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19 April 2021

John 7
Living Water


Read John 7:1-31:
Chapter 6 took place during the 2nd Passover (John 6:4), which is in the first month. Chapter 7 begins with the Jew’s Feast of Tabernacles (Leviticus 23:34), which is in the seventh month. So Jesus is about two years into his ministry of teaching, healing and doing extraordinary works that testify of him as the Messiah. Already he is avoiding the Jews, except in crowded places. Even his own brothers and sisters did not believe in him (John 7:5).

1. The people also were divided, some saying that Jesus was a good man, the Christ, others saying that he deceived the people. Why did either side not speak openly about Jesus, and specifically to whom is being referred? John 7:1, 12-13, 26 (Have you ever experienced a controversy where there is division within your group or church?)

2. John 7:6, 8: Jesus stated, a. My time has not yet come, and also b. My time is not yet fulfilled. What did he mean by these statements? a. John 13:1+12:23-24; b. Matthew 5:17-20 + Luke 23:34 {Jesus came into the fullness of the Father’s love at the cross; the last day church will do the same by understanding the cross, & living out the principles found there}

2a. What is meant by, your time is always ready? John 4:23; 5:25; {humanity’s fullness Ephesians 4:11-15}

3. John 7:15: To what were the people referring concerning Jesus’ knowledge - How does this man know letters, not being taught? How does the same question apply today? {Paul’s credentials - Acts 22:3; 5:34; Jesus did not attend the school of the Pharisees. Today, these schools are called seminaies}

Read John 7:32-36:
4. Verses 33, 34: How do you understand what Jesus said to the Pharisees? John 12:34-36 {Jesus, while physically present, was attempting to get them to enter the spiritual kingdom. If not accepted they would not enter later.}

Read John 7:37-39:
5. Verse 39: What is the “living water” we are to drink? John 4:10-14; 5:24-25 (Jeremiah 17:13; John 15:3)

5a. What is holy spirit? John 6:63

5. Verse 39: When and how was Jesus to be glorified? John 17:5; 12:16; Galatians 6:14 {the correct understanding of the cross reveals the character of the Father & Son. We glorify both when we accept & share the truth of it}

7. What did Jesus mean by belly? Proverbs 26:22 (Ezekiel 3:1-4). By believing the words of Jesus, the living water (holy spirit) will flow out of our bellies. {A holy spirit was not yet because Jesus had not yet been to the cross. He received the promise of the Father (Act 2:33) and gave it to the church. The cross also a type for us today}

Read John 7:40-53:
8. Verses 40-44: What can be seen happening to the people, all of which heard the same words of Jesus? {As Jesus’s birthplace was not easily searched out in their time, there is also a similar division among Christians today because history is somewhat obscured, some intentionally}

9. Verses 45-50: What are two ways the leaders set themselves apart from those believing in Jesus? John 12:42
{Neither do the majority of the laity today know the scriptures. Like the Pharisees who would not ask Jesus where he was born, the majority accept the word of church leaders, & so do not look for other explanations}


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