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19 April 2021

John 11
Take Away the Stone


Read John 11:1-46:
1. Why did Jesus delay going to Lazarus when the message came that he was sick? Verses 4-6

1a. Why did the Disciples think that Jesus did not go? Verse 8

1b. How long has Lazarus been buried when Jesus arrived? Verse 39 {Mourning times vary, even today. Ancient Jews mourned at least 7 days, & may have been near the end of it when Jesus arrived}

2. If you believe in me, you will never die; what idea did Jesus convey by his statement? Verses 25-26; how Jesus looked at death, verses 11-14.
{Literal Greek: 26 and all those living and believing in me, may not die - forever The same phrase is used in John 8:51-52, & the Jews took it as literal death. In Christ, our physical & eternal lives are secure in the next world}

2a. Who actually raised Lazarus from the dead - the Father or Jesus? John 5:21; 14:10
{the Father performed the miracles to glorify Jesus. Jesus as a man, was the instrument just as John & Peter when the crippled man was healed, Acts 3:1-7. The life Jesus gave, as a man, was spiritual, John 5:24-25. All his divine powers were restored after returning to heaven, & he will raise the dead, 1Thessalonians 4:16.}

3. Both Martha & Mary stated that if Jesus had been there, Lazarus would not have died (Verses 21-22, 32). What does that tell you about their belief about Jesus? (faith mixed with doubt, implies his presence necessary)
{In other incidents when Jesus brought the dead back to life, it was on the same or the next day after they had died, Luke 7:12-15; 8:49-56. The Jews could doubt that these folk were actually dead.}

4. Why was Jesus weeping & why did the people think he was weeping? Verses 33, 35-38
{even Martha & Mary, who were so close to Jesus, were not fully grasping his teachings}
5. What is physical significance about the four or more days that Lazarus had been dead? Verse 39
{The Jews did not embalm the dead, & so buried them the same or next day. In this case & because of the number of witnesses, the Jews could not deny that Lazarus was really dead. This incident convinced many to believe.}

6. What is the spiritual significance of being buried in a cave & removing the stone?
{Stone/rock - Mark 4:5, 16-17; 1Corinthians 10:4; Ephesians 2:19-20; 1Peter 2:4-5. It is false spiritual ideas (stones, rocks) that keep mankind buried in darkness, which when Christ removes them, we see the true light. Cp Isaiah 2:17-19 & Revelation 6:15-17; Ezekiel 33:27}

7. What is the spiritual significance of the four days?
{Earth/self is represented by the number 4 (parable of the sower) - 4 directions, seasons, etc. It is Jesus who teaches us move from earthly thinking (man’s), & to heavenly thinking (God’s - Isaiah 55:7-11). This is the born from above experience, John 3:3, 5.}

Read John 11:47-57:
8. What was the reaction of the chief priest & Pharisees after they heard about the resurrection of Lazarus? Verses 47-48, 53, 57
{The leaders rejected this undeniable miracle happen right before the third Passover of Jesus ministry (verse 55). Jesus referred to what would happen in the parable of the Rich Man & Lazarus - Luke 16:27-31.}

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