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19 April 2021


Proverbs 4 - Part II
The Path of the Righteous

Good and evil are described with metaphors. The first nine chapters of Proverbs uses symbols to emphasize the benefits of receiving the instruction of wisdom, and the immeasurable depth of evil and deception occurring when wisdom is ignored. The objective of understanding a proverb is to enable one to walk in the path of the wise.

Read Proverbs 4:10-13:
1. Who gives wisdom? Pr 2:6


2. What kind of things does “paths” imply? Ps 17:4-5; 23:3; (Pr 2:6-8, path || way); opposite - Pr 2:12, 15
{Animals, small & large, create paths in the areas in which the live & move about. Humans, also, are creatures of habit - usually bad. God directs our path/way by giving us knowledge & understanding.}


3. When the instruction of wisdom is received, how will it help our walk? Verse 12; Job 18:5-8; Isa 49:15-23
{Straitened is Hebrew yatsar h3334 meaning to press, to bind or restrict, be in distress, be narrow. Context determines use. Isa 49 reminds me of Abraham & Lot, when the land became to narrow for all their animals, they had to split & broaden the land they occupied. Thinking spiritually, the more truth I came to understand, my place in the church became more narrow, so I had to seek another place.}


Read Proverbs 4:14-17:
4. Why is the path of the wicked wide and the path of life narrow? Mt 7:13-14; Jn 10:7; 14:6
{Many men with a variety of ways are in the broad path; Jesus is the only way, one man makes it narrow.)


5. What do verses 16 & 17 tell us about the reasoning & diligence of wicked people? 1Cor 5:6-7 + Mt 16:6, 12
{Wine is figurative of teaching, Mic 2:11, & strong drink is to be avoided, Isa 28:7; Pr 20:1. Slaying of a sacrifice is a figure of slaying earthly thoughts (men like beasts, Ps 73:22), the drink offering was to be poured out, Num 28:7, a figure of getting rid of false teachings.}


6. Note the opposite paths in Pr 4:18-19. The word perfect is full light in the NIV. The brightest part of the day is high noon. The wicked, who do not have ears to hear, do not even know what is causing them to stumble.


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