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25 July 2017

John 18 - Part III
Additional Information - 1


Read John 18:2-11: (Parallels - Matthew 26:47-56; Mark 14:43-52; Luke 22:47-53)
Read Matthew 26:47-50 When Judas brought a band of men to the garden, he identified Jesus with a kiss.
1. What is significant about the kiss and salutation of Judas? Verse 50; Proverbs 27:6 (kiss h5390 from h5401)
{In Ancient Hebrew, the action of h5401 is touch, BDB adds tenderly. In context it can add the idea of to be mutually joined. A kiss, still practiced primarily in the east today, is a show of affection and friendship. Notice that Jesus referred to Judas as ‘friend’ & one to whom he made known all things he had heard from his heavenly Father, John 15:15. Caution - knowing all things without love is worthless, 1Corinthians 13:2. The salutation of Judas, hail (KJ), indicates the joy one has when meeting a friend. Rabbi or master is a term indicating teacher or the person to whom one subjects self. Cf Psalms 2:2-3, 11-12: a kiss indicates submission out of love. The anger of God is explained in Romans 1:24, 26, 28, as God turning away from those who refuse to be obedient.}


2. What was the initial reaction of the disciples? Luke 22:49-51
{Luke is the only one who mentions that Jesus healed the man’s ear; & only John named the man, John 18:10.}


3. What was Jesus’ warning to Peter about the sword? Matthew 26:51-52. Could this also be viewed metaphorically? Hebrews 4:12; Psalms 64:3, 7-8; Revelation 1:16
{A threefold meaning can be seen here - sword: indicating a fighting instrument; the Bible, with its division into the new & old testaments; or words spoken. Taken metaphorically, those who are governed by their own understanding of the Bible, will die spiritually. Paul refers to these as “under the law”; those receiving the explanations of the Bible from God will die to self. These have the understanding of the Spirit.}


4. John 18:4: How did Jesus know all things that might come upon himself? Matthew 26:54; Luke 22:53
{Several times throughout Jesus’ ministry he referred to his time, cf John 2:4; 7:6, 8; Luke 13:33; 9:22; Mark 10:34. Luke adds authority of darkness: All mankind is guilty because of sin & has a time of darkness - John 3:19; Romans 13:12; Luke 1:76-79 calling of John the Baptist.}



5. John 18:8-9: To whom was Jesus referring, and what word was fulfilled? John 17:12, Psalms 41:9;109:8; Acts 1:16, 20


6. John 18:4-6: At the first confirmation that Jesus was the one they sought, the whole band of men, including Judas, fell backward to the ground. For what purpose might John have recorded this?
{This is similar of the appearance of Jesus to Saul & his band of men who were persecuting the church, when they fell to the ground, Acts 26:14. At that moment Saul made a choice to believe & follow Jesus. The men in the garden, including Judas, experienced the power of Jesus’ words (Job 4:8-9) as evidence that he was who he said that he was; and yet they chose to follow the orders of men. Even the priests who planned the death of Jesus had another chance when the soldiers guarding the tomb told them what happened. Instead of accepting that Jesus was the expected Messiah, they chose to pay the soldiers to lie, Matthew 28:11-15. Every person with the ability to decide will be given, at some point in their life, enough evidence to choose between serving God or serving man. In the end Jesus triumphs - Philippians 2:9-11.}

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