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19 July 2017

John 18 - Part IV

Additional Information - 2


Read Matthew 26:57-68: Jesus on trial before the high priest, chief priests and elders.
1. What accusation did the Jews settle on to condemn Jesus?
{Many false witnesses testified, Psalms 56:4-6, but contradicted themselves. The Jewish leaders convinced themselves & most of the other Jews that Jesus was a false Christ, Job 30:8-10. They would not believe his words.}


Read John 18:15-18, 25-27; Luke 22:59-62
2. What caused Peter to remember the words of Jesus - Before the cock crow you will deny me three times?
{Apparently John was familiar with the household of the high priest, as he knew Malchus, the man whose ear Peter had cut off. He vouched for Peter, getting him into the palace. According to Luke, Peter could see Jesus.}


2a. What overall lesson can be seen in Peter’s experience from the garden to the high priest’s palace?
{Put yourself in Peter’s place: a disciple of Jesus is a defender of truth. What will happen when truth is shared & religious envy is encountered, because you might be considered a sheep-stealer? Cf Mark 15:10; Acts 13:45; 17:5}


Read John 18:28-36:
3. Why did Pilate ask Jesus if he were a king? Luke 23:1-3,5
{The Jews were accusing Jesus of sedition toward Rome.}


3a. What do you see when you compare verse 28 with 36, in John 18?
{Jewish leaders were concerned about being defiled because of a ceremonial ritual. But the real defilement was in their thinking - i.e. their kingdom was of the world, earthly; whereas Jesus’ kingdom is heavenly, spiritual.}


4. Jesus stated: Everyone being of the Truth hears My voice. What was Pilate’s response? Verse 38
{Several times have I heard others ask “what is truth” but would not consider another opinion different from what they already believed.}

Read John 18:39-40; Luke 23:13-25; Matthew 27:24-26
5. The Jews desired Barabbas to be released instead of Jesus. Barabbas was a notable prisoner who has led an uprising in the city, & a robber & murderer, John 18:40; Luke 23:19. Why would the Jews desire a man like Barabbas over Jesus?
{Barabbas was of the type more in line with their way of thinking. He was a resistor of Roman rule, where Jesus taught the people to “render unto Caesar what is Caesar’s. It is human nature to want to associate with others like ourselves, whose human nature is like Barabbas - spiritually.}


Read John 18:37:
4. What does Jesus’ answer tell us about himself?
{The whole purpose of his being born were the events being fulfilled at that time. To this end was I born (in eternity), for this cause came I into the world (through Mary). 1Corinthiams 1:24; John 1:1 These verses say that Jesus is the power, wisdom, & word of God; all things created through the Son, Ephesians 3:9; He is firstborn of all creation, Colossians1:15; He has two beginnings: Micah 5:2 referred to in Matthew 2:6; Proverbs 8:1-11, 14-17, 22-31.}



As it actually reads: Micah 5:2: But you, Bethlehem Ephratah, being least among the thousands of Judah; out of you shall he come forth to me, one ruling in Israel; whose origin is from antiquity h6924, from the days of eternity h5769. (First & second births)
(Cf Psalms 55:19; 74:12; The Hebrew words h6924, 5769 are used parallel in Deuteronomy 33:27; Psalms 77:5 & Proverbs 8:23)

h2342 used as birthed in Proverbs 8:24, 25 (NIV) is also used this way in Job 39:1 ISV; NIV; KJ; ASV; Psalms 29:9 ISV; Psalms 51:5 NIV; ISV; ASV; Isaiah 26:17 NIV; ISV; YLT; The Hebrew words h3205, 2342 are used parallel in Psalms 90:2; Job 39:1; Isaiah 26:17; used metaphorically in Isaiah 54:1; 66:7, 8.

In man’s sphere, the Son’s authority is the Father’s authority. We are to worship the Son the same as the Father, John 5:23.
In God’s sphere, the Father is greater than the Son, John 14:28; and the day will come the Son has subdued all things under the Father, and the Son himself will be subject to the Father, 1Corinthians 15:28.

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