God; Earth = my own understanding; Sea = Understanding received from the world. Isa 55:7-9; 57:20-21; Mk 4:1-9, 13-20.
EARTHQUAKE: Conviction (brought by thunder of God’s voice ) - cp Ex 19:16-18 and Heb 12:21, When light (truth ) comes, voices thunder (in explanation ), and the earth quakes (conviction ) - Ps 77:18; Mt 27:54; Act 16:23-30.
 EAST: Self - Job 15:2-5; 38:24; Eze 8:16. A priest always ministered in the tabernacle with his back to the east. An east wind (spirit of self ) causes green things to wither - Eze 17:10, (See Green ).
EGYPT: A type for the ways of the world from which we are delivered by conversion, when one accepts the blood of the Lamb as our deliverance (cf Ex 12:5-8 the type ). It is an iron furnace - Jer 11:4 - and their Horses (thoughts - flesh - Isa 31:1-3; a place of spiritual bondage - Jer 34:13; Dt 10:10-11, see ANIMALS, FEET, FURNACE, GARDEN, WATER. The Nile and it's tributaries are types for worldly thought, Pr 18:4.
EIGHT (8): Represents a new beginning. After the Noah’s flood, God started over with eight people. The promise of never another flood was to them and their seed, as a promise to all the world - no literal or spiritual flood, Gn 9:12-16; Rv 12:14-16. Circumcision of a male child on the eighth day was a sign of circumcision of the heart, Dt 30:6; Col 2:11 and a new beginning in Jesus Christ. (See NUMBERS IN SCRIPTURE ).
ELEVEN (11): Disorder, disorganization, imperfection. If '10' notes perfection of divine order and hearing God, '11' is an addition to it, undoing that order. One less than '12' (tribes ), complete body of Christ. (See NUMBERS IN SCRIPTURE ).
ELOHIYM: H440 - Ps 8; Ps 82:6; Heb 2. Meaning, Pharisees. as opposed to 'Son of Man'.Angels = elohiym = mighty ones = pharisees, unrighteous, self. (See MIGHTY ONES, Son of Man ).
EUPHRATES RIVER: A stream of thought, Pr 18:4, that goes through the mind-set (city ) of Babylon. Corrupted church government - Rv 17:5 (see WATER ) Confused thinking about God, Gn 11:5-9.
EVERLASTING FIRE: (Eternal ) Fire: Regarding Death, This time takes place after the Second Death, when there is NO Return possible - One is literally forgotten for the length of Eternity, no memory is made of that individual. Regarding Life, Eternal Life, this IS where we all would choose to be at. But, It IS a Choice, a decision has to be made. 2Pet 1:11; Jude 6,7,21; Rv 14:6. (See DEATH ).

EYE: Understanding - Eph 1:17, 18; Jer 5:21; Mt 13:15.
EYE SALVE: H5869, G2854 - Anointing of the SPIRIT - Rv 3:18; Ps 19:8; Pr 3:7.



FACE: H6440, G4383 - of a person reflects the inward, or the heart - Pr 27:19; 2Cor 4:6; Ps 31:16; Eccl 8:1.
FAMINE: H7458 - Spiritual drought from a lack of hearing the voice of the Lord - Amos 8:11.
FAST(ING ): Literally = to close the mouth to food and drink. Spiritual – Ex 34:28; Mt 4:1-2 - abstain from the bread and water of man; eat God’s bread, thereby breaking free of the bondage of sin - Isa 58:6-8.
FAT: H2459 - Indicative of abundance, plenty, Gn 45:18; Isa 25:6. Understanding: Own riches, or prosperity - Isa 6:10; God’s riches - Isa 58:11; Pr 28:25.
FEET: H7272 - Points in the direction of the thoughts of the heart, or mind - Ps 119:59, 101, 105; Pr 6:12-13; Walking is the application of the thoughts - Mic 2:11; Ps 78:10; 82:5.
FINGER(S): G1147 - Faith (hands = works-Jer 44:8, fingers work with hands - Jm 2:20,26. Five on each hand=grace; 10=hearing God. God wrote the Ten Commandments with His finger-demonstrating his faith-Rm 10:17; Ex 31:18; Dt 9:10; Faith will bring a person to hear God - Jn 20:25-29; putting forth of the finger” - using one’s own faith to judge others - Isa 58:9; Jesus cast out demons with finger of God: Lk 11:20 (cf Ex 31:18 ).
FIRE: H784, G4442 - Sanctified: God’s spoken word, the Spirit of God which consumes sin (the enemy quickly ) - Jer 23:29; Dt 9.3; Ps 18:8, 13; Dan 7:9-10; Nah 1:5-6; Rv 11:5; Isa 30:27-31; Eph 5:26; Jer 5:14; 23:29 [0784]. Unsanctified: A consuming SPIRIT in man; Wicked words, thoughts that consume - Jm 3:6; Isa 50:11; 1Pet 1:6-7; Ps 66:10-12; Ps 18:6-8; 52:1-5; 57:4; Ex 35:3; Pr 16:27. Flames of fire = rebuke - Isa 66:15. To have Rv 14:18 - Authority (power ) over FIRE means that a person has been able to quell his/her PASSIONS (Anger, Sex, Food ). (See BIT and BRIDLE,
FIRSTBORN: H1060 - Self (sin-nature ) - it must die and bring forth the man child (Firstborn of God in you ) - Ex 11:5; Rv 12; Rm 6:6-7. It is the firstborn that is redeemed - Ex 13:13.
FIVE (5): (See GRACE, NUMBERS IN SCRIPTURE ). The number 5 Represents God's grace.
FLESH: H1320, G4561: Skin tissues that cover the bones of man or animal, Gn 41:2. A symbol for the human race, Gn 6:12; a spiritual symbol for man’s corrupted thoughts, Rm 8:3-8.
FLOOD: Concepts, teaching - Sanctified: Eze 47:1-5; Unsanctified: Ps 144:7-8; Jer 46:7, 8; 47:2; Rv 12:15, (See WATER ).
FLOWER: G438 - Character or glory of the natural man - 1Pet 1:24; Isa 40:6-7 [6738]; Ps 103:15.
FOAM: G1690 - Shame - Jude 13 - Raging waves of the sea, foaming out their own shame.
FORTY (40): H705 Ex 34:28 - (See NUMBERS IN SCRIPTURE ). Moses and Christ spent 40 Days and Nights preparing themselves.
FORTY-TWO MONTHS (42): Is another Earthly (negative ) vs. Spiritual (positive ) understanding. Months are tied to what is said about the Gentiles who are trampling the holy city. Days are tied to the two witnesses who have authority from God and will prophesy. A month is determined by the moon, and a day is determined by the sun. The sun gives light and rules the day; the moon gives light and rules the night, Genesis 1:16. The light of the SUN is a symbol for the Son of God, Mal 4:2; Jn 8:12; the moon is a symbol for the law, Jer 31:35. The moon has no light of its own, and only reflects 1/7th of the light that falls on it. The deeper understanding of the law comes only from God through the Son. Negative: 42 months: 6 x 7 = governed by the law, mankind can only come to the fullness of man. Positive: 1260 days = 3 x 10 x 6 x 7. Governed by the light of the Son gives mankind a complete understanding of God, and brings them into the fullness of God. Eph 3:19. (See MOON, NUMBERS IN SCRIPTURE, SUN ).
FOUNTAIN: H4599 - A source of water, hence a person. God or a person - Jer. 2:13 [H4726]; Rv 14:7 compare Pr. 25:26. (See SPRING,
FOUR (4): (See NUMBERS IN SCRIPTURE ). Represents being complete. a fullness; Earth's directions (N,S,E,W ), dimensions (length, breadth, depth, height ) Eph 3:18.
FOWLER: False prophet, one who lures birds to the earth. (see ANIMALS and SNARES) them – Hos 9:8 [H3353]; Pr 6:5; Ps 124:7.
FOX: False prophet, one who follows their own SPIRIT - Eze 13:3-4; see Lk 13:31-32.
FRANKINCENSE: Smells sweet, white: = righteousness - Rv 19:8, covers shew bread, Lv 24:7; one of 4 spices that make up the Incense, Ex 30:34-35; added to grain (flour ) offerings, Lv 2:1, except sin-offerings, Lv 5:11.
FROGS: Unclean SPIRIT, false words - Rv 16:13 [G944].
FROST (or ICE ): Breath, or words of God - Job 37:10 [7140]; (see WATER ).
FURLONGS: G4712, H1769 - 1600 Furlongs - Lk 24:13; Jn 6:19; Jn 11:18. Literal measurement approx. 200 meters. Rv 14:20 = 1000 (many or much ) + 2 (first number that can be divided or multiplied, which means unity or division ) x 10 (God’s understanding ) x 5 (God's grace ) x 6 (number of man ) = 1600 = 'Much division concerning God’s grace toward man.' (See BIT and BRIDLE, FIRE, PASSIONS ).
FURNACE: A furnace is for trying gold - it’s what happens in your heart - Pr 17:3; Hos 7:6; Ps 12:6; furnace of affliction - Isa 48:10. Egypt is an iron furnace (bondage ) - Dt 4:20; Jer 11:4.



GABRIEL: H1403, G1043 - Means Man of God. Name is mentioned four times in he Scriptures; twice in Daniel, twice in Luke.
GARDEN: Mind - [1588] Isa 58:11; Jer 31:12.
GARDEN Of EDEN: God's mind - Isa 51:3; Eze 31:8-9 [1588].
GARMENT: Character from habitual thoughts - Zech 3:3-5 [899]; Ps 104:2 [8008]; Rv 12:1; 19:8. Two directions of the thread that weaves the cloth = faith and works.
GATES: Symbols of eyes and ears, doors into the heart/mind - cp Ps 118:19-20 and Jn 10:7. Cp Pr 8:1, 3 with Rv 3:20 and 1Cor 1:24, 30; Pr 1:20-21 see CITY.
GEHENNA FIRE: The word Gehenna comes from the Greek transliteration of the Hebrew. In the Greek this is (G1097 ) (ge'enna ). (H2011 ) In Hebrew (gehinnom ), (gey hinnom ), which means "valley of "Hinnom" - It refers to our sexual passions or ability or disability to overcome one's power or Will, which is the Old Man and are expressed by having the things shown in verse Gal 5:17-24. (See DEATH, HADES FIRE, EVERLASTING FIRE ).
GENERATION: H1755, G1074. A person's descendents. The End Time events will occur within ONE generation of time, Mt 24:34.
GENTILE(S): G1484 - Many become converted and are the chosen people to take the Gospel to the Jews just before the End of Time. Rm 2:14, 15:27.
GIRDLE or (BELT ): Righteousness, faithfulness - Isa 11:5 [232]; thoughts with which the mind (LOINS ) is girded.
GLORY: Thoughts, ideas, opinions: man's - Job 19:9 (see CROWN ); Ps 49:16; I would delete this as these verses don’t seem to define glory as thoughts. The glory of God is His character - Ex 34:6-7; Wisdom (Christ ) will crown you with glory - Pr 4:9,14:18; Jn 17:22; cp Rm 6:4 with Rm 8:11 Greek 1391-opinions, judgments, views; A way of thinking-Thayer's Greek English Lexicon.
GOD: H430, H3068; G2316 - Creator of the Heavens, Earth and Sea and all that it contains.
GODHEAD: G2320, G2305; H430 - Pertaining to the Father and His Son (men inserts the Holy SPirit into this definition ).
GOG and MAGOG: Rv 20:8 - Nations and Pride Use the same root word.
Universal churches identify it by what is stated in Eze 38 and 39. Revelation symbolizes it as nations with rods of iron. (See IRON, NATIONS, PRIDE, ROD ).
GOLD: Faith (a noun ), something you possess resulting in believing (a verb ). Character, self, riches (truths ) God has given you. Sanctified: picture of wisdom God has given you. Unsanctified: your own wisdom, thoughts; Self - Dan 2:38 [1722] Delete this verse; Sanctified: Zech 13:8-9 [2091]; 1Pt 1:7 [5553].
GRACE: The Divine influence of love, kindness and mercy received into the soul, by which we are rendered innocent - Tit 3:4-7; Eph 1:7-9; 2:7. Represented by the number 5, which is God's Grace.
GRASS: An earthly covering, natural man, people; righteousness of the flesh - Isa 40:6 [2682]; 1Pet 1:24 [5528]; Lk 23:31-Delete this verse.
GRAVE: A pit as being without Spirit, wisdom and knowledge - Eze 37:12-14 Delete this verse; Pr 1:10-12; The human mind, as a hole in the earth - Ps 30:3; 88:3-6; 5:9; Isa 38:17-18; Jer 5:16 Delete these verses and add: Faithlessness, wickedness-as a result God will remember no more.
GREEN: Color for righteousness - Ps 52:7-8 [7488]; Ps 22:2-3 Delete Lk 23:31 [5200]; a person – Delete Hos 14:8; Jer 17:7-8- Someone who trusts in the Lord; Remove Job 8:16; 15:32 Move "Green” to 'color'.



HADES FIRE: This is the type of death that Christ lived and overcame on the Cross as an example for us; He and Us are able to overcome the sins that we have done to others and especially to be able to put away our anger and resentment towards what has been done to us and the most important part is that getting control of this will also allow us to Stop Sinning in the future. Gal 5:19-21.
HAIL: Hard water: Straight truth from heaven - Ps 18:13; 148:8; Isa 28:17 - defines what hail does. Example: Act 7:51-53.
HAMMER: God's word that breaks stones (spiritual concepts, see STONE ) - Jer 23:29.
HAND: What you do based on your thoughts – your works - H3027 and H3709: Isa 2:8; 41:20; Jer 44:8; Pr 3:27; 10:4; Ps 58:2 (fingers = faith, see FINGERS ).
HARLOT: (See WHORE, DEEP PIT ) - Pr 23:27: One who is committing spiritual fornication – Rv 17:1-5.
HARP: A heart of mercy, compassion, tender affection, bowels; the heart - Cp Isa 16:11 H3658 to Php 2:1-2; Jer 4:19; Col 3:12.
HEAD: Unsanctified: Leadership (old, revered teachers ); what governs you - Isa 9:15-16; Sanctified: 1Cor 11:3; Eph 5:23-Christ is the head individuals and the church, God is the head of Christ.
HEART: Direction and feelings of the mind - 1Cor 7:37; Pr 10:13 H3820; Lk 10:27; 1Sam 16:7; Act 17:27.
HEAT: Great anger - Dt 9:19 H2534; 19:6 - [H3179 - figurative]; Ps 6:1.
HEATHEN: H1471 - Unsanctified - Apparently from the same root as H1465 (in the sense of massing ); a foreign nation; hence a Gentile; also (figuratively ) a troop of animals, or a flight of locusts: - Gentile, heathen, nation, people. Lev 11:46.
HEAVENS: God’s understanding - Isa 55:7-9; or unsanctified = man’s understanding of God. By understanding, God establishes the heavens and by knowledge He breaks up the sea (world ) - Pr 3:19-20. Jn 3:12-13; The heavens affect the earth - Mt 6:10; Isa 3:13; 51:6, 16; the heavens declare God’s glory, Ps19:1.
HEAVENS, EARTH, and SEA: Man's heavens = how I perceives God; Earth = my own understanding; Sea = Understanding gotten from the world.
HEEL: The weakest part of a person: spiritually how one is snared - Job 18:8-9 (RSV ); The weakness of Judas which caused him to betray Christ - Jn 13:18, Ps 41:9; prophesied in Gn 3:15 HIDDEN.
HELL: H7585 (Sheol ); G1067 - [See What IS HELL?]
HIDDEN (HIDDEN MANNA ): Christ’s understanding of the written word - Rv 2:17 (see MANNA ).
HIGHWAY: An avenue of thinking - Pr 16:17 H4546-fem; Isa 35:8 4547 – masculine, both words from H5549; To depart from evil; the way of holiness - Pr 16:17 H4546 – feminine.
HONEY: Sweet words, righteous thoughts, knowledge of Wisdom (Christ ) - Pr 16:24; 24:13-14; Ps 119:103.
HORN: That which shines H7161 (from H7160 = to shine ). What one considers as the truth and which gives them authority, power. Defiled - Job 16:15 (see DUST ); Ps 75:10; Eze 34:21; Full authority in Christ - Hab 3:4; Rv 5:6; Lk 1:69.
HORSE: powerful thoughts (color denotes spiritual quality - see ANIMALS ): unsanctified - Ps 32:9; don't trust the messenger or his thoughts - Ps 20:7; 33:17; thoughts of the Egypt (world ) are flesh - Isa 31:3.
HOUSE: dwelling place for thoughts, mind - Pr 24:3-5 H1004; Mt 7:24; 2Cor 5:1; 1Pet 2:5 G3624 – (See TEMPLE ).
HYSSOP: A plant which grows out of the earth, used to sprinkle blood on the doorpost, and on Lepers for cleansing. Thoughts produced by studying the cross, which purges the conscience: Ex 12:22; Lv 14:4-7; Ps 51:7; Heb 9:14, 19-23.



ICE: (See FROST ).
IDOL(S): They worship the works of their own hands, that which their own fingers have made: Isaiah 2:8. Withhold not good from them to whom it is due, when it is in the power of thine hand to do it - Pr 3:27. (See FINGERS, HAND; IRON ).
IMPUTE: To make a list - 1Cor 13:5; 2Cor 5:19.
INCENSE: Aroma or motive for an action. Prayers of the saints; righteousness - Rv 5:8; 8:4; Ps 141:2.
INIQUITY: H5771 from H5753 = to bend, twist, distort: perverted thoughts - from the mouth - Job 15:5; Mt 15:18-20; purged by mercy and truth - Pr 16:6.
INSTRUCTION: H4148, Chastening - Pr 12:1; 3:11; correction-Pr 22:15 (same word ).
INWARD THINKING (INWARDLY): H4578, G3431 - (See OUTWARD THINKING ). Inward expression of an Outward Truth.
IRON: Positive: Firm, steadfast, strength – to rule with a rod of iron- Rv 2:26-27 – (See NATIONS ) is to hold to a truth that destroys sin, compare Col 1:23 (see ROD ). Stones of iron (Dt 8:9 ) = concepts that give spiritual strength-Ps 2:8-9; Negative: hardness, harshness, oppression, stubbornness, corruption - Ps 107:10; Jer 28:13-14; 6:28. Sin written on the heart with corrupted ideas - Jer 17:1. Comes out of the earth (self ) - Job 28:2. Egypt is an iron furnace = vessel of bondage and SPIRIT (fire ) of man. A condition of not listening to God, Jer 11:3-4. Rome is the iron kingdom, and her doctrines are corrupt.
ISLANDS of the SEA: Inwardly, an island is that little bit of dry land where God can plant a seed. If a person hears and does what God tells him, he can ascend out of the sea into the heavens with Christ. Gentile Christians, the righteous (plant seed on dry land in the sea ) – Isa 60:5 H1471; 51:5; 24:14-15 H336.



JAH: H3050, H3404 - Jah or Yah (Hebrew: ???, Yah ) is a short form of Hebrew: (YHWH ), the four letters that form the tetragrammaton, the personal name of God: Yahweh, which the ancient Israelites used. Most well-known English versions of the Hebrew Bible translate the Hebrew "Hallelujah" (as at Ps 150:1 ) as two Hebrew words, generally rendered as "Let us praise" and "the LORD", but the second word is given as "Yah" in the Lexham English Bible and Young's Literal Translation,
JAHWEH: H3068, H3069 - Seven names of God. The seven names of God that, once written, cannot be erased because of their holiness are the Tetragrammaton, El, Elohim, Eloah, Elohai, El Shaddai, and Tzevaot.
JERICHO: City of the moon - a mind under or governed by the law. Rebuilt by Hiel (meaning God is living ); foundation is laid in firstborn (self ); Abiram (father of elevation=self-exaltation ); gates (understanding ) in Segub- protection. Hiel who claimed God is living, laid the foundation of rebuilding the law in self elevation and the understanding of it was for protection against sin. One who claimed God is living brought the law into his midst, using the law for self- exaltation and protection against sin - 1Ki 16:34; (see CITY, MOON. Called City of PALM TREE, Dt 34:3.
JERUSALEM (ZION ): New Jerusalem, the mother (heart/teacher ) of us all, a symbol of the Holy Spirit - Gal 4:26; Jn 3:3, 5, which gives us birth. God’s way of thinking in His Son – Php 2:5; Jn 3:34. New Jerusalem's glory is God's character.
JESUS CHRIST: G2424, G5547 - Lk 3:29. The literal 'Son of God' or as Paul describes Him in: 1Cor 2:1,2,4 -
1 And I, brethren, when I came to you, came not with excellency of speech or of wisdom, declaring unto you the testimony of God.
2 For I determined not to know any thing among you, save Jesus Christ, and him crucified.
And my speech and my preaching was not with enticing words of man's wisdom, but in demonstration of the Spirit and of power: (KJV ).
JUDGMENT, GOD'S: H3948 (doctrines ) - God's ways, or his determinations. The Word Judgment is defined as making a Decision or a Choice. Dan 4:37; Dt 32:1-4. (See WAYS ).




KEY: Knowledge of a thing - Lk 11:52. As you receive the knowledge of Christ, you are receiving His power and authority over self - Lk 24:44-49.
KING: Ruler, judge - establishes the land - Pr 29:4; 1Sam 8:20. We are to be the 3rd ruler of our universe: first God, then Christ, then man (cf Dan 5:7, 29 ); Believers made Kings of their earth, Rv 1:6.
KINGDOM: A mind-set, way of thinking: Lk 17:20-21; cp Mk 4:26 to Mt 13:20; cp Lk 13:20-21 to Mt 16:12 (see GARDEN ).
KNEES: H1290: Eze 21:6-7 - The part of the foundation (LEGS ) that indicates weakness, Isa 35:3; a yielding to God or to idols, 1Ki 19:18; indicating fear when the foundation is shaken, Dan 5:6.



LABORER: G2040, G4904; H6001 - a workman, a laborer: usually one who works for hire, Mt 10:10.
LAME: One not balanced in Christ, which means that the person doesn’t have the understanding of Christ before and after the cross. Pr 26:7. (See LEGS ).
LAMP: 3 parts: vessel=a person; oil=spirit; wick (flax )=tongue: (see OIL ) Yahweh a lamp, 2Sam 22:29; Lamp of wicked will be put out, Job 18:5-6; Fire of God lights the wick, Jer 23:29, and He will not quench a smoking flax (wick ) of the righteous, Isa 42:3; Mt 12:20; Whole lamp represents the SPIRIT - Pr 20:27; Jesus is the light (lamp ) of the world, Jn 8:12.
LAMP STAND / CANDLESTICK: seven lamps/candles = a person with a fullness of truth of a concept - Mt 5:14-16, truth supplied by Christ, Zech 4:2-3, 12, 14 (two anointed ones=sons of oil ).
LAND: Mind – Gn 2:8; Eze 28:13; Joel 2:3; Mk 4:1-20 (parable of the sower explains 4 types of soil ).
LATTER RAIN: The spoken word - Dt 32:1-2; the final rain that ripens the harvest - Jer 5:24; Zech 10:1; 1Sam 12:17 (wheat was the latter and largest harvest ).
LAW: The law of Moses also known as the Torah or Ten Commandments, or Instructions from Moses. The Law and the Sabbath (must be spiritually discerned ). [symbols need to be understood] Gn 2:1,2; Heb 4:4,5 ). LAW means to Unite or to Come together.
LEAVEN: An understanding that produces a gradual process (leavening ) of growth for good or evil. Positive: The truth of God - Mt 13:33 (Lk 13:20-21 ). Negative: Mt 16:11-12; false teaching (hypocrisy ) - Lk 12:1; literal verses spiritual- 1Cor 5:6-8.
LEAVES: Excuses / reasons. Outward covering of trees, symbols of character traits-see TREE. Adam and Eve were naked and shameless until they sinned, after which they covered their loins with fig leaves - i.e. excuses as to why they disobeyed, Gn 3:7-13. In cold weather, sap (moisture ) in a tree drops causing the leaves to change from green (color for righteousness ) to red (Isa 1:18 ), etc., except evergreens, Hos 14:8; Lk 23:31; Rv 9:4. Job 24:7 (leaves drop in winter ) - truth exposes our nakedness, which we cannot see without it. Isa 30:1 - wicked cover themselves, but not with God’s Spirit. (See LOINS, WINTER ).
LEG(S): H7785, G4628 - A person’s foundation - SS 5:15; Breaking the legs used to speed the death of a victim on the cross. Christ’s foundation not broken (Jn 19:31-33 ). God delights not in man’s, Ps 147:10-11; Pr 26:7. (See BONE ), Nu 9:11-12 (Passover lamb ).
LEOPARD: Has spots that cannot change, twisted thinking described by the Hebrew word H5771 and its root H5753, Jer 13:23; Sin, error - Jude 12; fleshly understanding - 2Pt 2:10, 12-13.
LEPROSY: H6883 - Sin, a rising in the flesh (exaltation ); defect in faith and works, which form character - (Lv 13:14 ). By Jesus’ faith and works, he cleanses us - Mt 8; Gal 2:16.
LEVIATHAN: H3882: The serpent in the sea, Isa 27:1; having more than one head and food for those inhabiting the wilderness, Ps 74:14; Rv 12:9; Scales so close, no air can pass between them, Job 41:15-16 - interpretation: so much pride the Holy S Spirit cannot get through to him. He is king over the sons of pride, Job 41:34. (See SERPENT ).
LIGHT: H5094, G457 - Understanding, Dan 5:14; Lk 11:34, Eph 1:18; Christ’s truth - Jn 14:6; 8:12.
LIGHTNING: H1300: Sudden revelation (understanding ) of a word or idea - Ps 77:18; pierces darkness of the mind, Ps 97:4; Zech 9:14; Comes with rain - Jer 10:13. Compare with ARROW.
LINE: For measuring, Job 38:5: A message to test quality of character - Isa 28:9-13; Zech 1:16.
LINEN: (from a plant ) thoughts woven by faith and works which reflect character traits, Job 7:5; Ps 35:26; The Lord, Ps 104:1; righteousness of saints - Rv 19:8. (See WOOL ) (mix not with linen, Lv 19:19; Eze 44:17 ).
LION: H4430 - Unsanctified: pride - Ps 10:4-9; King of Babylon who took credit for his kingdom - Dan 5:18-20; Sanctified: Christ as a ruler, Rv. 5:5 and a prince, Rv 1:5. (See PRIDE ).
LOCUST: H697 - Reasons from the pit of the abyss for rejecting truth, see PIT - Nah 3:14-17; Dt 28:38, 42; They consume all the green things, Joel 1:4; 2:3, see GREEN.
LOINS: H4975 - Inner man, the mind-1Pt 1:13; gird the mind with truth (Christ ) - Eph 6:14; Jn 14:6; Job 40:16 see BELLY; Ps 38:7 see FLESH.
 LORD: H3066, H3068, G2962 - Jer 2:2. Having power and authority over others; male head of a houshold; Jesus is our husband we are His bride; God sent; person of a high position or rank; used as an official title; High Priest; Lord Advocate. 'Jesus Christ our Lord' 2Pt 1:2.
LOVE: G26 - 1Jn 4:10. Rev 3:7 'Key of David' means to have a Loving spirit. Literally means 'Abode in my house'.
LUCIFER: A Latin word borrowed from the Latin Vulgate and substituted for the Hebrew word helel, H1966. Root = halal, H1984 = to shine]; Helel = that which shines, or shining one. The word appears as a noun once in Isa 14:12. In context, (see Isa 14:4 ), a metaphor showing how the king of Babylon exalts self because of pride. A person’s “shining” (appearance to others ) comes from their actions and words spoken, in this case, based on the use of Babylon as a metaphor of confusion (Gn 11:9 ); 666, BABYLON, CITY, DRAGON, SATAN, SERPENT,SPIRIT, WOMAN ).
LUST: H1890, G3715 - 1Jn 2:16. To have an inordinate desire for or of...usually used in the context of an undesiered sexual act.



MALAK: H4397 - Hebrew for angel. (See ANGLE, ANGELOS, ELOHYIM, MIGHTYONE ).
MAMMON: Unrighteous riches - own thoughts, ideas. You can’t serve God and self - Mt 6:24; Isa 55:8; If a person is not faithful in the unrighteous riches, they cannot be trusted with the true, Lk 16:10-11.
MANNA: Hebrew - “A whatness”; in English “What is it”. A symbol of spiritual bread which feeds and strengthens; given two weeks before Israel arrived at Sinai (cp Ex 16:1 and 19:1 ). Called ‘corn' (grain ) of heaven, Ps 78:24. A symbol of the written word of which Israel did not grasp the spiritual meaning, 2Cor 3:14, nor the bread of life, Jn 6:31-42, 48-58. You shall not live by bread alone (written word ), but by every word (living bread ) out of the mouth of God, Dt 8:3.
MAN OF SIN: man G444 of sinG 266 - 2Th 2:3 (See 666, BABYLON, DEVIL, LUCIFER, MYSTERY OF INIQUITY, SATAN, SERPENT, SHEWBREAD, SON OF PERDITION ) 2Th 2:3 - All referring to the Papacy.
MARK on the FOREHEAD: The way you think, or in the hand - your works; Cain blamed God for his iniquity, Gn 4:13-16; Lam 3:12 (also see ARROW ); Eze 9:4; Rv 13:16-17.
MATTER: H5931; H1697, H2656 - Translated as WORD - Pr 25:2 - Both MATTER and THING uses the same Hebrew Strong's number as does WORD.
MEMBERS: Literally body parts, figurative of evil deeds - Col 3:5; deeds of the ‘old man’ - Col 3:9; tongue defiles whole body - Jam 3:6; Mt 15:11 (see BODY ).
MERCHANDISE: Knowledge; understanding - Eze 28:1-5, 13; 2Pt 2:3; see Rv 18:3, 11-17 Babylon's; a merchant would be a messenger;
Positive - Pr 3:13-14.

MIGHTY ONE(S): Ps 82; Ps 8; Heb 2. Meaning, Pharisees. as opposed to 'Son of Man'. (See ANGLE, ANGELOS, ELOHIYM, MALAK, SON OF MAN ).
MILK: Beginning principles of God’s word-1Pt 2:1-2; 1Cor 3:2; Heb 5:12-14; 6:1-2. (See WINE ).
MIND: H1069, G3563 - Same as Spirit, Job 20:3. (See SPIRIT, TABERNACLE ).
MIRROR: Bible - Jam 1:23.
MONTH: H435, H3393, H2320; G24 - Period of darkness ruled by the moon; represents no spiritual light; light is knowledge of God - Gn 1:14-16; Ps 136:9; Ps 119:130; the wicked walk in darkness and lack understanding from God, Ps 82:5; Pr 4:19.
MOON: Rules the darkness, Gn 1:14-16; Reflects only 1/7th of the light falling on it. A symbol for the law of God, which has no light of its own - Jer 31:35. One’s understanding of the law from his own light (stars ), or from the Sun of righteousness, Mal 4:2. (See LIGHT ).
MOUNTAIN: Literally a high place on earth. Outwardly/inwardly a symbol of a kingdom, Isa 13:4; an understanding: Babylon - world's confused way of thinking about God - Jer 51:24-25; Rv 8:8; Jg 5:4-5 (destroyed ); Mt Zion God's way of thinking possessed by saints - Zech 8:3; God's righteousness like - Ps 36:6; God will make my mountain strong – Ps 30:7; It is faith that removes the bad mountains - Mt 17:20; Two ways of thinking in Revelation - New Jerusalem, on Mt Zion and Babylon, that great city - Rv 21:10; 17:5, 18.
MOURN: H5594 - Gn 23:2 Abraham mourns and bewails the death of his dearest Sarah; 1Sm 16 Samuel is told by the Lord that he has rejected Saul, why is he mourning over him and He sends him to Jesse to find and annoint David.
MYRRH: Spiritual symbol for purity. Traditionally used for purifying and burial, Est 2:12; Jn 19:39-40; One of three gifts the wise men presented to Jesus, Mt 2:11, a symbol of his spiritual purity. (See GOLD, FRANKINCENSE ).
MYSTERY OF INIQUITY: mystery G3466 of iniquity G458 - (See



NAIL: A sure concept - Ezra 9:8; Eccl 12:11; Isa 22:23-25 H3489.
NAKED: Opposite of clothed, without truth, shame exposed - Lam 1:8; Eze 16:8; 2Cor 5:1-3; Rv 3:17-18; 16:15.
NAME: Character - Ex 33:18-19; 34:5-7; Rv 2:17 (reference meaning of Hebrew names in a Lexicon, as Strong, BDB, or Gesenius ).
NATIONS: Sin problem in man's heart; Denominations - Dt 9:1-3; 7:1 (Allegorically, characteristics of the nations ). The root word for nations H1471 is H1342 = to rise up (pride, self - exalting ). (See PRIDE ). Nations and Pride share the same root word.
NECK: Principles that hold up the head; they are manifest outwardly - Pr 6:20-21; Isa 10:27; 52:2; Act 15:5, 10 (letter of the law ).
NET: (a snare ) Mind of a woman (mind-set or understanding ) - Eccl. 7:26 H2764; wicked taken in - Ps 9:15-16; Job 18:8; taken to Babylon by - Eze 12:13; (cf Pr 29:5 ); fish = thoughts, clean or unclean, taken in a net, then separated - Mt 13:47-50 (kingdom of heaven likened to ).
NILE RIVE: Worldly thinking - (see EGYPT, RIVER, WATER ). Sihor H7883 a branch of the Nile, meaning dark, Jer 2:18.
NINE (9): (See NUMBERS IN SCRIPTURE ). Number of "Finality" or 'Judgment,' last single digit, marks the 'end.' Hag 1:11 lists 9 particulars on which judgment comes; Gal 5:22-23.
NOON: (see DAY ) Shadow of self disappears - Isa 58:7-10 (see SHADOW ); man in his own wisdom will not recognize, but the poor in spirit do - Job 5:13-15; those who trust God will receive His righteousness (thoughts ), Ps 37:5-6; man's light shown to be darkness, famine - Amos 8:9-13; Saul (Paul ) called at noon - Act 22:6.
NORTH: H6828: Properly=hidden, dark. Judgments of God come from the north, Joel 2:15-21; Jer 1:14; 4:6 (Babylon ); table of shew bread on the north - Ex 26:35, see SHEWBREAD; tribe of Dan (a judge ). Situated on north side of the camp - Nu 2:25.
NOSTRILS: H639: Properly a breathing place, Nose: Breathes in and smells, a metaphor of perceiving another’s spirit, Gn 8:20-21; Idols, work of men’s hands, smell not; breath of God’s nostrils a rebuke, as He exposes man’s earthly thinking; then He draws man out of many waters, Ps 18:15-16; wicked thinking and pride of man exposed and destroyed by breath of God’s nostrils, Job 4:8-10; hard breathing and flared nose indicative of anger, Pr 22:24; 29:22.



OAK: (see TREE Strength - Amos 2:9 H437.
ODOR: H7306, G3744. An understanding perceived, either good or bad (see SMELL ): God of Noah's sacrifice - Gn 8:20-21; Isaac deceived by Jacob - Gn 27:27; a gift of support to Paul - Php 4:16-18; Christ's sacrifice as a gift of love - Eph 5:2.
OIL: (See SPIRIT ), spiritual character; used for light and anointing - Ex 35:28 [8081]; Ps 55:21; Eccl 9:8 (used with clothing ); brings joy - Isa 61:3; makes face shine - Ps 104:15; the Spirit gives light - see LIGHT.
OIL, ANOINTING: Made up of 4 sweet smelling spices and olive oil (5 = grace ) - Ex 30:23-33: Oil - a symbol of God's SPIRIT, with which Christ was anointed, and priests - Heb 1:9; Calamus – a message of light (see REED, MYRRH ); (from the root ) bitter experience, results in a sweet smell to God; Cassia - (from the root ) bow down, bow the knee (Isa 45:23-24; Rm 14:11-12; Php 2:10 ); Cinnamon - (comes from various trees - (see TREE ) to erect, build character fit for heaven.
OLD CORN: Josh 5:11-12 [5669] produce (RSV, ASV ), or what the land yields, fruit of the land. Figuratively, fruit = words, works, Pr 12:14; 1:31; land = self, Mk 4:3-8, 13-20; Promised land a symbol of the mind, or SPIRIT of Christ. The fruit (spoken word ) of that land is better than gold, Pr 8:19; Gal 3:14. (see MANNA ). Old corn = fruit of Eden given up by Adam and Eve.
OLD MAN: The carnal, corrupted way of thinking. It was crucified with Christ - Rm 6:6; 2Cor 5:17, Eph 4:22; Col 3:8-9.
OLIVE TREE: H2132: Literally, a source of oil, a symbol of the SPIRIT of Christ, Zech 4:12-14 (sons of oil - margin ); A person filled with the spirit - Hos 14:6; Ps 52:8; Rm 11:24.
ONE (1): H259 - One is the symbol of unity. (See NUMBERS IN SCRIPTURE ).
ONE HUNDRED AND FORTY AND FOUR THOUSAND (144,000): A symbolic number referring to the Last Generation CHurch which reach their Perfection or Completeness and take the Last Message to the Modern - day Jews to allow them also to reach their Perfection. The number is derived from the 12 Israeli tribes which are an unknown number represented by thousands (many ) in each tribe multiplied by God's government or those that are saved. They are not included as a part of 'The Great Multitude' (Rev 7:9 ), these have a Mark on their Foreheads and sing a Song no one else can sing (Rev 14:1 ). The best explanation or definition of the 144,000 represents the Biblical Truths that need to be applied or that replaces the leaven out of our lives. (See MARK ON THE FOREHEAD; THOUSAND; TWELVE, NUMBERS IN SCRIPTURE ).
ONE THOUSAND TWO HUNDRED AND SIXTY DAYS (1260): H3967; G1250. 3x10x7x6 = 1260. 3 = Divine Completion; 10 = God's character; 7 = enough; 6 = man's nimber. (See FORTY-TWO MONTHS, NUMBERS IN SCRIPTURE, SEVEN, SIX, THREE ).
OPPRESSION: Impose a spiritual test - Hos 12:7; Ex 3:9; 23:9; Ps 119:122.
 ORACLE: A brief utterance G3051-1Pt . 4:11; God’s word written down - Act 7:38; Rm 3:1-2.
OUTWARD THINKING (OUTWARDLY): H2803, G3540 - (See INWARD THINKING ). Outward expression of an Inward Truth.
OVEN: H8574; G2823 - The heart - Hos 7:6.



PALM TREE: H8561; G5404 - Righteous character trait manifested by works - Ps 92:12; Palm in hand, symbol of righteous works, Rv 7:9.
PASSIONS: The FIRE within us that consumes and which must be controlled. Flames of fire = rebuke - Isa 66:15. To have Rv 14:18 - Authority (power ) over FIRE means that a person has been able to quell his / her Passions (anger, sex, food ). (See FIRE, FURLONGS, BIT and BRIDLE ).
 PATH: Where feet walk, avenue of thinking - Ps 23:3; 25:10; 119:35, 105; Pr 2:8-9.
PEARLS: Worldly character trait that has been overcome with precious truth - Mt 7:6; 13:45-46. *See HEAVENS ).
PILLAR: Concept Spiritual concept: 1Tim 3:15; Pr 9:1 (7 = a fullness ) Job 26:11; Jer 1:17-19; Rv 3:11; cp Gn 28:18, 22; Ex 13:21.
PIT: A place of fornication caused by earthly thoughts from an unsanctified heart; an unsanctified church - Pr 22:14; 23:27; (See HARLOT, EARTH ).
PLAGUE: An understanding revealed by words; context determines quality, Ex 9:14; 1Ki 8:38; Rv 9:18.
POMEGRANATE: G7416, G7428; H7416. Ss 8:2; wine of the pomegranate. Wine represents teaching, Mi 2:11.
PRECEPT: H6490 - A path to His Eternal Spirit. (See LAW, STATUTE ).
PRIDE: H1346 - from H1342; arrogancy, excellency. (See NATIONS ). Nations and Pride share the same root word.



QUIVER: Holds arrows, arrows are words (see ARROW ). Quiver: symbol of the heart, out of which come thoughts, or words. Jer 5:15-17; Lam 3:12-13; Isa 49:2. (See BOW, CHILDREN ).



RAIN: God's spoken word - Dt 32:1-2; Isa 55:10-11.
RAINBOW: Fullness of understanding. (See COLOR, GLORY ) - Eze 1:28; cf Gn 9:16; Rv 10:1.
RED (SCARLET ): (unsanctified ) understanding of sinful man, Isa 1:18; cf Rv 17:3-4; Rv 12:3; (sanctified ) understanding why the blood of Christ was shed at the cross - Col 1:20; cf Gal 6:14; Jn 12:32.
REED(S): Properly the root H7069 means to acquire, possess, as in used in Pr 4:7. What is acquired is a message, which flourishes with water, Isa 35:7; or withers without water, Isa 19:6-7, see WATER. Used also of a branch H7070 on the lamp stand. Seven lamps of light on seven branches, (see LAMP, LIGHT, ROD ), Ex 37:17-18; used for measuring, Eze 40:3, 5; a reed, when used as a rod, is a message of correction, Rv 11:1. Reeds must have much water to survive, water is Thoughts. It requires much thought to understand and put into practice God's ways of doing things. Gn 4:1-7; Gn 41:25; Isa 19:1-6; Isa 35:5-7.
REINS: H3629: Literally the kidneys; Heart distributes blood, kidneys filter it (waste eliminated via the urine, see WATER ) and God tries both, Ps 26:2. (See BLOOD ). Spiritual food must be filtered with God’s understanding. It becomes instruction to the soul, Ps16:7; Jer 17:10; Lam 3:13 see ARROW.
RIGHTEOUSNESS: G1343 - Gal 2:23 - Right doing. A free gift.
RIVER: Stream of thought, way of thinking - Pr 18:4, (see WATER ).
ROCK: H6697: Spiritual concept - Ps 114:8, (see WATER); metaphor of Christ, Dt 32:4,15,18; 1Cor 10:4, as Son of the living God, Mt 16:13-18, which truth caused Israel to stumble, Isa 8:14; 1Pt 2:4,8; metaphor for worship of idols and man, Dt 32:31, 37; for circumcision, Josh 5:2; Ex 4:25 H6864, as of the heart, Dt 10:16; (see STONE ).
ROD: Message of correction, based on the authority of God’s word, Isa 11:4, whether spoken or written - Ex 4:1-5, 20; Pr 22:15; 29:15 - but when cast to the earth, becomes man’s opinion, based on pride and lack of understanding - Pr 14:3; 10:13, (see IRON, SERPENT ). Ex 17:9 (Israel prevailed when the rod was lifted toward heaven ).
ROOT: Lowest part of a thing, part of a tree that drinks the water. Causes the tree (character trait ) to produce fruit, gives strength to the righteous - Jer 17:8; 2Ki 19:30; Pr 12:3, 12.




SABBATH: G4521; H7676 - Is Spiritually discerned Gn 2:1,2. If read correctly, God is looking forward to the time when He will meet with those that have understood His character and attributes correctly. (See LAW ).
SACKCLOTH: G4526; H8242 - Symbolizes our being poor in knowledge, understanding and strength to overcome the enemy. (See ASHES ). Receiving knowledge causes mourning, Gn 37:34; Jer 4:8, and repentance, 1Ki 21:27; 2Ki 19:1; 1Ch 21:16-17; Mt 11:21.
SALT: H4417 - Experiential understanding from living the gospel, heals our wounds: Job 6:6; Righteous - Col 4:5-6 [G217]; Mt 5:13; 2Ki 2:18-22 waters of Jericho healed by Elisha (they did not believe Elijah ascended to heaven ); Experience based on man’s understanding kills the soul: Gn 19:26; Lk 9:62 - Lot’s wife’s desires were with Sodom. Dt 29:23-25, under curse of law, whole land is brimstone and salt.
SANCTUARY: H4720 - Mind (TEMPLE ), 1Cor 3:16-17; 2Cor 6:16.
SAND of the SEA: Metaphor for multitudes of people, Isa 10:22; 57:20; Inwardly thoughts, understanding, 1Ki 4:29; Job 6:2-3, (See SEA ).
SATAN: H7854: An improper Hebrew noun: satan = adversary; root = H7853 = to oppose, resist. Erroneously transliterated as a proper noun - Satan. Used of opponents Nm 22:22; 1Sm 29:4; 2Sm 19:22; 1Ki 5:4 Too much attention is given to a supernatural being, called Satan, causing humanity to look outside themselves for solutions to sin problems. Jm 1:14. The concept derived from the Hebrew word is that of the adversarial attitude of the human mind toward God. (Greek - G4567, Chaldee origin; G4566 from H7854 ). (See DEVIL, DRAGON, LUCIFER, SERPENT ).
SCALES of FISH: G3013; H7193 - Pride - Job 41:15-16, 34.
SCAPEGOAT: 799: Literally, goat of departure. Only in Lv 16:8, 10, 26. A goat is defined in the parable of sheep and goats, Mt 25:31-46. Goats, because of lack of love, do not feed the hungry, give drink to the thirsty or clothe the naked. The scapegoat is a symbol of everything evil about self being given up by a fit man, Lv 16:21, i.e. self inactivated by God’s love. (See ANIMALS ).
SCIKLE: G1407 - Only used at a harvest. Only Jesus Christ will use a sickle. Rev 14:16, Mk 4:29.
SCORPION(S): H6137; H4651 - People with rebellious thinking, Eze 2:6; Rv 9:3, 5, 10.
SEA: G2281; H3220 - Thoughts of the abyss; man walking in his own understanding; worldly thoughts/thinking; wicked are like the troubled sea. The Sea is impure water. The Savior dried the sea and made it a way for the ransomed to pass over - Isa 51:10; 17:12-13; 11:15; 23:2-4; 57:20; Rv 17:15; 20:8.
SEED: H4687 - Words - Lk 8:11.
SERPENT: H5175: More subtle, crafty, shrewd than all other beasts. (See ANIMALS, BEASTS ). Root is H5172 = to whisper, hence your own familiar spirit that speaks out of the earth (self ) - Isa 29:4, (See EARTH ). Called ‘satan’ Rv 12:9 - G4566, 4567 of Hebrew origin, H7854. It is the Spirit of adversity in the human nature, as adversary, opponent to God’s ways. Can be a good or bad opponent, cf Nu 22:22; 1Ki 11:14.
SEVEN (7): See Enough, full, satisfied. (See ENOUGH, NUMBERS, NUMBERS IN SCRIPTURE ).
SEVEN THOUSAND (7,000): H7651 and H505 1Ki 19:18; Rev 11:13. There are 7,000 that haven't bowed the knee to Baal. then compare Rev 11:13 that have done the same. Thes represent 7,000 names of men (inward truths ) that have died to self rather then to bow to self (sin ). See Isa 6. (See NUMBERS IN SCRIPTURE ).
SHADOW: H6738: Some of the things that casts a shadow are the earth, moon, mountains, people and animals. To create a shadow, there must be a source of light. A shadow is an understanding, and what casts the shadow, along with context determines the type of understanding. Ps 36:7: under the Divine Understanding and protection of God, see also Ps 17:8; 57:1; MEMBERS, as a shadow manifests the understanding, Job 17:7; Col 3:6.
SHADOW of DEATH: H6757: A component of WILDERNESS thinking, Jer 2:6, 31; becomes death if not delivered, Jer 13:15-16. The law is a shadow of good things to come, Heb 10:1, but becomes a shadow of death to those who stay with the letter, Gal 3:21; 2Cor 3:7, and refuse the great light, Isa 9:1-2; Lk 1:78-79; Jn 8:12.
SHEEP: G4263; H7761 - God's people - Zech 10:3; Jn 10:2-4, 11, 16.
SHEWBREAD: Bread of faces, or persons; Son of God and Son of Man - Ex 25:23-30; Lv 24:5-9. Furnished by Israel (writings of the prophets ) by an everlasting covenant, arranged in order [two rows/piles of six (man’s # ) each-66] every seven days, covered with frankincense, a sweet smelling, white spice, and only eaten by a priest. There are 66 books of the Bible that testify to the work of the Son. Jn 6:33-35; Heb 3:1, 4:14; Rv 1:12-14; the high priest wore the names (66 ) of Israel on his shoulders - Ex 28:9-12; Isa 9:6. (in man's attempt to be like God, he places a third six on the table = 666 ). (See PASSIONS )
SHIELD: The faith of Christ - Eph 6:16; Ps 5:12.
SICKLE: G4407 - Rv 14:14-20 Used by Christ for Harvesting.
SIN, THE: H2403 - Gn 18:20. Correct way of expressing it is: 'The Sin Problem'. This wording is NOT literally in the Bible but it is expressed in it's context. The article 'The' points to the significance of looking at it in this way, although the word is not included literally but it is there because of it's context. The SIN issue (nature ) began through not knowing God.
SIX (6): (See NUMBERS IN SCRIPTURE . The number for man.
SIX HUNDRED and SIXTY-SIX (666): The number six represents man; Shewbread has two piles of 6 loves = 66, Michael and Jesus are sitting at the table = 66, two beings who are qualified to sit at the table; the Bible contains 66 Books. When an additional person places (thinking himself to be as a god ) elevating himself as a God. By including himself (the pope ) on the table of ShewBread, another 6 is added = 666. (See BABYLON, DEVIL, LUCIFER, MAN OF SIN,
SMELL: Verb is H7306 = to breath or blow. Figurative of to perceive something. The noun (smell, odor) would be an understanding perceived. Gn 8:21; 27:27; Amos 5:21; Job 39:25; Php 4:18, G2175. (See ODOR).
SMOKE: H7008, H6227, H3722, G3475 - As used in not having possessing Salvation as seen in Ps 119:83 with the word CAPH in verse 81 - 'For I am become like a bottle in the smoke'.
SNARES: G6341; H4170 - Unsanctified words that lead to spiritual death - Pr 18:7; 13:14; 14:27.
SNOW: H8517 - God's words - Isa 55:10-11; Ps 148:8.
SONG: G5603; H2176 - Life experience - Ex 15; 2Sm 22; Rv 14:3.
SON OF GOD: G5207, H1121. Son - G5043, H1129. (See SON OF MAN ).
SON of MAN: H1121; Ps 8:4 = a humble person vs a Mighty One is the opposite of Son of Man (a Pharisee ). Heb 1 and 2; Mk 2:27,28. Regarding the Sabbath being made for man not man for the Sabbath. (See ELOHIYM, MIGHTY ONE, SABBATH ).
SON OF PERDITION: son G5207 of perdition G684 - John 17:12 and 2Th 2:3. Judas was called by his name after betraying Christ in John 17 (See 666, BABYLON, DEVIL,LUCIFER, MAN OF SIN, MYSTERY OF INIQUITY, SATAN, SERPENT, SHEWBREAD, SON OF PERDITION ).
sonG5207 of perdition;G684.
SOUL: (as in Body and Soul ).
SOUL:   H5315, G5590. As in your thinking, especially about God and His ways. (See SPIRIT).
SPEAR: Bitter, sharp words - Hab 3:11 [2595]; Ps 64:3 - (see ARROW
SPIRIT: H7307; G4151: Both the Hebrew and Greek concrete meaning = a current of air; rendered as wind, breath; abstract is spirit, the inner man or mind. When God or a person speaks, their breath carries the words which express the thoughts of the mind. Eze 2:1-2; Pr 1:23; Job 26:4; 2Sm 23:2. Man’s spirit is unholy, God’s spirit is holy. The words Jesus spoke are spirit and life, Jn 6:63, because the Spirit is the Truth, 1Jn 5:6. (See CITY, DOVE ).
SPIRITUAL: 4152 - Of or within one's mind or between your ears.
SPOTS: False spiritual concepts: Dt 32:5; Job 11:14-15; 2Pt 2:13; Jude 10, 11-12; Without spot - Eph 5:27; 1Pt 1:19 (blemishes in man's understanding of God ).
SPRING: (See WELL ) A person-2Pt 2:17 (cp to Fountain ).
STAFF: H4731 - 1Sm 17:40.
STARS (of the HEAVEN ): H3556 - Natural man, God's people - Gn 15:5; Ps 147:4; Job 38:7 Little suns that give light (understanding ) at night, can be a symbol for God’s or man’s understanding – (see LIGHT ). Also is a figure of people with light - Gn 15:5; Job 38:7; Ps 147:4; Jude 13. Light in the heavens is figurative of man’s knowledge of God, whether from God (Jer 31:35 ) or man. Man’s light will be darkened by the Lord’s presence - Isa 13:8-9; Mk 13:24-26. Joseph’s dream: Gn 37:9-11. Stars were the off-springs of the SUN and MOON.
STATUTE: H2706 - An eternal wall or Boundary. Keeps things from going out - Keeps YOU from going out. They are God's boundaries. (See JUDGEMENT, LAW, PRECEPT, ).
STONE: Spiritual concept, something conceived in the mind; water wears / smoothes the idea, Job 14:19, or, false spiritual concepts, Mk 4:5, 16-17; idols, Isa 37:19; many spiritual concepts like an ancient wall of stones lead to salvation, Isa 60:18; A spiritual house, metaphor of the mind, Eph 2:19-22; 1Pt 2:5. (See EARTH, ROCK, WATER ).
STONE, HEWN: Man’s ideas. See BRICK - Ex 20:25 H1496; Isa 9:10; Lam 3:9; Amos 5:11.
STONE, WHITE: Pure, white - vindicates in judgment, Rv 2:17.
STONES of FIRE: Concepts of the SPIRIT - Eze 28:14; Jer 23:29.
STRANGER: Does not know God - Ps 39:12; unbeliever - Ex 12:43, 48 (not of Israel ); not thoughts of God; Eze 44:7-9 not circumcised in heart.
STREAM: Stream of consciousness (same as RIVER ); a lot of words - Jer 2:13; Pr 18:4.
STRIPES: H2272, G4127, G3468.
SUN: Light is understanding (Ps 119:130 ). Therefore, the sun can be the Son's understanding of the Father (Mal 4:2; Ps 84:11 ), or humanity’s understanding of God - Mt 13:43; Jn 8:12; 11:9; Gn 37:5, 9-10.
 SWINE: Spiritually unclean thought - Lv 11:7; Job 18:3; Ps 49:12; 73:22. (See UNCLEAN ).
SWORD: A symbol of the tongue, whether God's (Heb 4:12; Rv 1:16 ) or man's (Ps 57:4; 64:3; Pr 12:18 ). Words from the tongue of man are that which defiles him (Mt 15:18 ), and that with which we devour others (Isa 30:27; Jam 3:5-6 ). Yet, it is the words from Christ's tongue that cleanses us (Jn 15:3; Rv 1:16 ).



TABERNACLE: God's dwelling place. (His Mind ); the mind (same as temple ) - Ps 46:4; 1Cor 3:16.
TABLE (S): H5132 - Sanctified: - Table of Shewbread - Unsanctified: - Isa 28:8; table holding false doctrines.
TAIL: False messenger (prophet ); end of a message. Ex: Moses’ plagues - he picked up the serpent's tail and it became a rod (message ). The Godhead was cast to the ground and became trinity and is to be picked up again at the end. - Isa 9:15-16; Rv 9:3, 5, 10.
TARES / WEEDS: G2215: Darnel, or unwanted weeds that grow among wheat, which produces black fruit. Eaten in small amounts, causes drunkenness, in larger amounts, causes death. Used only in the parable of the wheat / tares, Mt 13:24-30, 34-43, and also explained. It is not at the end of the world (KJ ), but the end of the age (YLT ), the context indicating as the end of harvest, when messengers sent by God, separate truth from error in those with ears to hear, Mt 13:9. Jonah’s story is an allegory of a person swallowed by worldly (SEA ) thoughts (fish ), and his mind full of false spiritual ideas (weeds ), Jon 2:3-6.
Erroneous thoughts causing sin, guilt (literally means 'red' ).
TEAR (S): H1234 H1058 tears. There are 3 types of tears to make the eyes moist.
TEETH: The foundational principles that enable one to digest and assimilate concepts. Authority, words.
TEMPLE: The mind (same as Sanctuary )-1Cor 3:9, 16-17; 2Cor 6:16; Lk 17:20-21.
TEN (10): [6224] (See NUMBERS IN SCRIPTURE ). Complete enough. [3=complete; 7=enough and 3 + 7 =10––complete enough]. Perfection of divine order––it implies that nothing is wanting or lacking. 10 commandments contain all that is necessary; tithe is the whole of what was due from man to God as recognizing God’s claim on the whole; 10 plagues on Egypt; the completion of God’s judgments. Perfect order in this universe is from the Father to the Son to humanity - ten. Five stands for grace and 10 is two 5's –– it is God giving you His understanding. Unsanctified it is the letter of the law which, because of darkness, brings confusion, and eventually spiritual death. - Dt 23:3. (See NUMBERS IN SCRIPTURE ).
TENTH (1/10): Mal 3:10: Tithes are the spiritual understanding of the law. We bring into the storehouse (our mind ) the understanding of God and God opens the storehouse of the heavens to you. One way this is manifested outwardly is by supporting those who feed you (spiritually ) with tithes and offerings. (See NUMBERS IN SCRIPTURE ).
THIEF: One who steals God’s words from others when they prophesy the deceit of their own heart: Jer 23:26-32; a thief will attempt to enter a person’s heart by other means than the truth, Jn 10:1; 4:6; 1Jn 5:6.
THIGH: Foundation; authority (Translated as shaft ) - [3409] Gn 24:2; 46:26 (LOINS ); Jer 31:19; Ex 25:31 (shaft ).
THIING: H1697 (H259 ) Matter and Word - Pr 25:2. THING = H1697; (See MATTER ) = H1697 and are defined as word which = H1697. In fact, ALL 3 words have the same Strong's number.
THORNS (BRIARS ): Deceitful understanding – Nu 33:55; Mk 4:18-19; Heb 6:7-8; Mt 27:29.
THOUGHTS: An individual's thoughts are displayed by their emotions which then leads to how they will act or their actions or behaviors. Isaiah 53:1. Iniquity, transgression and sin = thoughts, feelings and action (see Psalms 32:1,2; Isaiah 53:11 ). (See ABYSS, GIRDLE, HORSE, LOCUST, RIVER, QUIVER, SEA, SCORPIONS, WHEAT ).
THOUSAND (1,000): Many, strong - Ex 32:28; (Israel numbered ) - Nu 26:34. (See NUMBERS IN SCRIPTURE ).
THREE (3): Complete. Divinity perfected thru Humanity - 3 denotes "divine completion" Lk 13:32; that which is complete (3 divisions of time: past, present, future; God's attributes: omniscience, omni - presence, omnipotence; 3 kingdoms of matter: animal, vegetable, mineral; 3 ways of temptation that is in the world-1Jn 2:16; ` Through suffering Heb 2:10; 5:7-9. (See NUMBERS IN SCRIPTURE ).
THUNDER: H7482 - Voices, God's voice (as from a cloud, i.e. God's people ) - Job 37:2-5; Ps 18:13, 15; rebuke of God - Ps 104:7.
TONGUE: Reveals the heart; the heart as seen in one's tongue; the tongue is the answer of the heart, the way the heart speaks - Pr 10:20.
TORAH: H8451 - The Law of Moses. See LAW, PRECEPT, STATUTE.
TOWER: Sanctuary, place of safety, watchtower-2Sm 22:51 [4024]; Ps 18:2 [4869]; Mt 21:33 [4444].
TRANSGRESSION: H6588 - Ex 34:7.
TREASURE: Knowledge, especially of God - Pr 2:1-5; Col 2:2-3.
TREE: People.
TREE of KNOWLEDGE of GOOD and EVIL: Man combining his thoughts with God’s – of which God told Adam not to eat - Gn 2:17; 6:5; Mt 15:19.
TREE of LIFE: Christ - Pr 3:18; 1Cor 1:24.
TROUGH: G2147 (See BIT and BRIDLE ). Blood in Trough is drunk to the level of their evil thoughts. Brute beasts are fed from a trough, so evil men are seen eating from the trough. (See BLOOD ).
TRUMPET: For 4 purposes: 1 ) Signal to assemble, 2 ) to go to war, 3 ) to move 4 ) for joyful accolades and celebration. Nu 10:1-3, 9-10; Voice of Michael - Rv 1:10; 4:1; 1Th 4:16 - voice of Christ sounding an alarm. just say “adding applying new understanding? ). (30 ) = 10 x 3: [10] - abiding x [3] - the 3 things God gives you: Understanding the Son ship of Christ, the abiding truth and the sin nature. So, 30 is complete speaking, complete hearing Him. (70 ) = 7 x 10: A fulfillment of God’s teaching to you. It takes 70 (spiritual ) years to get you out of Babylon. So, 30 represents “what He’s telling you” and 70 represents “the time taken”. = God showing your earthliness to you (i.e. (see YOURSELF ) and it’s multiplied by His Grace (the number 5 ). (Shouldn’t this be under 'D' or combined with the definition of “day”?.
TWELVE (12): H8147; G1429. Examples in the Bible of the number 12: 12 disciples. (See NUMBERS IN SCRIPTURE )
TWO (2): H8147 - (See NUMBERS IN SCRIPTURE ). If One is singuler, then Two is another or More than One. First number that can be divided and multiplied.If One is singular, then Two is another.
TWO THOUSAND THREE HUNDRED DAYS (2300): Spiritually is (10 x 10 x 10 x 2 ) + (3 x 10 x 10 ) = 2300. A way of describing what Christ puts you through to bring you to the cleansing of your sanctuary. The final cleansing is when you are rid of the angry god within. Multiplication is increasing current understanding; addition is adding and applying understanding that you haven’t had before. (30 ) = 10 x 3: [10] - abiding x [3] - the 3 things God gives you: Understanding the Sonship of Christ, the abiding truth and the sin nature. So 30 is complete speaking, complete hearing Him. (70 = 7 x 10 ). A fulfillment of God’s teaching to you. It takes 70 (spiritual ) years to get you out of Babylon. So 30 represents “what He’s telling you” and 70 represents “the time taken.” (40 ) = trial, so 4 x 10 is God showing your earthliness to you (i.e. see yourself ) and it’s multiplied by His grace (5 ). (See NUMBERS IN SCRIPTURE ).



UNCLEAN: H2931 Lev 7:19. (See SWINE ).




VANITY: H3153 - God designed animals to fear man. To discern and judge.
VEIL: Symbol of the flesh, Heb 10:20, which covers the heart, 2Cor 3:15; i.e. a mind of flesh lacks God’s understanding, Rm 8:5-8 RV; yielding one’s spirit to God does away with the flesh (rent veil ), Mt 27:50-51; God will give us a new heart of flesh, Eze 36:26 (i.e. heart of Christ ).
VEILS IN TABERNACLE: There are three in total. Courtyard: blue, purple, scarlet, white. 20 cu. wide hung on 4 pillars of shittim wood joined or bound together with silver; hung with hooks of silver, set in sockets of brass - Exodus 27:16-17. Holy: blue, purple, scarlet, white; hung on 5 pillars of shittim wood overlaid with gold with hooks of gold and sockets of brass - Exodus 26:36-37. Most Holy: blue, purple, scarlet, white; hung on 4 pillars of shittim wood, overlaid with gold with hooks of gold and sockets of silver - Exodus 26:31-32 - The entire tabernacle is a parable of coming into the fullness of Christ - each veil represents an advancement in understanding.
VESSEL: Used as a figure of a person - Ps 2:9; 31:12; Jer 22:28; 51:34; Hos 8:8; Act 9:15; 2Tm 2:21.
VIAL: Person with a message: 1Sm 10:1, 9-10; oil out of the vial a metaphor of being anointed by the Holy Spirit, Lk 4:18. Plagues in Revelation 16 repeated messages of judgment (plagues come from the mouth, Rv 9:18, 20 ).
VINEYARD: Similar to a spiritual GARDEN: outwardly people, Isa 5:7, who inwardly have a specific mind-set pertaining to the cross: Jn 15:1-5, each vineyard is tilled by the Father, Jesus being the true vine and mankind the branches; Mt 26:27-28, juice of the grape a symbol for the shed blood of Christ; Do not let your vineyard become corrupted, Pr 24:30-32 (see THORNS, WALL, STONE ).
VIRGIN: Those who have received the promise of “an inheritance incorruptible, and undefiled, and that fades not away, reserved in heaven” …the understanding of God. It is a virgin that brings forth the man child, or realizes Christ is the Son of God. Lam 2:13; Jer 6:2; 2Cor 11:2; worldly thinking, Jer 46:11; confused thoughts, Isa 47:1. (See EGYPT, BABYLON ).



WALK(ING ): Observing a way of thinking, Ps 86:11; 78:10; 119:1; Pr 1:15-16; Mk 7:5; Jn 8:12; 11:9-10; 12:35.
WALL: Salvation - (made of stones - concepts ) Isa 60:18; Pr 25:28; Joel 2:7; the law - Lam 2:18; Pr 7:2; (see STONE, CITY ).
WATER: Used metaphorically to represent thought (spoken words come from thoughts ); the various forms of water, dew, hail, sea, river, etc., add meaning according to the context: Unsanctified: Pr 18:4; Isa 57:20; Jer 2:18 (see EGYPT ); Jn 4:10-14; 7:37-39; Jer 2:13; Dt 32:1-2; Isa 55:10-11.
WATER, LIVING: The Father and Son - Jer 2:13; 17:13; Jn 4:10; living water brings healing; pure truth - Eze 47:8-9; spoken word - Dt 32:1-2; holy spirit - Jn 7:37-39.
WATER, POLLUTED: Pagan, worldly thoughts (Proud or raging water ) - Ps 124:4-5; Jer 2:18.
WAVES (OF THE SEA ): Spiritually, thoughts produced by a spirit of pride, Isa 57:20; Job 38:8, 11; Jude 13; becomes spiritual death if not overcome, 2Sm 22:5; viewed allegorically, Jesus delivering his disciples from spiritual pride, Mt 8:23-27. (See WATER, SPIRIT, WIND ).
WAYS, GOD'S: H1870, H734: Inward thought, understanding: God’s and mankind’s are vastly different, Isa 55:6-9; Ps 32:8 (see EYE ); God’s ways are judgments: H4941 (decisions ), Dt 32:4, by which he teaches man, Ps 25:8-10. Man’s ways without God are evil: Ps 36:1-4; Pr 4:19; but the path H734 righteous is ever increasing.
WEEK (S): H7620; G4521, G3722. - Literally means: Sevened.
WELL: (See SPRING ). A person-2Pt 2:17 (cp to FOUNTAIN ).
WHEAT / BARLEY ): ground into flour to make bread: Outwardly, the righteous, Jn 4:35; Mt 13:38; spiritual food generating goodly concepts (opposed to Chaff - ungodly concepts ): SS 7:2; Jer 23:26, 28; Isa 55:10-11.
WHIRLWIND: (or, storm wind ) a destructive spirit, or spirit of judgment - Pr 1:27; Jer 23:19; God speaks out of - Job 38:1; brings trials that perfect - Ps 58:9; Isa 66:15-16; Nah 1:3-6; Ps 107:24-30.
WHISPERER: H5372 - cannot be trusted as a friend - Pro 16:28.
WHITE: Character based on Pure or righteous thinking, Isa 1:18 H3835; Rv 19:8.
WHORE: Apostate mind-set, Rv 17:5; As a spiritual ditch, Pr 23:27, into which the spiritually blind fall, Mt 15:14; Lk 6:39; also, a pit / well without WATER.
WILDERNESS: H4057 - A land of darkness and the word of God not sown, Jer 2:2, 6, 31, and no water, Eze 19:13. Likened to unclean thoughts, Ps 102:6; (See ANIMALS, LAND, LIGHT, EARTH, SEED, SHADOW ).
WIND: SPIRIT, or breath carrying words, Act 2:2; Jn 6:63; 3:8.
WINE: Deeper spiritual precepts (cp MILK ), Mic 2:11; majority of the world is drinking spiritual confusion, Rv 18:3; Jer 51:7, (see BABYLON ), and erring via the doctrines of man, Isa 28:7; 29:9-13; Jesus designated a cup of wine a symbol of his experience of the cross, Lk 15:22. In order to understand the deeper concepts of the cross, one must be born from above, Jn 3:3-6.
WINGS: A spiritual heart: As the wind under the wings lifts the EAGLE into the sky, so the spirit of God lifts the spiritual heart to see heavenly/spiritual understanding, Christ: Mal 4:2; Mt 3:16; Lk 3:22; Humanity: Rv 4:1-2; Isa 40:31; Negative: Zech 5:9.
WINTER: Leaves are the covering of a tree, which lose their green color due to decreased light (understanding, Ps 119:130 ); leaves fall off a tree because of cold; the harvest is complete: A metaphor of a time when the gospel has gone to the world, spiritual nakedness of the wicked is exposed, then the statement: He that is unjust, let him be unjust still... and he that is righteous, let him be righteous still..., Rv 22:11; pray... Mk 13:14, 18; (see LEAVES, TREE ).
WOLF: (see ANIMALS ) ravaging fleshly thought dominated by pride; feeds on the flesh of others. Mt 7:15 (Lk 10:3 ), a false prophet consumes the unwary with his fleshly understanding (false prophet, Jer 23:16-17, 26, 32 ).
WOMAN: Outwardly, a church or inwardly, a mind-set; both indicating submission to another. Symbol of a church, Jer 6:2; 2Cor 11:2; The husband/wife are a symbol for Christ as head of the church and the body of believers, Eph 5:23; Col 1:18. A spiritual symbol for a mind-set, or certain way of thinking: Impure - Rv 17:3, 5; Pr 6:23-26; Pure - Rv 12:1, (see CITY, CROWN, STARS, SUN; Pr 12:4. Also likened to a city - Pure - Gal 4:26; Impure - Gal 4:25; Rv 17:18.
WOMB: H7358, G3388 - (See BELLY ).
WOOD: Man’s character, human nature or natural man - Ps 1:3; Jer 5:14; Pr 26:20; SS 2:3.
WOOL: covering of a lamb. Sanctified = humility; unsanctified, becomes pride; Gn 3:21-2; (See LINEN ). (not to be mixed with wool by a priest - Eze 44:17; Lv 16:4, 32 ).
WORD: Read Pr 25:2 - Derived from the words THING, MATTER. ALL have the very same Hebrew Strong's Concordance number - H1697.
WORM: Old man, natural man - Job 25:6; Isa 41:14; 51:8; Ps 22:6.
WORMWOOD: Bitterness - Lam 3:15;
Rv 8:11; Pr 5:4.
WORSHIP: Sanctified - John 4:24. Unsanctified: (See FINGERS, HAND; IRON, IDOLS ).
Because God being a God of Love, does not display His anger, God simply turns His back on them and walks away. A different story with His very own Son, Michael, the God of Israel (Jesus Christ ), who caused the Earth's Flood and killed many, many in the OT times - Rm 1:18-26 - Christ had to learn from His Father, Heb 5:8,9; Isa 42:18-21.



YAH: H3050, H1180, H8114, H5166 - - 'Yah comforts' - The name of the God of Israel. The word means 'What is Grace?''.
YAHWEH: H3068, H3069, H0136. H3050, H1183. Yah: the name of the God of Israel.
YOKE: Literally, a coupling together, used in scripture primarily to indicate burden, Isa 9:4. Sanctified: To take on the yoke of Christ is to abide in Him (learn=hear and do Mt 7:24 ) thereby finding the true rest - Mt 11:29-30; Php 2:5; 1Pt 2:21; Unsanctified: The letter of the law and sin - Gal 5:1-4; Act 15:5, 10; 1Tm 6:1 (slave, servant ), Lam 1:14 (transgressions ), Jer 27:8-11 (See BABYLON ), Lv 26:13 (Egypt ); Isa 58:6. (See OPPRESSION ).



ZION: Figure of God’s people - Isa 51:16; City of the great King Ps 48:1-2 - i.e. figure of the mind of Christ, Heb 12:22; Poetical name for Jerusalem, the city of God, Isa 2:3. Understanding of the symbols requires study, for the understanding of many are dependent on
knowing others. Use of the Bible to interpret itself brings rich rewards, enabling the student to see much more spiritual depth of the Scriptures. (See JERUSALEM ).




Bible Books: OT NT


1 Genesis – Gn
2 Exodus – Ex
3 Leviticus – Lv
4 Numbers – Nu
5 Deuteronomy – Dt
6 Joshua – Josh
7 Judges – Jdg
8 Ruth – Ru
9 1 Samuel – 1Sm
10 2 Samuel – 2Sm
11 1 Kings – 1Ki
12 2 Kings – 2Ki
13 1 Chronicles – 1Ch
14 2 Chronicles – 2Ch
15 Ezra – Ez
16 Nehemiah – Neh
17 Esther – Est
18 Job – Job
19 Psalms – Ps
20 Proverbs – Pr
21 Ecclesiastes – Eccl
22 Song of Solomon – Ss
23 Isaiah – Isa
24 Jeremiah – Jer
25 Lamintations – Lam
26 Ezekiel – Eze
27 Daniel – Dan
28 Hosea – Ho
29 Joel – Joel
30 Amos – Amos
31 Obadiah – Ob
32 Jonah – Jon
33 Micah – Mic
34 Nahum – Nah
35 Habakkuk – Hab
36 Zephania – Zeph
37 Haggai – Hag
38 Zechariah – Zech
39 Malachi – Mal

Bible Books NT

1 Matthew – Mt
2 Mark – Mk
3 Luke – Lk
4 John – Jn
5 Acts of the Apostles – Act
6 Romans – Rm
7 1 Corinthians – 1Cor
8 2 Corinthians – 2Cor
9 Galatians – Gal
10 Ephesians – Eph
11 Philippeans – Php
12 Colossians – Col
13 1 Thessalonians – 1Th
14 2 Thessalonians – 2Th
15 1 TImothy – 1Tm
16 2 Timothy – 2Tm
17 Titus – Tit
18 PhIiemon – Phm
19 Hebrews – Heb
20 James – Jam
21 1 Peter – 1Pt
22 2 Peter – 2Pt
23 1 John – 1Jn
24 2 John – 2Jn
25 3 John – 3Jn
26 Jude – Jude
27 Revelation – Rv





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